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How many websites do you visit each day, tens, hundreds? However many you browse through, chances are you’re able to make a snap judgement on the kinds of websites that work and those that are very much going nowhere.

When you’re working on your own site, you’re looking to fulfill three or four golden rules to ensure that your lucky hits become return hits. Your website is your shop front so make sure you’re not missing any key components. In this blog we take you through some of the basics and some of the more sophisticated elements of developing your own website.

Landing Page

If your website is your shopfront, then your landing page is the display window. It should be less about you and more about the products you offer. When writing content for your site, think about how you can demonstrate to your customers the benefits of exploring your products or services.

If you’re unsure on how to write web content, don’t scrimp on this element and have a content developer write your website for you.

Create a menu bar that is clear and logical, with the same applying to any sub-menus. Make your landing page the first step of a logical progression around your site, funnelling as many visitors as possible to your products and ultimately to your checkout services, if applicable.


Wall-to-wall text is a big no. Think about breaking up that text over several pages and concentrate on creating a strong visual theme for your site. If you’re using images such as photos, make sure that you’re sourcing them from a high quality site.

Make sure that the images are also royalty free, which means you have permission to use them on your site and they’re not subject to copyright issues. When using video, make sure that the imbedded media is formatted correctly and plays as soon as your website is opened. Your website will need to be able to support rich media formats. Your customers will not wait around to see the content of your video load, so it needs to load first time, every time.


Customer Extras

Communication and accessibility are key components that your customer will expect to find on your site. If you’re selling products or services, then your customers may have questions. Alongside your email, telephone number and queries form you should also consider creating a customer services bot.

Not sure of the benefits of a bot then visit a bot building resource page to discover how this element will make your website a one-stop for your customer.

You should also include customer testimonials on your site. These one or two paragraphs go a long way in giving your customer some reassurance that they’re dealing with experienced professionals.

Have your existing customers write a few lines for you and make sure they are properly credited to a real person in that company.

Finally, consider how your website loads on mobile devices. More than ever, we access websites on the go, walking down the street, sitting on the train. We are mobile people who need to do our banking while out and about. Your customer will expect your website to load properly, to look just as good on a mobile or tablet as it does on a laptop.

When you’re setting up your website or thinking about giving it a makeover, you need to find a combination of text, images and customer extras that mean your site rises head and shoulders above the competition.

You want your site to be found easily so think about how your content might be maximised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You’ll need to consider your key words, you’ll need to think about how people are going to find you and know your site exists. There’s little point having a great site if it languishes in a forgotten element of the internet.

If you’re able to, look at what your analytics are telling you. Which pages are getting the most hits and which are underperforming? Your site can and should be a constantly evolving site and one that you adapt and fine tune until it’s functioning to its maximum capacity.

Get your website running well and you’ll have access to the best resource in your business and a direct line to your customers. This is your shopfront and the gateway to your business so make sure it’s attractive, make sure it’s clean and well-designed and make sure it’s easy to navigate. Get it right and send your business soaring.


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Instagram Caption & Post Ideas!

Trust me, posting multiple times a week and trying to think of captions and content that is original and increases engagement is NO easy feat!

So here are a few simple ideas to get set you on your way!

Meaningful – Share your business fears! Yes! That’s right! Be open about what aspects you found difficult when you created your service or product. What INSPIRED you to create your business in the first place? What’s your brand story?

Another topic could be a personal achievement and things you had to overcome on your journey.


Engaging – I love this one! Just take a look at the image below. These can be created using Canva and if you create a simple template, used time and time again!


Interesting – Give a fact about the niche you work in! So for example, I’m a social media specialist so my fact could be that 52% of businesses post on social media DAILY! So are you? 


Funny – It’s a simple fact that some of my most liked posts were actually funny quotes! ‘ I think my spirit animal might be Gin……. ‘ 

Value – Adding value to your posts! For example, I might create posts on how to create Twitter lists or how to create a beautiful Instagram feed.  

Promotional – Try to stick to the 80/20 rule so that’s 80% helpful and fun content and only 20% promotional. Do you have a new book? An online course? A special offer? Share it!

Competitions – It helps to have an engaged audience of at least 200 firstly, but competitions are a great way to keep your followers coming back! Ask them to like the post and comment to enter. Your content is only shown to roughly 10% of your followers unless you have a number of comments on your post. Then Instagram will show it to more of your followers as they will see it as more valuable.


Feedback Posts – Do you have any great reviews? Share them!


Blog posts – Do you have a business blog? Share your new blog post in your feed AND in your stories!


Inspirational – So if you were a cafe aimed at mums, I would google the keywords ‘Mum’ and ‘Motivational quotes’ and then I’d recreate that quote on Canva using my brand colours giving the owner a shout out of course!


So just a few ideas for you but if you would like more guidance on what type of captions and content would work well for your personal business, get in touch at!

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Do You Ever Wonder Where You’re Going Wrong?

Sometimes, tough love is the only kind of method that gets results. When you feel like you’re not really winning at your job, or your business isn’t getting the results that you want, you have to look in on yourself and find out what’s going on. Here are three common mistakes that you could be making.


You’re Just Not Putting The Work In

First of all, you may think that you’re working really hard, but are you really? Don’t confuse being busy with being productive (which is what a lot of people do). Make sure that you are putting the work in where it counts, and not just showing up for the sake of it and you should start to see a difference in your results.


You’ve Lost Direction

It’s easy to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, or feel like you don’t know what you need to do next. But the important thing here is to do something about it. So many of us lose direction, but you’re always going to stay lost in your business or your career unless you try to fight your way out of that funk.


You Think Talent Is Natural

If you ever look at others and think they’re doing so well because they were born talented, you may be wrong. Okay, so some people are naturally gifted, but the rest of us just have to work harder and learn a lot more. Just take the ten soft skills below. These are all things that you could learn to improve your chances of success.


Infographic Design By soft skills infographic by STL