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Beyond The Chair Of Running A Hairdressers

One the most used businesses in our daily lives is the hairdressers. It’s something that is in a bit of strange position. We don’t usually see it as a necessity such as we go grocery shopping. On the other hand, our hair isn’t going to stop growing, so we have to use it. Over time a salon or barber can become a sanctuary for some people. It’s a place they come to converse and share their joys and lows in their lives. It’s also a place where the end is going to be positive because getting a slick haircut uplifts your spirit and confidence. It’s totally understandable if you’re ready and excited about opening and running your own salon or beauty shop. However, like all businesses, there are some gremlins you have to flush out before you put your foot to the floor.

Protect yourself

All kinds of business need protection or varying sorts. It doesn’t matter if you sell fruit and vegetables, or cars and suits, you need to have a safety net. After all, you’re dealing with customers who have that human condition streak within them. One day they can be fine and agreeable, the next day they suddenly want to take you to court for something. What you salon business needs is insurance that is specific to its nature. It’s not just to shield yourself from angry clients but internal disputes that could cost you your business. If you have hired a stylist, they could somewhere down the road decide to break up with you and steal some of your business such as logos, branding etc. With adequate employer liability protection, you stand a high chance of sidestepping this battle.

Safe floors

Like a men’s barber but only higher, salons have a chance of causing an injury to a client because of the condition of the floors. Wet and dry hair litters the floor and makes it slippery. If someone is wearing inadequate footwear or perhaps is old and frail, slipping and falling can cause great injury. But at the same time, it can feel like trying to stem a tide with your hands. Hair is going to scour the floor of a salon no matter what. Taking the time to brush the floor regularly is a good stopgap measure, but really, you need to have a floor that provides friction. Wooden flooring may be stylish but not very practical for a salon. Instead, you can get rubber flooring tiles or a composite or plastic. With this kind of material, the soles of shoes gain more grip and less likely to slip even when hair is trapped underneath.


Section sections

Salons are a whirlwind of activity at the best of times. Some clients may want to highlight their hair, get a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and or blow dry their style into a fixed position. For this to work safely, you have to section your sections properly. Keep one side purely for drying hair, another purely for water usage, and another where the initial and or final scissor cuts are made.

Barbers and salons are great places for the community to regularly come, spend their hard-earned money and feel good about themselves. But beyond the chair, running the business is just like any other. It’s complex, it’s risky but ultimately if done properly, incredibly rewarding.


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Convenience: The Name Of The Game When It Comes…

Offices need to be a lot of things. They should be safe and free from any hazards that could prove dangerous to your employees. An office also needs to be welcoming to all our clients and customers. But there is one thing that some business owners forget that their workspace needs to be, and that is convenient. It needs to be convenient for you, your employees, and your clients. Here are some ways you can improve your office’s convenience to everyone involved.

The Location

A lot of people will benefit if your office is in a convenient and accessible location. It makes getting to work a lot easier for your employees, especially those who will be relying on public transport. It also means it will be easier for your clients to find if they are new to town. Of course, you might not be able to up sticks and move your office right now to improve its location, but this is something worth bearing in mind if the time ever comes when you need to move to bigger premises.

Provide Out Of Hours Access

When your company is going through a very busy period and everyone is working to tight deadlines, you will need all hands on deck in the office. For some of your employees, working the usual nine-to-five day might not be enough to get their work done, and they might want to put in some extra hours to get stuff done. To help them do this, you should provide out of hours access to the office. In order to do this, you might want to issue key cards to your employees. This ensures your office is always safe and secure at all times while your employees are able to get in without any problems.


Add More Storage

Sometimes it can seem like there is just not enough storage space in offices. As a result, they can quickly get cluttered and feel a bit of a mess. Obviously, this won’t give a good impression to any visiting clients. Ideally, you need to add plenty of cupboards in which you can store all your 123inkjets toner, printing paper, and stationery. You should also have some extra secure filing cabinets in the office so that you can store your important paper documents and contracts as securely as possible.

Add Some Private Spaces

These days, open-plan offices are very much in fashion. This is great for collaboration as all your employees will be working in close proximity, which can help create a great environment for teamwork. However, it’s not that good if you have some very important business that needs to be discussed in private. To ensure that your office is a convenient place for these types of discussions to take place, you should add some private spaces. Even just one extra meeting room will make a lot of difference, especially when you have clients visiting your company.


There are lots of ways you can make your office more convenient – these are just some examples of the various things you can do!

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Are You Running A Tight Ship?

Whatever it is that you are doing with your business, chances are you need to make sure that you are running it relatively strictly. There are many styles of business, of course, and not everyone will feel this way. But if you look at the statistics, it seems the case that those who run their business in this kind of overseeing manner will find it much easier to achieve the goals they have in mind, whatever those might be. But the question then is how to exactly make sure that you are running a tight ship in this way. In this article, we are going to look at just a few of the things which might aid you in adopting this particular kind of management process.

Keeping Records

One of the most important aspects of the whole thing is to ensure that you are keeping records which are as strictly kept as possible. If you are not doing this, then you can’t even begin to hope to have the kind of control of your business that you are hoping to have. If you don’t know what you have spent, what on, and when, you can’t’ really expect to make the kinds of changes necessary to reel in the spending and run your business more succinctly. You might feel that it is necessary to find some help with this process, and it is true that that can help greatly. For that reason, it can be hugely beneficial to hire some professional bookkeeping services, as they will be able to keep those records professionally and securely, so that you can know exactly where you stand at all times.


Cracking The Whip

Maybe part of the problem in your business is to do with the people. It can be hard to make sure that everyone in your employ is working to their fullest, and that you are getting as much out of them as you would like to. But when this is not happening, it can quickly and easily lead to further problems down the line, not to mention a severe lack of control over the processes within your company. The solution, to put it bluntly, is to crack the whip once in a while. If you find that your employees are not working to their fullest, inspire them with both praise and punishment where necessary, and consider re-training if it comes to that point. As long as you have a good control over the people, the business will work out as best as you can hope.

Knowing What You Want

Finally, it helps to actually be fully aware of what you want in the first place. If you are not entirely sure of what you want to be achieving in your business, then you can’t easily or readily expect to make it happen as surely. Knowing what you want is hugely important if you want to run your business as a tight ship, and so it might be worth sitting down and literary writing out on paper what you expect to happen and by what time. This alone will inspire you.