Taking A Business Into The Digital World

The word digital is often associated with the idea of modernisation, and when you discount a lot of the negative connotations that has about it, it’s actually a very efficient business move to make! Maybe you’ve just come into a new job heading up a team in a business where paper records are in the thousands, or maybe you’ve inherited something that’s in desperate need of even a single computer around the office.

Either way, making a business more accessible is one thing, but making it easier to use for everyone involved all round is another, and a lot of health and safety considerations simply fall into place afterwards. Here’s a couple of tips on moving more and more into the 21st century.


Look Around a Little First

Even if you know your way around a tower system and Microsoft Excel, it’s still going to be a good idea to do some research before settling on the solution for you. There’s a lot of competing softwares out there, and getting the best price for your business from the get go is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.



Take Customers into Consideration

If you know the shopping habits of the people you sell to, you’re going to make a lot better investment on your modernisation technique. Maybe most of your customers find you through the web; that means it’d be a great idea to set up an online retailer for them to shop through!

Similarly, if most people walk through your doors to find the products they need, make sure you’re servicing them as fast as you can. Remove queuing from the basket and take the cashpoint to them to make a sale on the spot.


You Don’t Have to Be an Expert!

This is a trick missed by a lot of people running their own company or in management positions, as the corporate world often demands expertise of us even in matters that are of no consequence at the end of the day.

To sort through your computer needs, make sure you look into having a support service on your side whenever you need one; calling an IT helpline is going to save your operations at the end of the day! Try out a company such as the Carden IT Group, as a lot of packages can be tailored to your needs, and paying for what you don’t need is something that can break a business in two.

Always remember that even though statistical analysis isn’t your thing, it doesn’t have to be! That’s why we can hire on others and allow our employees to specialise in certain areas with a bit of training. It’s a good career move for anyone to make, and it allows your employees to flourish under your care: the mark of a good business!

Taking a business further with a little bit of technology is always worth it, but make sure you know what you’re doing from the first.

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How To Get Major Brands To Retweet Your Product


The influencer world is definitely not a cheap one to tap into. Especially if you are a startup on a tight budget! 

In the past, we have been lucky enough to have connected to a few celebrities who promoted our product for free – without the high-end agency fees of up to £5,000 for an Instagram post simply by cutting out the middleman and contacting them directly through Twitter.

But how can you reach out to brands?

We recently had some luck and had our product retweeted by a major influencer in our niche, directly to a very large audience base perfect for us. Was it down to us retweeting their content? Endless commenting on their posts? No.

We simply offered their followers a free gift.



For example, if my client was a co-working office and they wanted to have a boost in monthly signups, I would look to contact a large startup group based in their area of London and connect with them on Twitter.

I would then ask them if they would like to encourage readers to subscribe to their newsletters for a chance to win a free co-working day in our offices.

They loved the idea of offering their followers something that would actually come in handy and also to increase their engagement and it ended up giving us a few more sign ups!

So here are my simple steps that will help you on your way. 

  • Find someone in your niche but not a direct competitor. Common sense here, if you are a florist, you would not approach another florist to offer to give away your flowers! Instead get in touch with a large bridal or event company in your area and ask them would their followers like a free bouquet or centerpiece in exchange for them retweeting it.


  • If you don’t get through at first, do not give up! There are many ways to connect with larger brands and I always found their Facebook pages were the easiest. Just ask them is there a contact in their marketing department you can pop an email too.


  • This works on Facebook and Instagram too! 


  • Make sure you keep tabs on the winner, the likely hood is they will retweet their free gift and then you can comment on the post and thank them once again putting the focus on your brand.


  • Take a look at your target’s site. What are they currently promoting? Is it an Ebook? An event they want people to attend? An online course? Then approach them and mention that to help get people to sign up tp their online business course, you will give away a free consultancy.


Ok so very simple, you just need to spend a little time finding a brand with a worthwhile following in your niche.

Good luck and any questions, just click here! 


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What To Do When Your Business Is Stuck In…

The early stages of a new business are incredibly exciting. Seeing your initial idea realized as a product and watching those sales figures increase steadily is great and it feels like you’ll be able to ride that momentum to the top. But 6 months down the line, things are going to slow down. If you keep adapting, you can maintain some of that momentum but if not, you’ll soon find yourself in a rut. Sales are stagnating and you don’t know how to kick start them again. So, what do you do? You could always carry on as you are and hope that things will pick up again but that doesn’t look likely at this point. Instead, you should be proactive and try some of these methods for getting your small business out of a rut.


Get New Staff

When things aren’t going well, spending money on extra staff is probably the last thing that you want to do. But introducing a new energy to the team can really help you to get things going again. Having said that, you’re taking a gamble by investing more money in the business so you need to be selective. Use a recruitment employment agency to find the very best candidates in your field who can make a real difference. When your staff have been working on the same problems for a long while, it can be difficult for them to see the bigger picture. But if you bring in somebody new with their own set of ideas, they’ll be able to pick up on things that the rest of the company are missing. New staff members are also likely to be more motivated which will rub off on the rest of your employees and give the company the kick that it needs.


Change Prices

There might be a complex set of reasons why you aren’t seeing any growth but in some cases, it’s simple; people might not be buying your products because they’re too expensive. If you’ve got a large margin, consider changing your prices. Even though you’ll be making less profit per unit, you’ll still be performing better overall if you’re making a lot more sales.


Do Some Market Research

The easiest way to find out why people aren’t buying your products is to ask them. Conduct some market research and see what it is about the product or the pricing that is stopping people from parting with their cash. A comments section is an essential feature on your website because it’s a very easy and cost effective way of finding out exactly what customers think about your products. If you’ve got multiple people commenting about the same problems, you know there’s something that needs changing. It’s important that you’re monitoring the comments section and encouraging customers to use it, as well as doing periodic market research so you’ve always got a sense of where you are and what it is about your products that people respond well to.  

When your small business is in a rut it’s easy to sit back and do nothing, but that’s never going to help you. Try these methods and you’ll get sales going again in no time.