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How to Set Up an Office

There are many different aspects to starting a business, one of which is setting up an office for yourself and your colleagues to work from. The office will be where you all spend the majority of your time, so it is really important that it is designed in a way that will encourage productivity, but also in a way that makes it a comfortable space to work in. Here, we run through some ideas on how to create a great office.


One of the first steps in determining the layout of the office, is to make the most of your light sources. If you can find a way to make sure everyone has access to a window, it will make them feel less trapped and the light will help them to maintain a positive mentality. Windows are key to making sure the air quality is good too. It can be a good idea to offer people different places to work from for example, a staff room, kitchen or their desk so that they can break up the monotony of an office environment. It is important that everyone has their own designated desks too, as it will make them feel more at home. If you want to encourage a team mentality, try organising the desks into a circle rather than having people sitting with their backs to one another; this helps aid group discussion and is ideal when it comes to company announcements. If you don’t have the space to accommodate this, split the group depending on departments, so that colleagues with similar roles can bounce ideas off each other.


It is important to make sure everyone has all the equipment they need in order to ensure maximum productivity. This includes the right software and hardware, such as industry specific software like field service business management software personalised hardware like certain screen sizes, keyboards and mice from a company like. There are certain specifications to consider when choosing office furniture, as you need to make sure that people are comfortable at their desks. Their backs need to be properly supported by their chairs for example, their eyes need to be a certain distance from their computer screens and their feet need to be supported.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to office decoration. First of all, you need to have the correct lighting levels. Poor lighting not only has a negative effect on state of mind, but it can also cause eye strain and headaches. Relaxed or warm lighting can cause people to lose focus and feel fatigued, so make sure the lighting is bright. Natural light is a must-have. The temperature of the room is important too; if it’s too warm people will feel relaxed rather than motivated, yet if it’s too cold, they will be uncomfortable and distracted. A nice scent can create a more enjoyable working environment too, as can some background music but make sure it is not too loud or too intrusive. Finally, make sure your office space is always kept clean and tidy to reflect the proactive approach you expect from your employees.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to creating an office space, so it is important to remember a few key factors when designing it. Think about the layout in terms of how people can interact with each other, make sure their desks are comfortable to use and ensure that you have the right lighting, temperature and noise level. For more business advice, take a look at www.vikingwanderer.com



Creating Consultancy Partnerships

How do you know when it’s time to call in the experts? When you’ve genuinely got too much on your plate and need to have someone else come in and help you juggle the balls. The fun part of running your own business is getting involved in every stage of its growth, from building a business plan to delivering the service or product you specialise in, but this can also be the hardest part. There are times when you do need to admit that a little help would probably go down well and help drive you forward.

That’s when you’re going to need to think about hiring a consultant, yes you could create an in-house team opening but for this one off project, a consultant makes more financial sense.

Whether you’re looking for help with your marketing strategy, some research or an expert ready to help with your procurement transformation you’ll need our guide to getting the best.


Find A Size That Suits You

You may enjoy the benefits of working with a larger firm that can offer you more in the way of corporate resources, though lacks that more personal touch, or you may enjoy a small consultancy that offers you round the clock access to your contact and specialises in personal care.

Whatever works best for you, begin the process by interviewing widely and getting a few names in the hat before you start narrowing down the field.

Communication Is Key

Make sure that during the interview process you test out your communication with the consultant. Do they listen carefully to your ideas or ride roughshod over what you say, presenting their own ideas as the only way to go? Lead with your gut instinct, if they’re like that during the interview then that will only get worse as they lead you through the project.

Be very clear from the off about your budget too and what you hope to achieve with the budget you have available. If it comes back time and time again that your budget won’t achieve your goals, then you will either have to revise your figures or revise the goals that you want to meet.

Don’t be afraid to call someone back for a second interview if you just want to make sure of a few facts and clear up any questions you have. Make sure that you understand fully the nature of the work they will do for you and ensure that you will be able to reach them regularly and that they are prepared to take a weekly update to you.

Getting the right consultant can feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. That piece of work that seemed overwhelming is underway and the results will give you something to help you focus and succeed in other parts of your business. Get it wrong and you run the risk of wasting time and money, so make sure you’re prepared with a great set of interview questions and find your ideal match.


Business Blog

Signs that you are Ready to Start Your Own…

If you want to start your own business but you are not quite sure if you’re ready or not, then there are few things that you need to take into account. Some of which can be found below.

Solid Team

Behind every successful business is a solid team. Solo-founders take up to 4 times as long to become successful when compared to founders of two or more. If you are starting a business with another founder, then you have to make sure that your skills and even your expertise complement one another. If you have spent 10 years in marketing, then find someone who is experienced in operations or even accounting. If you’re set on starting solo, then you need to find freelancers or even contractors who can help you out with various tasks. You can also seek advice from mentors as well, as they can help you to achieve the level of success you are looking for. If you want to start a franchise then you can discover more here.

Financial Shape

Believe it or not, the most common source of start-up financing is actually personal savings. If you don’t have enough to start the business that you want, then you need to scale back your plans. You might also want to look into outside financing too. Running out of cash is one of the top reasons why a lot of small businesses fail, so making sure that you are in good financial shape is crucial. You also have to make sure that you have a good credit score and that you are debt-free too. By doing this, you can then help yourself to really take things to that next level.


Business Plan

Think about it, what business model do you have? How are you going to make money by using your business idea? Your business plan essentially details who is going to buy your product, what you are going to sell and even how you are going to make it. It also details who is going to help you and how much money you are going to make. If you are absolutely serious about starting your own business, then you need to have a solid plan in place. If you don’t then you will only make things harder for yourself in the future.


If your new business happens to involve completely changing your career, then it is so important that you gain some experience. You might also want to get a part-time job working nights or even weekends. This will help you to gain access to the industry that you want to enter, and it will also help you with your sales and general operation too.



If you are not dedicated enough then you can’t hope to get anywhere with your idea. Before you start your business, you have to make sure that you believe in yourself and that you are persistent too. This will help you to stay focused and it will also help you to push through those tough times.