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Moving Left Of Centre: Developing A Niche Business Properly

When we work hard to be left of centre, to stand out, we need to find our own unique path to forge. While most businesses end up using technology to communicate with their audiences, when you’re looking at developing niche communication practices, or and niche business, how can you do this properly?


Be Outstanding In Your Field

To really push a niche business forward, you are trying to sell an idea that people may not get on board with. You can do this by putting in the time and effort, which can take many months, if not years, but this is why so many people look at becoming an influencer. In essence, this is about being a leading light, which is great when you’re in a business that is incredibly unique. To be an influencer, and someone who is laying the foundations for other businesses to follow, becoming an influencer is indelibly tied with niche business process.


Choose Your Market

When you are working at developing a business that’s out of the norm, finding the desire for that specific product can be harder than normal. But, you’re at an advantage that when you find the right marketplace, especially those that need this product, but have never been able to acquire it, this is where you can stand out. Choosing the appropriate marketplace requires a lot of legwork, but once you have completed this research, you will reap the benefits.


Research Your Competitors

While you might find your idea is extremely unique, are you 100% sure? If you’ve got an idea that hasn’t been implemented in any way before, you need to take appropriate measures to protect the idea. This could be through a trademark lawyer, or having a patent on your product, but at the same time, you need to ensure that you aren’t treading on someone else’s toes. If you think you’ve got a unique idea, you better be doubly sure that it is unique, otherwise, you may find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit.


It Can Be Difficult!

While most of us know that many startups have struggles, when you’re going that deeper into the rabbit hole, and trying to get a business out there that is unique in every aspect, you may find yourself negotiating a bumpy ride. It can be difficult, but this is where the preparation becomes essential. Having an appropriate business plan, contingency plans, as well as ensuring that the product is able to fill a gap in the market, will make sure that your company weathers those storms during the first year. Unfortunately, the majority of startups fail within the first year, and if you’ve got an idea that stands out, but also stands the test of time, you can’t put your feet up and relax just yet.

Developing a niche business properly isn’t just about a unique idea, but ensuring that it comes from a place of practicality and business acumen that has been tried and tested. Individuality works incredibly well in your favour, but only once you get the basics in place!

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The Most Important Processes To Simplify

Every part of your business is important, right? Well, we’re sure you can admit that there are some that should come further up the pecking order than others. Some that require that extra bit of attention to ensure that your business is running in tip top condition. But, just because these processes get a little bit more attention, that’s not to say that they’re easy. No, the ones that require the most attention are usually the ones that give you the biggest headache, and that’s what we want to talk about today. We’re all about trying to make your lives a little bit easier, and we think we know just how to do that. If you have a read of the pointers we’ve got below, you’ll see how we can make a day in the office a lot easier for you.

Managing Payments

As your business grows, the payments you’ve got coming in and out of your bank account are no doubt going to be some of the hardest things to manage. We know you’ll have an accountant, but they might not necessarily be in house, and they might not necessarily be there to crunch the numbers as you need them to. Plus, trying to get your customers to pay the right amount at the right time can be tricky, so that’s why you need to rely on a system such as the SATbill. It’s a great way to regulate the billings your company has to make, making your life a lot easier on a daily basis. If your business is still relatively small, make sure that you’re still managing your payments and logging every detail on a daily basis. It will help to build up a profile of the profits you’re making, so that you can compare them to your losses! Being financially prepared and in the know is the key to ensuring your finances actually do stay afloat.


Keeping Custom

The last thing you want is your customers leaving you left right and center, and we’re not saying that’s happening to you right now. But, trying to keep your customers happy when you have so many competitors fighting for their attention is hard. So, that’s why we always urge you to be doing one better. Know every move your competitor makes in terms of trying to bring in custom, and smash them out of the park. The more research you do, the more you will be able to offer your customers. More custom is more money, so it’s definitely worth investing the extra effort into!


Creative Genius

If you’re running out of creative juice, then your process probably isn’t simple enough. If you find that your ideas for services or products is dull, then call in an outsider to help jazz things up a little bit! It’s so easy to get creative when you have another mind to bounce off, and fresh ideas are always good for the company. Even if we were talking about marketing here, it’s still good to have a fresh set of eyes having a look in, and spreading some of that creative genius.

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Is It Time To Move Your Business Away From…

Having a home business can allow you a lot of freedom, and there’s no feeling quite like being your own boss. However, there comes a time in many home businesses when it’s time to move away from home to allow for more expansion. Is it time to move your business away from home? We explore this question in more detail below…

You Want To Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business, a great way to do this can be to move away from home. Setting up your new business premises can allow for expansion and growth in many ways. Your business can appear more professional, you have room to hire staff, and you can purchase equipment that you may not have been able to purchase at home.


You’re Experiencing Interruptions At Home

Experiencing interruptions at home can be one of the biggest drawbacks of working there. If people are coming over to see you because they don’t believe that you’re actually doing any work, or you’re constantly answering the house phone to nuisance calls, it could be time to move away.


Make Sure You’re Ready For The Move

You need to be ready to move out of your home, as you don’t want to over stretch your business for the sake of appearing more professional. If you’re renting out office space to improve your credibility, you might be better off looking at a virtual office. Virtual offices still give you a professional address and telephone answering service, and you can even make use of meetings rooms.


Finding The Right Premises

If you’re still set on moving out and finding a new business premises, you’ll need to think of your client base, who you work with, and the sort of people you’re looking to hire. However, if you’re working with people who are scattered all over, you can usually get away with a business park or industrial estate for cheaper rates.


If you want to attract customers by having them walk in off the street, then you’re going to need a location that gets a lot of foot traffic. One important thing to note about having customers on your premises, is that it must be safe. Places like Allcott Commercial can check premises over so you feel more confident, and having insurance is recommended too. The last thing you want to do is put your customers or employees at risk. It could ruin your business reputation!


Things To Consider

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when you’re contemplating moving away from home, including:

  • How many members of staff do you want to hire?
  • Can you hire virtual staff members instead, such as a copywriter and a virtual assistant?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much will your overheads increase?
  • Will the area be suitable for the work you do?
  • Will it be easily accessible for customers and employees?

So, is it time to move your business away from home? Listen to your gut and you should know the answer