Case Studies

‘After 8 months, 70% of my last clients leads came from organic traffic’

Psssst! I’m a ghostwriter for many of my clients. It’s great fun copywriting for different brands, but it also means that I’m often unable to publicly shout about it. However, I’m really happy to provide tasters. Contact me and I’ll fill you in with plenty of examples of my written work.

Case Studies

2016-2017 – I started working for an award winning virtual assistant company based in Mayfair. I took control of all their social media accounts and also a few of their clients and started creating content based on their niche 3 times a week. Within 6 months, we had fantastic results and our traffic had doubled, within 10 months our D.A had risen from 14 to 23 and within a year, 80% of all leads came through our organic searches.


We also managed to DOUBLE our targeted London Audience!

When it came to increasing our social media presence, we saw a 3,000% PLUS increase!

As for organic traffic, once again a fantastic result;

But HOW did we manage such an extraordinary increase in traffic AND leads?

  • Created a business blog
  • Posted valuable content 3 times a week
  • Created highly shareable Infographics
  • Created ‘How To’ content rather than trying to cold sell
  • Joined relevant Facebook business groups and Google Plus groups to share our content
  • Tweeted 3 x a day

Here is another great example.

The client uses Social paid ads yet through alternative methods such as business development and increasing our backlinks, our organic sales actually INCREASED through the year, even when the social paid ads dropped off!

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