Brand Wins

Brand Wins

‘After 7 months, 70% of my last clients leads came from organic traffic’

Case Study 1

Company – One of my current clients is a UK based jewelry brand.

Aim – To rely less on paid ads and to start increasing sales through organic traffic.

How we will do this – First of all by increasing our reach across social media platforms and by influencer outreach to promote our products to a mass audience for free. To use a friendly tone and engage with our potential audience on a daily basis. To create deep links to sites with high D.As to increase our Google search rankings.

Current results – Our organic sales actually INCREASED through the year, even when the social paid ads dropped off!

We also managed to work with major fitness influencers, starts from Love Island and Towie and were featured on T.V as well as joining up with a major breast cancer charity.

Twitter Results 

Here is the month of July before the marketing began.

Here are the results just 3 months later!

Case Study 2

Company – I started working for an award-winning virtual assistant company based in Mayfair.

Aim – To increase leads coming from organic traffic, increase brand awareness and build on our PR

How we will do this –  Find complimentary brands in our niche and approach them to share our content and arrange interviews to create high D.A backlinks.

To create a startup blog to dramatically increase our visibility and brand presence and share the content ( 3 x blog posts a week ) on multiple social platforms

Results – Within 6 months, we had fantastic results and our traffic had doubled. Within 10 months our D.A had risen from 14 to 23 and within a year & 80% of all leads came through our organic searches.

We had increased our deep links to brands with high D.A and that was perfect to reach our target audience and made some great networking connections.

We were also a lot more visible and talked about as a brand, even to the point that a small shop we walked into had heard of our name! 


We also managed to DOUBLE our targeted London Audience!

When it came to increasing our social media presence, we saw a 3,000% PLUS increase!

As for organic traffic, once again a fantastic result!


3 of my clients have won Theo Paphitis #SBS competition in the last 3 months! 


Influencer outreach – I have saved my client over 80K in influencer fees this year by connecting directly to influencers and skipping high agency fees. Here are just a few influencers I have worked with.







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