Who I Work With

Who I Work With

Most of my clients are either startups or small to medium businesses 

As I have a background in retail, my clients fall under many niches including jewellery boutiques, fashion designers, perfumeries but I also have extensive experience creating content for award-winning virtual assistant companies and large London co-working brands.

Most of my clients come to me because;

  • They have a FANTASTIC product yet they cannot be heard above the social media noise
  • They KNOW their client base yet their content is falling on deaf ears
  • They are struggling to compete against larger, more developed brands in their niche
  • They have little social media engagement and don’t know how to set their tone
  • Passionate, creative entrepreneurs that would like to learn how to manage their OWN social media
  • Mums who are ready to build the business they have always DREAMED of yet need some guidance


 ‘Let me help you to create brand AWARENESS and TEACH you how to    ENGAGE with your AUDIENCE! Let’s CONVERT those leads into SALES! ‘   


How I work

  • I use SIMPLE communication methods. No complexed technical jargon here!
  • Many of my clients have never tweeted before, I deal with the very basics and train them up to an advanced level
  • ALL my tips will be simple & actionable and the at least 90% do NOT rely on PAID ADS
  • I offer efficient apps to make social media managing SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE!
  • Your business is my business and I treat it as such on my training, with PASSION and enthusiasm
  • My ULTIMATE goal is for you to leave with an armful of new skills and a new found confidence in all things social! 

Are you ready to take propel your business to the next step?

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