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Tips To Keep Your Staff Happy And Health

Any successful business owner will probably say that behind every great leader is a fantastic workforce that is responsible for the success. And in order to continue any success in business, it’s important to keep work productivity levels up, and that’s only possible when your staff are happy and healthy. So here are some tips to keep them in the best shape both in physical and mental wellbeing.

Keep The Working Environment Safe

Whatever your business does, there’s likely going to be some element of danger to any job. If it’s on a worksite where you’re dealing with shifting heavy loads with synthetic lifting slings, to a customer-facing environment like a bar or restaurant, workplace safety is key. Your staff may be trained to perfection, but if the environment isn’t safe to begin with, then they have no hope of getting out of there without causing some sort of injury. So with any business, provide staff with the relevant guidelines so that they can adhere to rules that will keep them safe in the workplace.


Create A Regular Dialogue With Staff

Every staff member will have a line manager or boss that they report to. And when it comes to any workplace relationship, it’s important to have that dialogue between staff members and whoever they report to. This has a lot to do with their mental wellbeing and how they’re feeling within the workplace. With a strong working relationship, problems that crop up can be handled with professionalism and care. If there’s not much of a relationship there, then things can get easily twisted and can escalate to something much more problematic. So ensure that 1-2-1 meetings are set up regularly to keep everyone talking about their feelings and that everything can, therefore, remain in the open. 


Promote Healthy Eating

Having snacks in the workplace is very traditional in office settings. Leftovers from a business lunch meeting or an endless supply of snacks and biscuits will not do well for your staff’s overall health. Encourage this bad eating, and they’re likely to carry that into their personal life, which then causes more bouts of general sickness within the office. Take the opportunity as someone in charge to help promote healthy eating. It could be something as simple as offering a fruit basket to the office at the start of the week or changing catering options to something more healthier. It’s these small changes that can help with encouraging a healthier and happier lifestyle both at work and outside of it.


Offer Incentives And Rewards

These two can make a huge impact on how happy your staff are and how valued they feel in the business. By offering these additional benefits, you’re giving your staff the opportunity to go above and beyond if they want to. It’s telling of how they feel towards the company if they do or not. And these incentives or rewards don’t have to be financial. It could be a recognition that’s mentioned publically within the workplace or the acknowledgment of a step towards a promotion. 

Keeping staff happy and healthy should always be a priority, so make it one.



When The Daydream Prevents You From Launching A Business

If you’ve tried to contact the universe in the past by letting your dream of success known, you’ve probably noticed two things. Firstly, the universe doesn’t answer your calls. Secondly, you can’t even leave a voicemail. In other words, dreaming of being rich and successful is not quite the same thing as actually being any of those things. Unfortunately, the comfortable director chair you visualize in your daydream hasn’t yet materialized. What’s even worse is that you have not a clue how to even make it happen. Daydreams are motivating, but they lack the necessary guidance to help you to take the first step. 


For many dreamed entrepreneurs, the idea of launching a business is daunting. You know what success looks like – it’s in your dreams –, but you don’t know what the path to success is, or even if there is a path to get there. Starting a business is never easy. But you need to surround yourself with a robust network of resources to progress outside of the world of dreams and take your first step on the market. 

Find out how others have started

Does one need to a Harvard degree and a wealthy uncle who name you as his sole heir to become an entrepreneur? Of course not; successful entrepreneurs come from a variety of places and backgrounds. You can tune in to the business leader podcast online to hear some of their most inspiring stories. Not every successful business leader has had a happy childhood and an easy path. You’ll be surprised to know that every entrepreneur’s story is different and that therefore, there is plenty of room for yours too. 

Simplify the business plan

Writing a business plan is typically described as the first step that every entrepreneur must take. However, unless you’re a trained business strategist, it’s fair to say that the concept of a business plan might be difficult to understand. Indeed, by definition, the plan acts as a guide to describe not only how your business is going to make money but also what you expect to achieve. Instead, you can break it down into manageable tasks. Start by defining your audience. Question your assumptions and make sure you’ve got the evidence to back up your beliefs. While it’s a time-consuming project, you need to research everything about your market, from your target demographics to what the average persona is like. You can also apply the same research process to your competitors, understanding not only how they differentiate their products but also why customers buy from them. Your business plan will be the answer to every question you ask about your niche market.  


Make it happen at home

Google started in a garage. Apple, Windows, and many others have had similar modest beginnings. Your business plan finished, you can proceed with caution, following the example set by some of the most famous companies. Start small to grow big. Building your business presence at home by setting a home office doesn’t guarantee overnight success. But it allows you to build your confidence and your capital until you’re ready. 

Don’t let your dream of success intimidate you. By taking the first step today and getting familiar with entrepreneurs’ stories, business processes, and routine, you can bring the dream closer to reality. 



Ignore Elon Musk: The Rich Don’t Work 80-Hour Weeks

The rich don’t work sixty hours per week. In fact, speak with most extraordinarily wealthy and successful people, and you find that they hardly work at all. Most think of their productive activities as a vocation or their raison d’etre. They’re not staying late in the office as a desperate strategy to “get ahead.” Their work is their joy, and it’s what they’d rather be doing than anything else. 


What Is A Wealthy Lifestyle? 

We all like to think that we know what having a wealthy lifestyle is, but unless you’re in that mindset, it’s almost impossible to understand on an emotional level. For somebody of average means, £50,000 is a lot of money and worth working hard to get. But for a wealthy person, it’s just not worth putting in the extra hours it would take to earn that amount of money: it’s barely adding to the pile. 


Working All The Time Makes You Poor In Some Ways

As soon as you enter the world of work, you realise that everything is a tradeoff. You could work on the weekend and get extra money, but you lose all the time you need to actually do the stuff you want to do, like go on holiday. Working has its advantages, but when it takes up the majority of your time, it has costs too. 

If you’re like most people and don’t work in a sustainable work culture, then there are other issues too. You can become burnt out, stressed, and wind up hating your life. Your work isn’t just something that costs you your time, but also your money and happiness too. How much would you pay to feel better for your life? In all probability, you’d be willing to fork over a lot. 


Get Paid For Doing Nothing

Two things generate income in a capitalist economy: labor and capital. You are a single individual who can work a maximum of 70 hours a week without seriously compromising on your health. Thus, there is only so much that you can earn by selling your labor. 

Capital earnings, however, can be nearly infinite. So long as you own the capital, you can benefit from a share in the profits that it generates. The reason that the rich barely do any work is that they understand this basic concept. You don’t get rich or stay rich by selling your time but by owning the capital of companies. Equity can be fabulously productive: way more so than your labor. 

The trick to becoming more like the rich and achieving that 20-hour work week that you want is to build up your capital. It’s really that simple. The more rights you have to the profits of firms, the faster you can escape the rat race. 

Getting wealthy means buying as large a share of the world’s top companies as you can. You don’t have to spend hours poring over company statements and balance sheets. Buying the index works just as well as going through an expensive mutual fund over the long term. Become a capital owner and stop selling your labour to the man.