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3 Simple Instagram story Video Tutorials

Hello all!

I’m obsessed with Instagram stories and for good reason! 

Did you know that;

  • In 2017 Instagram stories took OVER from Snapchat stories?
  • 250 MILLION use Instagram stories every day!
  • 60% of Instagrams users either watch or create Instagram stories 

I’ve also noticed an increased amount of leads and queries from prospective customers since I upped my Instagram game!

So here are my top 3 Instagram story tutorial videos!

1. How To Mute/Unmute Stories


2. How To Create Ombre Text


3. How To Add A Photo To An Instagram Story 

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The Simple 6 Step Social Media Strategy

According to Dream grow, 95% of Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking, and 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. 

So it’s not hard to believe that 92% of retail brands use at least 2 social media platforms or more to connect to their audience base.

But firstly, you need a strategy!

Social media strategies can be confusing, especially when it comes to calculating your ROI. I like to see social media as a way to connect with my audience base and to raise my brand awareness.

If you’re thinking more along the lines ‘How much money can we make from Twitter this month’ then you’ll likely to be disappointed.

But if you’re willing to invest the time getting to know what makes your audience tick, and engage with them, then it definitely can boost your traffic and brand awareness, and these are the key ingredients that can lead to sales!

Here are my 6 simple social media steps!

1. Create Your Goals 

Here are just a few goals you could consider for your content marketing strategy. Did you know that people who write down their goals are likely to be 33 times more successful than someone who doesn’t?

  • Brand awareness
  • More traffic to your business blog
  • Community Engagement
  • More newsletter subscribers
  • Create a loyal fanbase
  • Increase retention



2. Research your audience

Nearly 79% of adults use Facebook, but how many REALLY engage with your business page? Remember that the majority of people use Facebook to connect with family & friends, NOT brands and that’s why you need to understand where to find your audience base and how to engage withe them.

  • Understand the general demographics for each social media platform. If your target market is 60 years plus, then using Instagram may not be the best audience considering most of their audience is within the 18-29 years bracket.
  • Where is your audience based?
  • What do they like to do in their time off work? Hobbies & Interests?
  • What is their professional/ Employment status?
  • Which social media platforms do they like to hang out in on their time off?


3. Establish Key Metrics

This will give you a better idea of your ROI. It can be tricky to track social media progress but there are some key elements that can help you along the way.

  • How many weekly impressions did you post receive?
  • How many likes?
  • How many people engaged with your content?
  • How much of your traffic came from your social media platforms?
  • How much reach did your Tweets have?


4. Research your competitive landscape

Researching your competitors can give you so much information! Brands that are well evolved have already done all the hard work in finding their niche market and you can tap into this too. Then, once you get the basics down, you can make it your own!

  • What platforms do they get the most engagement from?
  • Do they have a similar audience base to you?
  • Which content receives the most engagement?
  • Do they hold competitions on their Facebook pages?
  • Can you follow and engage with their Twitter followers?



5. Creating your content 

You can manage your content by using scheduling platforms such as Buffer or Hootsuite but remember that unless you log in to engage for at least 15 minutes a day, it’s unlikely your account will receive any attention! When creating your content you want to think about;

  • Using Twitter lists for your influencers to see their most popular tweets
  • Create a list purely for interesting content 
  • Researching on Buzzfeed content using keywords, what was the most popular post?
  • Remember content with images and videos will receive triple the engagement
  • Do you incorporate Facebook live and Instastories too?
  • Will you post on trending topics?



Then pop in daily to Engage, Engage, Engage!!

6. Tracking your results

Around 80% of marketers find it difficult to work out how much revenue their efforts actually created and tend to monitor engagement. To get you started think about;

  • How many likes did your content receive?
  • Did any sales from google analytics come from Social media?
  • Did you have a high number of newsletter signs ups and which traffic source did they come from?
  • Can you see an overall increase in Twitter followers and impressions?
  • Are more people visiting your Twitter profile?
  • Did you receive anymore Facebook page likes?


Ok so here is just a quick snapshot of the basic 6 step social media strategy.

Do you need help to create your own strategy? Get in touch!


















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3 Effective Tips To Target Your Twitter Audience

Twitter for me, is still one of the best ways to actively engage one on one with my desired audience base. In fact, it has provided more partnership opportunities and PR than any B2B methods I would use on Linkedin.

And it’s STILL growing, 11% this quarter in fact.

So what are my 3 top tips I use for my clients to effectively engage?


Write down a list of your top 5 competitors. Now the aim is to find them on Twitter and view their active followers. If we are looking for customers in this case and your target market is the U.K, create a Twitter list and add all the potential customers based in the UK. You can then spend around 10 minutes a day scrolling down this list, liking and engaging with your future potential customers.

Influencer Feeds

I come across so many Twitter accounts that either over promote their services on a daily basis, or post material completely unrelated to their niche. Your aim here is to find the top 5 influencers in your niche. Once again, find them on Twitter and create a special Twitter list the sole purpose being to share their content onto your feed. Remember to mix roughly 80% informative posts with 20% promotional. 


I’ve been keeping this one a secret for a while now and it’s thanks to triberr, my dismal 6,500 reach on Twitter snowballed into a reach of over 20 million! 

But how?

Triberr is a social network for bloggers. The idea is to find other bloggers who write about the same topics. These writers group up in a tribe.

Whenever one blogger writes a post, the others read, comment and share it with their social networks.

The best part is, you pool together all your followers giving yourself a larger reach. So the more tribes you join, the larger your social media reach.


But what if I don’t want to share the content?

I was in multiple triberr groups for nearly a year, and at least 4 months went by without me sharing a post – mainly due to being overloaded promoting our own content and promotions.

Surprisingly, my reach only dropped by around 1 million, and seeing as I had a reach of over 20 million, it was a small loss. Also, for that whole period of time, my posts were STILL being shared on social media.

How do I set it up? 

You can add the Tribber plugin to your WordPress site and connect it so that every blog post you create is automatically shared into the Triberr feed, allwoing your tribe members to share your content.

You may also schedule your favourite bloggers posts to appear in your Twitter feed. This can save you hours or scheduling interesting, up to date relevant content! 


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