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How to Set Up an Office

There are many different aspects to starting a business, one of which is setting up an office for yourself and your colleagues to work from. The office will be where you all spend the majority of your time, so it is really important that it is designed in a way that will encourage productivity, but also in a way that makes it a comfortable space to work in. Here, we run through some ideas on how to create a great office.


One of the first steps in determining the layout of the office, is to make the most of your light sources. If you can find a way to make sure everyone has access to a window, it will make them feel less trapped and the light will help them to maintain a positive mentality. Windows are key to making sure the air quality is good too. It can be a good idea to offer people different places to work from for example, a staff room, kitchen or their desk so that they can break up the monotony of an office environment. It is important that everyone has their own designated desks too, as it will make them feel more at home. If you want to encourage a team mentality, try organising the desks into a circle rather than having people sitting with their backs to one another; this helps aid group discussion and is ideal when it comes to company announcements. If you don’t have the space to accommodate this, split the group depending on departments, so that colleagues with similar roles can bounce ideas off each other.


It is important to make sure everyone has all the equipment they need in order to ensure maximum productivity. This includes the right software and hardware, such as industry specific software like field service business management software personalised hardware like certain screen sizes, keyboards and mice from a company like Workwave. There are certain specifications to consider when choosing office furniture, as you need to make sure that people are comfortable at their desks. Their backs need to be properly supported by their chairs for example, their eyes need to be a certain distance from their computer screens and their feet need to be supported.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to office decoration. First of all, you need to have the correct lighting levels. Poor lighting not only has a negative effect on state of mind, but it can also cause eye strain and headaches. Relaxed or warm lighting can cause people to lose focus and feel fatigued, so make sure the lighting is bright. Natural light is a must-have. The temperature of the room is important too; if it’s too warm people will feel relaxed rather than motivated, yet if it’s too cold, they will be uncomfortable and distracted. A nice scent can create a more enjoyable working environment too, as can some background music but make sure it is not too loud or too intrusive. Finally, make sure your office space is always kept clean and tidy to reflect the proactive approach you expect from your employees.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to creating an office space, so it is important to remember a few key factors when designing it. Think about the layout in terms of how people can interact with each other, make sure their desks are comfortable to use and ensure that you have the right lighting, temperature and noise level. For more business advice, take a look at www.vikingwanderer.com


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Four Flexible Business Ideas

If you want to start your own business but don’t feel you have the time or don’t know what you want to do, then there are a few very flexible ideas. You can start a company that doesn’t require you to be chained to a desk and work that you can do in the evenings and weekends if you want to work around other life commitments.


Cleaning Service

If you enjoy cleaning or don’t mind doing it then running your cleaning service could give you the flexibility you want. You could choose your hours and your clients, and with people so busy now many people are willing to pay for a cleaner and they will pay a fair bit. If you wanted it to grow, there is the chance that your business could develop into a larger company, however, if you’re going to keep it on a small scale, then you can do that too.


Personal Trainer

For this one, you do need some qualifications, but if you’re into your health and fitness, then this might be something you enjoy and make money from. Any costs from your training you will make back as you can charge a lot by the hour for being a personal trainer. You need to get yourself a few case studies at first so that you can show people the transformations you have helped and show them your reviews, but it won’t take too long to build it up. As a personal trainer, you can make house calls, visit a gym, or let clients come to you (if you have the right equipment). You need to be very knowledgeable about everything from proper exercises for different body types to how to motivate people who want to get healthy. And you should feel comfortable getting close to your clients to learn what works best for them.


Towing and Recovery Business

A towing and recovery business can become very profitable, but you do need some knowledge and equipment to be successful. You need to draft and then follow your business plan and make sure you promote your business. You’ll need to have a look at recovery trucks for sale and look into buying other supplies such as traffic cones, floodlights, and strobe lights and you’re away!



Are you a great cook and do you enjoy doing it? Then maybe you should start charging for your services and your talent and start a catering business! While you won’t necessarily be able to do all of your catering work from home, it’s an excellent place to start. Then you might need to use a commercial kitchen and will probably have to hire some part-time employees to help during events—much of the organisation, planning, marketing, and actual business work can be done wherever you like. Check the local food regulations to find out what you would need to be running a business from home, but even if not catering for big parties, delivery meal services are very popular today with people requesting all sorts of dietary requirements. It’s a money maker.




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Go Big Or Go Home To Market Right

Getting your marketing right is so important. It’s the one thing that really drives your business aside from your services or products. It’s the one thing that helps your business to feel like it’s moving forward, because as soon as you start running a marketing campaign, you should instantly see a few sales coming in! But getting marketing right is hard, and businesses are doing so little to try and make sure they’re using a range of different techniques, from a range of different sources. Marketing is so vast, and it has so much potential to boost a businesses profits, you just have to make sure you’re using all of the different techniques in the right way. Which is why we’re going to help you to go big, or go home. When you start taking a few risks with it, it becomes so much easier to understand what the different techniques are doing for business!

The Most Ignored Marketing Technique

For smaller and for bigger businesses, we think there is one marketing technique that people might not even consider a marketing technique, purely because there’s not an actual campaign being ran. But the biggest marketing technique of them all is one that gets you out and about and facing the public, whilst marketing your products person to person. It’s easy enough to do it, you just have to find an event that’s going to suit your niche. We are of course, talking about a trade show event, or just a business conference. You have to think about how many potential customers and clients that you will be faced with, and how much potential there is to earn from something like this. There’s nothing better than you personally being able to talk about your products or services, selling them in the best light that you possibly can. A bespoke exhibition stand and a payment to secure your place in the event is all you need. Just make sure your stand stands out, so that you’re not the one hidden away in the corner that everyone walks past. Make sure you have your best sales technique on show as well. You only have a short window to connect with people, but it could be the window to success you’ve been looking for.


Big Marketing Campaigns

You might have only gone for the smaller marketing techniques at the minute, purely because you know how safe and easy they are to use. But now is the time to really spread your wings with it, and try techniques that you might not have used before. One that’s commonly ignored by smaller companies is SEO, and there’s so much you’re missing out on with this one if you have. SEO is going to get you the attention you need, in the place you need it the most, the internet. The internet is crowded at the minute, and SEO is amongst one of the few techniques that’s going to boost your ranking within search engines, and bring you that exposure you need. Exposure then leads to profit, which is exactly what you should be looking for!