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Simple ways To Improve Your Domain Authority

How often have you slogged away at your website to increase your organic search presence, just to find a few weeks later, it’s dropped down from 20 D.A to 14 D.A again? Even after ALL the extra content you pushed out that month and a rather borderline EXCESSIVE social media push?


Personally speaking, I’ve also battled to keep our D.A at a descent level, just to see it drop dramatically all because of the removal of a spammy back-link. I’ve also tested all the supposedly ‘100% proof ‘ ways to increase it, some to no effect.

So what IS Domain Authority and how can we REALLY increase it?

Domain authority is a website metric created by MOZ and is measured from 1 – 100. Generally speaking, the higher your D.A, the more likely you will have strong traffic. To give you an example, Facebook ranks in at a D.A of 100, whereas a startup company just a few weeks in will be lucky to hit the 15 D.A mark.

As a higher D.A tends to reflect to strong traffic, this figure is essential to S.E.O.

So what are the tried and tested ways to improve it?


The removal of spammy backlinks is just as important as creating new back-links through partnerships to relative websites. We all know how time consuming it can be to build new back-links, creating a guest post, or even a simple infographic. And does this job fall to SEO or business development? To give you an overview of any spam links on your site, head over to MOZ and use their free back-link checker.


No surprise here…. Moz has explained that we need to improve ALL aspects of S.E.O on our websites. This includes keywords, site structure, meta tags, word count and navigability. If this sounds rather excessive and a substantial amount of work, try downloading the WordPress plug in called Yoast. Yoast reminds you to enter in your keywords, edits your past posts, gives you tips on how to improve your sentence structure AND if you need to add a link in or two, and its FREE!

Creating Content

Content has a considerably positive impact on your D.A if it is LINKABLE. The most linkable content in my opinion are infographics. Infographics are generally considered the top form of content marketing in 2016 and are highly shareable thanks to their appealing design. Images tend to receive up to 45% MORE interaction than a piece of content that doesn’t have an image. Infographics can easily be created for FREE using templates offered to us by Canva.


Any questions get in touch! 


social media blog posts

6 SEO Tips For Bloggers

Whether you have just started out as a blogger or have been managing a website for years, SEO is constantly evolving.
SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the process of getting traffic from the organic search results on search engines such as Google, Bing ect.

You do not have to be a computer whiz kid to implement the very basics of SEO and below are 6 of my top tips to help you on your way or simply refresh all those seasoned pros : )

1. Titles and posts should be keyword rich
Just look at the difference in the keywords. ‘ The Top 10 beaches in India’ changed to ‘The Top 10 family beaches in Goa’

Remember you will be competing with millions of others on the web using the same keywords in their posts so try to be as precise as possible.

2. URL optimization
Do your
URLS contain your Keywords and are they easily readable or do they contain a mish mash of numbers and exclamation marks?
If a person cannot comprehend your URL, then neither will a search engine!

3. URL Capitals and Underscores
URLS are case sensitive, you want to make them as simple and clear to your readers as possible so NO capital letters.
Underscores? A search engine like Google does not read underscores so use Hyphens instead

4. Renaming Your Images
Before uploading your images from sites such as Flickr, remember to rename them so that they will fit the content of your post.

Also remember any camera images will contain words such as IMG_234.jpg. Im sure nobody will type this in when they are on search engine but they would type in ‘Beach in Barbados!’

5. Image ALT tags
This is similar to using keywords in your titles. Your images should also contain a brief description or a handful of tags on your subject.

Taking in the ‘Top 10 Family Beaches In Goa’ for example, I would tag family beaches, Goa Holidays…. You get the idea : )

6. Meta Tags
Meta tags are snippets of texts that describe a person’s content. Once again if possible remember to use your keywords and try to keep your

Meta title under 70 characters. You will also want to write a brief description including your keywords so that your readers can see what your post is about.