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Creating Consultancy Partnerships

How do you know when it’s time to call in the experts? When you’ve genuinely got too much on your plate and need to have someone else come in and help you juggle the balls. The fun part of running your own business is getting involved in every stage of its growth, from building a business plan to delivering the service or product you specialise in, but this can also be the hardest part. There are times when you do need to admit that a little help would probably go down well and help drive you forward.

That’s when you’re going to need to think about hiring a consultant, yes you could create an in-house team opening but for this one off project, a consultant makes more financial sense.

Whether you’re looking for help with your marketing strategy, some research or an expert ready to help with your procurement transformation you’ll need our guide to getting the best.


Find A Size That Suits You

You may enjoy the benefits of working with a larger firm that can offer you more in the way of corporate resources, though lacks that more personal touch, or you may enjoy a small consultancy that offers you round the clock access to your contact and specialises in personal care.

Whatever works best for you, begin the process by interviewing widely and getting a few names in the hat before you start narrowing down the field.

Communication Is Key

Make sure that during the interview process you test out your communication with the consultant. Do they listen carefully to your ideas or ride roughshod over what you say, presenting their own ideas as the only way to go? Lead with your gut instinct, if they’re like that during the interview then that will only get worse as they lead you through the project.

Be very clear from the off about your budget too and what you hope to achieve with the budget you have available. If it comes back time and time again that your budget won’t achieve your goals, then you will either have to revise your figures or revise the goals that you want to meet.

Don’t be afraid to call someone back for a second interview if you just want to make sure of a few facts and clear up any questions you have. Make sure that you understand fully the nature of the work they will do for you and ensure that you will be able to reach them regularly and that they are prepared to take a weekly update to you.

Getting the right consultant can feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. That piece of work that seemed overwhelming is underway and the results will give you something to help you focus and succeed in other parts of your business. Get it wrong and you run the risk of wasting time and money, so make sure you’re prepared with a great set of interview questions and find your ideal match.



3 Reasons You Need To Pay For Excel Training

If you’re just starting out in the business world, there is a reasonable chance you will think about employee training and which courses are most suitable for your team. Today, this article will make a case for ensuring people in particular positions within your company get appropriate training in using Excel. Read the information below.


Excel training will save you money

Firstly, it’s vital to note that people who know how to use Excel properly can save your business a lot of money. That is because you won’t have to spend a fortune on accounting or inventory software. Instead, you can use custom-made spreadsheets to do the same job.


Excel training will save you time

At some point, you will want to query sales information and work out financial and other trends within your organisation. When your team knows how to use Excel, that process can take a matter of minutes rather than days. So, you will save a significant amount of time.


Excel training will save you from disaster

If you don’t believe that Excel training can save your company from disaster, then it’s probably a sensible move to check out the infographic published at the bottom of this article. There are some shocking examples of how schoolboy errors can cost you dearly.


You should now understand why Excel training is vital to the success of your company in the long run. Arranging some in-house or outsourced courses for people working in your ordering and accounts departments is always a wise move.


Best of luck!

Infographic about how troublesome  Excel can be


Living with migraine associated vertigo

What a name….. for over a year I suffered from constant dizziness, exhaustion and anxiety to name but a few symptoms. I was diagnosed with labyrinthitus, then FINALLY 2 weeks ago I saw a neurologist who told me it was actually migraines. Janet Jackson has recently pushed this condition to the forefront as she suffers from it too and had to cancel her concerts in the US.

Here’s what I have learnt.

  • Not everyone has actually headaches, sometimes you will feel extremely dizzy and exhausted and not even realise you are going through an attack.
  • It tends to be more prevalent in women – My mum suffers from constant dizziness due to this too as well as my half sisters interestingly enough.
  • You look FINE! The harder part is you look fine, it’s not like you have anything to show for it, like a cast on a broken arm so it’s extremely hard to tell friends than your having a rough day and are more limited to what you can do.
  • Overdoing it will make it worse – True I find walking a lot and pushing myself to go out helps me feel less like a recluse but the next day I’ll expect to spend a good few hours in bed. And that’s not even a night out drinking!
  • You realise who your real friends are – I have literally stepped back from a few, our lifestyles are completely out of sync now and I just would rather avoid the drama and stress.
  • Mind over matter – Acting as normal as possible and carrying on through the dizzy days helps, Who wants to moan day in and day out they feel like crap? It WONT change anything other than make you feel worse.
  • Thoughts are things – I really believe that what you think about the most you will draw that to you. There have been weeks when I have thought positively about my situation, that I’m healing and I felt better. When I have a relapse and feel worse, if I worry about it and feel sorry for myself it takes longer to recover!
  • Changing your lifestyle is a MUST! I used to go out every weekend and really party hard so to speak lol, even though I’m 35 I wasn’t slowing down in the slightest. Age is just a number after all. But now I can manage a few hours before the tiredness kicks in and I know when to stop.

Do you suffer from migraines and vertigo?

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