Is It Worth Hiring A Social Media Manager?

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Is It Worth Hiring A Social Media Manager?

Ahhh the bane of social media.

Time consuming, tedious, yet the majority of your competitors are using it forcing you to at least TRY to keep up appearances.

But is it worth hiring social media assistance? After all, you seem to be surviving with the obligatory 3 tweets a day…. even IF engagement is minimal, so what other services can a social media manager provide?

Time Restraints

Unfortunately, if you’re a founder, 3 tweets a day is probably all you can manage within your time constraints, and seeing as your tweet is likely to only be seen for a maximum of 20 seconds, you’ll need all the engagement you can get!

This is where a social media manager can be invaluable.

Not only can they manage multiple social media accounts, they can also monitor your competitors, engage with their customers and potentially create new leads.

After all, at the end of the day our main aim is to create leads and a strong brand presence and the simple fact is…… this can take time, time which you probably don’t have.

Balanced Content

The majority of social media managers will use your account NOT just to promote your product or service, but to post on topics relevant to your niche.

You see, there’s nothing worse than over promotional tweeting and nothing will make me unfollow someone faster.

A GOOD social media manager will use the 80/20 ratio, where they will divide promotional activities with content that holds VALUE! Increasing your following AND your engagement.


A GREAT social media manager always looks for the potential sales and opportunities. Did you know that you can find leads through Twitter just by typing in keywords in the search bar?

For example, if you’re a D.I.Y store looking for leads, just typing in ‘I hate D.I.Y London’ will bring you up potential leads from frustrated people having issues with D.I.Y furniture, painting ect – so a social media manager can engage with them and provide a solution.

Also, simply by monitoring your competitors followers and engaging with them, you have the potential to convert them to loyal customers. A good S.M manager will create Twitter lists for your target audience to engage with them on a daily basis.

Business Development 

You may be surprised to find that social media managers have a plethora of skills, from sales, PR, SEO, to PPC and website design.

Social media and business development also go hand in hand and every opportunity can be taken to develop partnerships and target potential distributors in your niche.

My current client has already managed to be featured in 3 website articles in her niche providing her with much needed PR and backlinks. After all, who DOESN’T want to increase their google rankings?


As much as you may hate it, it’s a fact that Google HATES static websites. Yes, it can take an hour or two out of your day but to start with, you only really need to be posting once or twice a week, and each post can be UNDER 500 words.

Creating a business blog for my last client was the SOLE reason we increased our traffic so dramatically, and even doubled our preferred London audience base.

When it comes to content, lists are always very popular. If you were a dating agency for example, short posts such as ‘ The 3 most romantic rooftops bars in London’ or ‘ The 3 best date outfits’ are simple yet catchy.

Too many founders see social media as something we do to keep an online presence, and not as a valuable sales tool. 

So what it really comes down to is if you don’t have the time to put in at least 5 hours a week to engage with potential customers, create new blog content and look for potential partnerships & PR opportunities, then it would be worthwhile looking to find some extra help.

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