Team Spirit: A Winning Marketing Tactic?

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Team Spirit: A Winning Marketing Tactic?

Marketing is an incredibly important weapon that every business must deploy. Now, many people might think that marketing is simply about promoting a business, product or service – and while they would be right to think that, and that these aspects of marketing are important – they are not the main goal. The main goal of marketing? Well, it is in the name. Marketing is all about finding your place within a market. That’s why it’s so important, it is like good footing for a climber – you need it if you want to get to your goal. Without it? Well – the consequences just are not worth thinking about, are they?


Now, finding your place can be quite a hard job – it’s not easy in the slightest. Even if you do market yourself and your business, you’ll have dozens of like-minded competitors that might just appeal more to the market than you do. Marketing is extremely hard work – which is why any business owner worth anything at all needs to be flexible, dedicated and most of all, open with their approach to marketing. If success in marketing and finding your place in the market is based on anything, it’s about being open.


That’s so you can take ideas on from all angles. You might find inspiration from articles, lectures, theories and the media in general. However, you might not be looking from within. Now, what that means is looking not within yourself and projecting yourself (although that is good) – it means searching for ideas within your business.

Now your business is going to work and involve people from all different backgrounds – and more likely than not, the stakeholders and staff working in your business will have some sort of connection with the people you are aiming at.


However, you’ve got work to do if you want to ride to the top based on the ideas and input of your employees. Firstly, unhappy employees aren’t going to want to contribute at all, are they? If the business is not serving their needs, why would they serve your needs? Ensure they have all the benefits they need through services like Health Assured, and make sure they are well compensated and happy to push forward for the business. If they are not, they won’t get involved. If your workplace is toxic, for any reason – sort that out, or getting ideas for marketing will be the least of your worries.


Communication is key – simply because it teaches you the skills you need to be an effective marketer. If you cannot communicate from within and help generate ideas for your gain, how do you expect to promote your business? Encouraging the fostering and development of ideas can lead to winning campaigns and ideas in marketing – the voice of the crowd can help with your marketing, but also in other areas – your promotional abilities are not the only thing that will benefit from involving your employees.


In business, you cannot do things on your own well. Involve your team and encourage ideas from within – someone in your structure might. Encourage this behaviour, as team spirit leads to success!

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