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Office Design Tips For Success


The office is a place where many of us set up of home and spend most of our time. It is a space where we work, socialise and develop professionally and should be a productive and inspiring setting. 

Office Design is important for a good workplace dynamic and it is more important for you and your workers than you may think. This is why today we are going to take a look at the way that you can upgrade and change your office to make it feel much more exciting and productive this summer. 

  1. Create a flexible space 

One of the main issues which older generation companies suffer is the standard cubicle and desk way of thinking. Working in a regimented way just isn’t the way forward any longer and it is important for you to create a space that accommodates different ways that people work. Some people work best sitting on a sofa with their laptop, some work better in a cafe type setting and some like traditional desks. By having a flowing workspace where people can move around and set up shop anywhere they want, it will make for a much mofre productive space. 


  1. Open the space 

People enjoy being able to talk and communicate during the day and if this is why having lots of separate rooms in the office can be a bad idea. It is always a great idea for you to get rid of the walls in the office and open up the space more. People need to be able to talk and bounce ideas off each other so having an open working space is always the best course of action. 


  1. Create comfortable desks 

No one will ever be able to work effectively at a desk if the desk is small, dingy and messy. It is important as a worker that they are able to put their personal stamp on their work area and have a desk which is comfortable for them. Make sure not to skimp on the desks you buy for your workers because they will be working at their desks all day every day. It is important that this is a space they can feel comfortable and work productively. 


  1. Make it light 

It is incredibly important if you want to enjoy a happy and productive work environment that you have lots of natural light in the room. The absence of light can have a physiological and mental effect on your workers and this is something which can make them much less productive. Light makes us feel happier and more awake and it helps people to concentrate, so bring in plenty of windows and cool white lights. 


  1. Seating areas

Now and again during the day, everyone will need to get up and walk around and get away from their screens. It is important for you in the office to design a work area which also has a seating area which people can use to chat and rest for 10 minutes or so. You can even add a muted TV with subtitles in this part of the office and this can make a big difference to your workers. 


  1. Brand it up 

As well as making sure that the office is productive for your workers, you will also want to ensure that it is branded well and gives across the right impression to your audience. Get the neon signs and logos up on the wall and bring some colour to the space. 


  1. Use brand colours 

As well as decals and signs, you can use the colour palette of your brand to paint the office and make it feel like one big happy family. Depending on the colours of your brand, you can either mix a few bright colours or have a nice calming space which reflects the tone of your brand. 


  1. Add some plants 

If you want to add something more fun to the office and make it feel more like a homely space, plants are a key thing. Plants such as fresh flowers and succulents can be a good choice in the office and they will bring some colour and texture to the home. You can have small plants on the desk and you can also have larger plants around the office to provide life, colour, and calm to the office. A great idea would be to bring in plants which have a scent because they will make the office smell fresh all year long. 

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Figuring Out The Best Kind of Marketing For Your…

There are numerous ways you can market and advertise a business, and getting your name out there to the right people really is key for running a successful company. Online marketing techniques such as social media marketing, selling with email, blogger outreach and banner ads on websites tend to work for most businesses- but there are other options to which you can add to your strategy. Here are a few examples so you can figure out which are right for you. 


Door to door marketing

Door to door marketing is considered as an ‘older’ type of marketing- it’s often overlooked by modern businesses since it can be more time consuming and expensive. This is because first you need to find salespeople (meaning there are recruiting costs such as job ads, interviews and training to consider). It takes time, since unlike putting an advert or posting a video online, these people have to physically go and knock potential customers doors, bearing in mind that response rates can be low. With this being said, it’s not a method to completely overlook, for some companies it can be an excellent way to go. Do you sell high value products that perhaps need more explaining so customers can see the benefit? In the case of things like windows, for example, customers will need to spend thousands on them and so having a representative who can answer questions, explain why it’s worth replacing them and gently persuade them to make that purchase could be an excellent tactic. If you sell lots of lower value items that need little explanation then of course, door to door marketing wouldn’t be right for you. 


Events and expos

Attending events or business expos are a great way to get your company out there to lots of relevant decision makers and interested customers and businesses. Again, it’s a particularly good choice if you have a product that needs to be demonstrated or used hands- on to appreciate. It can also be a great choice for very visual kinds of business, for example if you’re selling beautiful art prints or handmade craft goods. 


Flyers and posters

Another form of advertising which is often overlooked due to it being more old fashioned is flyers and leaflets- but again, it all depends on the business you run. If you’re a company that only sells to people in your local area- for example, a food establishment, a launderette or perhaps something like a student study cafe then you wouldn’t need to advertise far and wide on the internet. Instead, putting flyers through peoples doors and leaving them in places your potential customers will see them, and hanging posters can be highly effective. 

If you’re noticing a decline in profits then taking a closer look at your marketing is a smart move. In many cases, simply updating your marketing materials and trying something new could be enough to generate new interest.


4 Affordable Ways To Promote Your Business

If you’re a small business or just starting out, it can be challenging to get your name out there amongst the noise of your competition. To get started, you need to develop a marketing plan to make sure you’re talking to the right people t the right time. There are several ways in which you can do this. Some might require a little more investment than others, but if your budget is somewhat restricted in the initial phases, check out these affordable ways to promote your business and gain valuable leads.

Social media

If you’re not already on social media, you certainly need to be. This tremendous resource is a potential goldmine for a small business, as it can help you tap into a targeted selection of people looking for your products and services. Deciding what platform to focus on could be the tricky part, as you need to understand the type of engagement each produces. Once you’ve set up your page, you can now start to advertise to potential customers. Social media advertising is an affordable way to get people looking at your brand, plus you can set budgets to stay on top of costs.

Trade shows and events

If you’re looking to get a little more footfall for your business, and potentially look at both B2B and B2C selling, attending a trade show is a great idea. This gives you the opportunity to promote your products or services within a chosen industry and network with like-minded people to help grow your business. Different events have different setup fees, but once you’ve invested in a trade stand, you can use this time and time again. You’ll have to think about other aspects such as promotional materials and ID cards etc. for staff so check out this website for more information.

Email marketing

This form of marketing is said to be one of the most effective for converting customers. However, the challenging part of this marketing funnel is creating a database of people that want to hear from you. In the early stages of business, it’s essential to get your list started and allow customers to join your community to hear about the latest products and offers etc. Once you’ve begun to build this, regular (but not too regular) emails can be sent to keep your customers engaged and up to date with your brand. There are several software options that have free plans for smaller databases so you can create emails and send for no cost at all.

Search engine optimisation

If you have a website and are struggling to get any hits, you might not have optimised it for the search engines. SEO can be complicated when you get into the technicalities; however, the basics should be mastered to help you get seen when people search for your products or services. There are many resources online that can help you address the main elements of SEO, plus you’ll find plenty of experts that can lend a hand to fit your budget.