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Medical Careers: Vaccination Training

For anyone who travels a lot, you will be familiar with vaccinations. After all, there are many different countries all around the world that demand you have a vaccination before entering because of the health risks. When it comes to vaccinations, you need to be cautious regarding who carries this out. Read on to discover more.

Vaccinating training is just one part of medical training, but it is an important one. There are many different people who need to know how to carry out vaccinations safely and professionally. These include different kinds of nurses such as district nurses, A and E nurses, dental nurses, and those working in care and residential homes. GPs and other kinds of doctors also need to know how to carry out vaccinations. It is not simply a question of sticking a needle into someone’s skin and pushing the plunger on a syringe; there is much more to it, and this is what can be learned in a vaccination course. The University of Southern California and other great education institutes like this offer medical courses that can provide this sort of training, as well as training across a number of other medical disciplines. 

Is A Vaccination Course An Essential Part Of Medical Training?

If you are a medical professional, then taking part in vaccination training is most certainly an essential part of your ability to perform your work. The idea of vaccinations has been around for many thousands of years. In fact, it was in ancient Greece in 429 BC that a scientist named Thucydides first realised that anyone who contracted smallpox (and survived) once never got it again. He realised that the body could learn to defend itself. But it wasn’t until 900AD when the Chinese first put vaccination – in a primitive form – into practice. And it was then that the first vaccination course was conceived. It has been an irreplaceable and invaluable part of medicine ever since. A vaccine training course will give those who take part in it the best advice and information, and keep them up to date with modern practices. Although the initial idea behind vaccination was formed many millennia ago, modern medicine has meant that in the last 50 years the advances in vaccinations have leaped forward, and now diseases that were incurable just a few years ago can be prevented. Vaccinations – and vaccination training and courses – are essential if we want to keep this world and the people in it as safe as possible. There are, of course, some specific times when vaccination is required, as well as more general ones. These include the flu vaccine for the elderly, those with pre-existing health conditions, and young children. These specific times also include vaccinations for travelling abroad.

Travel Vaccination Training For Nurses

Travel vaccination training for nurses is a hugely important part of medical training. Why? Because getting immunised before travelling to certain parts of the world can help prevent the spread of disease, and keep everyone healthy. When you are travelling, it is entirely possible that you might come into contact with diseases that are not prevalent in your home country. Vaccination training for nurses means that you can be sure that you will be safe. There are many different types of vaccine that might be needed – the yellow fever vaccine is needed for certain African countries, or if you are journeying to Central or South America.  Vaccine training means that healthcare professionals will be completely sure of exactly what vaccinations you will need before you travel, making the entire process much quicker and easier. Vaccines also need to be administered at various intervals before you travel, and some of them could involve more than one dose. This is so that they have enough time to begin to work on your immune system. Someone who has been on a vaccination course that includes travel vaccinations will have the information needed so that you can arrange your vaccinations in plenty of time. Failure to get the right vaccinations with enough time left to travel after they have begun to work could mean that you are not allowed to enter your destination country. 



A Day Out In Chelsea!

Chelsea is an affluent suburb in West London, probably most famous for Kings road. The epicentre of the swinging 60s, more recently, for the TV series made in Chelsea.


It seems I can;t get enough of the coloured strips of houses I find in Nottinghill, and I heard of a street called Bywater.


One of the houses recently sold for over 2 million! Bywater is just a 10 minute walk along Kings Road from Sloane Square Underground station.


We also stopped in to the Rabbit restaurant, the sister of the Shed. The franchise prides itself on seasonally farmed produce.


Dishes start from £6 and are brought to you in small share plates. We recommend the;




Chelsea is also just a short 10 minute walk tot he beautiful riverside pagoda in Battersea park.






Arundel Castle – The South Downs

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Continuing my 2 day exploration of Arundel, nestled snugly in the heart of the south downs, I continued my tour to the it’s highlight, Arundel castle.

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I first saw Arundel from my train window, looming in it’s extravagance above leafy tree tops surrounded by lush marshland and the hazy river Arun.

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It reminded me of Harry Potters Hogwarts! The castle itself is over a 1000 years old and now resides under the care of the Duke of Norfolk, who still resides in its quarters.

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There are 3 different guest passes available, but seeing as I was on a backpackers budget, I picked the middle option which included the castles keep and gardens, also castle access to a few rooms for £11.00.

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If you wish to take the grand tour of the elaborate castle chambers, with incredible views overlooking the south downs, I would advise upgrading to the £18.00 ticket that gives you full access.

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The highlight for me was actually it’s famous landscaped gardens and water features.  The collectors earl garden was the highlight of my trip to Arundel.

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It’s based on a Jacobean style, flanked with oak obelisks and shell encrusted walls, framed by large terracotta plant pots and metallic dragonfly’s skimming perilously close to the waters edge. 14117850 10154035197264671 2286893968505983696 N 14141593 10154035174189671 6873060572437810577 N

I spent the rest of the afternoon under the shade of large oaks, reading my kindle on thick, lush, finely manicured lawns.

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Would you like to visit? Arundel is only 1.20 minutes from central London!