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Exploring Arundel – The South Downs

And I’m outta here.
Leaving behind the yellow smog of Hammersmith bypass, the strewn burger king wrappers at Victoria Station and the endless stream of grey enclad bodies.

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I’m off to Arundel, in West Sussex, UK . A Lord of the rings esque  sounding village, lacking in hobbits but completed with Riverside Castle and moorhen dunking wetlands.

I found a fantastic room at an air bnb and my bubbly hostess Sam picked me up from the train station and drives me in her sun drenched convertible to my room for the nest 2 nights.
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Beautifully wooden floors, covered with large thick rugs, the heart of the house, a sprawling kitchen, pine filled kitchen, my room with a view over countryside gardens and the south downs as a backdrop. A warm, cosy american style quilt covers a single bed.
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Firstly I hike up Mill lane, a small brook with fluffy grey signets on my left and hazy fields with bellowing cows on my right. Shaded by large trees, it takes me around 15 minutes to reach the lakes.
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Just to the left of this serene, rowing boat scene lies a small mill by the water. Out of bounds and fenced off apart from a mud spattered hike up a ditch to take photos, under the bough of a large tree.
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The lakes have multiple walkways through slightly overgrown bracken trails, leading you deeper into the heart of the south downs.
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I skipped the hike due to my London uniform of black long maxi and sandals, and oversized sunglasses. Chic possibly but completely out of place here. What was meant to be a short walk to the river was fast becoming a disorganised, dehydrated clamber along country roads.
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I decided to hike onwards through the fierce mid day sun to the river and visit the Black rabbit, to sit by the river and have a whisky, bake in the sun and watch the river haze. Then I get a taxi home to recharge for my Arundel castle visit tomorrow!

Exploring Little Venice – London

Hidden behind Paddington station, nestled snugly between high rises and city townhouses lies little Venice.

The canal network runs throughout London but little Venice has to be it’s heart. It’s the perfect viewing point to sit and have a coffee, read a book and watch the beautifully painted boats glide silently by.

I know a director who actually lives on one of these boats and works full time in the city, and the residences are a mixture of ages and nationalities.

Fancy like spending a night on one? Check out this link to some I found on Air B&B for only £20 a night!

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London Eye & The Sealife Centre

Living in London for the past 5 years you of thought I’d have most of the sites well covered……. but to be honest, I think most locals are reluctant to spend over £25 on a day out in the midst of the kids summer holidays……apart from me.

Situated next to Westminster bridge and just a short walk from the sealife centre, the London eye is the worlds largest observation wheel standing at over 135 metres. With tickets starting from £25 and upwards however, its hardly a family friendly affordable day out. So I settled for a walk underneath it instead!

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The Sealife Centre

I admit, the sealife centre is usually packed to the brim throughout the summer holidays and I would advise visiting on a quieter weekday –  unless you are happy to be overun with prams and small children looking for Dory.

Entrance is £25 for an adult, but to be fair, it’s an extremely large building with a magnificent central tank, which has multiple viewing points as you descend around the building. The observation tunnel will be completely rammed and photo opportunities limited, unless you don’t mind the 6ft man in front being part of the picture.

I was completely unaware there was also a penguin observation enclosure. Personally I felt very sorry for the inhabitants. I couldn’t see any form of outdoor pen and the glass enclosure had a rather depressing glacier theme and blue lighting.

Moving on, a favourite for everyone was the a virtual reality screen and an empty pool where you could sit on the edge and look into the screen to view yourself with orcas and a polar bear and cub seemingly interacting with you.

Sea Life London

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