4 Small Business Twitter Tips To Boost Engagement!


4 Small Business Twitter Tips To Boost Engagement!

Whether it’s a product or service, I’ve found that Twitter has been a great all rounder when it comes to boosting my clients brand presence, PR and connecting to potential partners.

Facebook and Instagram have their place of course, but I find that instagram can take a good few months to build a decent length feed to add credibility to your brand whereas with Twitter, you can start retweeting content from influencers in your field immediately and connecting to your audience.

So Here Are The Top 4 Twitter Tips I Use For My Clients Small Businesses

Use A Profile Picture – Unfortunately, it is believed there are as many as 48 MILLION fake Twitter accounts!  As a small business starting out on Twitter, I found my clients received MUCH more engagement and follows when we switched their profile photo of their company logo over to a profile picture of the actual founder. We still had their cover photo with the necessary branding, services and contact details, but people responded better to an actual person, especially when we only had 100 followers to start with!


Use Trending Hashtags ONLY If They Are In Your Niche – Unless it’s a motivational Monday tweet, avoid using trending hashtags that have NOTHING to do with your market. After all, you may get extra views, but what is the point if these viwers are not your target market? It looks spammy and can also cause a backlash. After all, who can forget habitats 2009 tweet that used the #MOUSAVI hashtag, taking advantage of what was going on in Iran at the time.


Retweet Brands That You Wish To Promote You, NOT Just Because It’s A Good Article – Ok this sounds fairly obvious but I actually have two separate twitter lists on my Hootsuite feed. One is for the sole purpose of sharing content relevant to my niche, the other is certain brands I wish to work with and retweet just for the possibility of them also retweeting my tweet to their audience base, my potential clients. I see one list as a way to connect to other bloggers in my field, and the other purely as a sales tool. Another tip is to use Tweetchup to research your competitors and see who they are retweeting the most. all potential partnerships and customers you can engage with. 


You don’t HAVE to use hashtags in your bio – Did you know that every key word in your bio is searchable on Twitter? There for, you do NOT need to overload your bio with relevant hashtags that fit your business. It takes away from the client message you wish to get across and it can look spammy.

So there are 4 simple yet effective tips that have really started to drive engagement and interest to all my clients Twitter profiles.

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