Superheroes Every Company Needs


Superheroes Every Company Needs

Everyone has their own personal hero. You know the kind of person I’m talking about – those role models that we always look up to. Usually, they are close friends or family, but sometimes people look to celebrities for a bit of inspiration. There are even people who look up to fictional superheroes!

As well as heroes in your personal life, you also need some in your professional one too! Especially if you are an entrepreneur and need to rely on others for the success of your business. These are employees who you can rely on to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your business always comes out on top, no matter how much of a hard time it is having.

So, ready to hire some true superheroes to your team? Here are the roles that need filling with superstars!

Legal Expert

Even if you know that your business is running above board, you still need to get a legal expert on board. During the first year or so, while your company still has limited funds, you might want to outsource all the legal tasks in your company. There are lots of freelance lawyers and law companies who will be able to take all of this on for you, such as However, once your business becomes a lot more established and is starting to turn over a nice little profit, it is worth hiring your very own legal expert to come and work in your office alongside the rest of your team. This way, you have a dedicated lawyer who can look over all your contracts and important documents for you. Plus, they will be able to give the company any legal advice whenever you need it. Even though this will mean you are paying another full-time salary, you will still find that it is really worth it in the long run.

Finance Manager

Once you start making a steady profit, you need someone who can expertly manage all your funds. And there is no better person for that than someone who has heaps of experience in finance. When you hire a finance manager for your firm, you should look for someone who has at least five-years experience of working in a managerial position in a financial department at another company. That way, they will have plenty of experience in all the various financial problems and issues that face most companies. So, if anything were to happen with your business finances, this manager will be able to step in and clear things up straight away. When you have an excellent finance manager at the helm of all your company’s cash, you will find that you can have peace of mind when it comes to all your company capital!

Accounting Professional

Your finance manager will be in charge of managing all your company’s cash and will be in charge of setting up budgets for each department. However, you also need someone who works closely with each individual invoice that comes in and out. For this kind of work, you need an accounting ace who has a keen eye for detail and knows everything about various accounting and tax laws. Your employees in the accounting department will have to organise all of your accounts so that they are ready to send to the tax man. Employing an accounting expert will help your company keep its accounts in fantastic order, which can greatly help to keep the taxman very happy indeed!

Sales Guru

There is not much point hiring some superheroes in your accounting and finance departments if you aren’t making any money! And the only way you will make plenty of money for your business to be in continual profit is to get an excellent sales team on board who can help find new leads and turn them into a loyal customer base. And this great sales team needs a fantastic sales guru leading them onto even more success. So, what do you need to look for in a sales expert? Well, for one, they need plenty of experience. Ideally, you need to hire someone who has plenty of experience in sales under their belt. When you are interviewing for this position, you should make sure that you ask them about their past track records in sales and the targets they hit for their previous company. That should give you a good indicator of what they are capable of. But as well as top sales skills, they will also need to be effective leaders. Because of this, you should think about hiring someone who has past managerial experience. However, that isn’t completely necessary. Leadership is something that people learn on the job so all competent employees will be able to pick this up as they go along. To speed up their learning curve, you might want to organize some leadership training. It’s a good idea to invite all of your managers to this training. Even if they have plenty of experience in leadership, it’s always worth them brushing up on their skills and knowledge!

Marketing Whizz

It’s important that your company’s marketing strategies and campaigns continually hit the point so that they reach as many potential new customers and clients as possible. You need an employee who is a whizz at marketing to carry this out! Just like with the legal side of your business, you might prefer to outsource your marketing for the first year or so of your company. To find out the kinds of marketing you can outsource, you can take a look and get started at to see what is available. However, after a year or so, you should start to think about bringing all of your marketing in-house. There are many benefits of having an in house marketing team led by a marketing guru, but one of the main ones is that they will understand your whole company and its culture so will be able to create marketing campaigns that fit your image. Once you have a dedicated marketing guru in your team, you will also find that they can track each and every marketing campaign a lot more effectively than contractor marketers. So you will find that you end up with a lot more in-depth analysis of each and every campaign, which can go a long way in helping you improve all future marketing strategies.

HR Hero

So, how do you know that your company is employing all of the best possible people to fit these superhero roles? It’s simple really – you just need to make sure you hire your very own HR hero! This should be someone who has an unbeatable track record in recruiting and knows how to hunt out the best new recruits currently in the job market. They will be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to looking through CV after CV, and will know all the killer questions to ask during a job interview. Your HR hero will also know how to write a job advert that attracts all the right kinds of people. But there is more to HR than just recruiting new employees, of course. Your HR hero will be responsible for creating a great office culture in your business. If any employees are having a hard time or need some personal help, your HR team’s door should always be open to them.

Coding Champion

The future of all business is tech, whether you are working in the health industry or involved in the automobile trade. So, you need to have a cracking team of IT workers on board. Not only that, though, but you need to ensure that someone in this team is a whizz with coding. Coding is becoming increasingly important, no matter what type of sector you are in. You need this skill to build websites from scratch (which works out a lot cheaper than paying someone to do it for you). And once you have a coding wizard in your team, you will find that you can now start to build your own platforms and software. And that will certainly cut down a lot of your costs!

Graphic Design Champion

You need to make sure that your business’s brand and website design looks very attractive to potential new customers and clients. And there is no better way to do this than by hiring a champion in graphic design. They will be able to tackle all design jobs that need doing. Sure, you could outsource all of this, but that will end up being rather costly. It is much cheaper to get a dedicated member of staff to take care of all of your design needs in-house. That way, you get a quick turnaround at no extra cost to the company!

So, there are a few different superheroes you need to welcome to your company’s team. When they’re all pulling out their super powers, your company will certainly feel the difference!

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