3 Ways You Can Enhance Online Visibility

Throughout the past 30 years, more and more focus has shifted towards web-based interaction between consumers and businesses. As it stands today, over 80% of companies operate a website and 88% of users who browse a company website call or visit that business within 24 hours of doing so. You can, therefore, not ignore the power of the web. It is imperative that you consider some of the ways you can enhance your website’s online visibility.

Social Media Engagement

The social media revolution is a godsend for businesses of all types, whether online or offline. The standard features of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, such as demographic advertising and engagement, allowed for vast consumer reach and controlled public perception of your company.

It is possible to research and develop a strategy yourself. However, experienced agencies like Strawberry Forge lead professional digital marketing for law firms and other expert sectors. In addition to understanding analytical data and online tools, marketers can strategize a complete solution as part of a solid foundation, including SEO and content.

Standard SEO

It would be best to implement SEO correctly, or you will harm your ranking instead of improving it. Fortunately, there are multiple standard SEO types that most marketers are aware of. On-page SEO is the most widely known and covers titles, descriptions, and keywords. Professional developers are aware of other standard SEO techniques:

  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Given that every site has different requirements, there isn’t one solution to SEO. Your marketing agency will perform the correct analysis. However, if you have the time, you can learn SEO yourself. Site builders like WordPress with plugins such as All-in-One-SEO are excellent at guiding amateurs. 

Advanced SEO

Further to standard SEO, there are multiple advanced SEO types you can leverage to improve your ranking. Major factors in ranking determination include:

Latent Semantic Indexing

Your focus keyword will have multiple phases that are semantically linked. This means that rather than looking for repeated cases of a keyword, Google will look for related words as well. This instructs the web crawler of relevancy to a topic. For example, you may operate a gaming site. Gaming has multiple meanings, such as gambling and video games. Therefore a crawler will note related words such as “gaming computer” or “gaming VR” for a video game site.

Using eCommerce Categories

The categories of your eCommerce site can be used to your advantage when it comes to SEO. Similar to on-page SEO, categories are highly competitive keywords and phrases. You can use this as part of an overall SEO campaign. In addition, linking categories is a great way to boost ranking by taking advantage of relevancy between related terms.

Understanding Click Depth

The term click depth relates to the number of clicks a user makes before finding what they want from the home page. A page linked directly to the home page has a click depth of 1. A link from that page has a click depth of 2. And so on. A general rule of thumb is to have a click depth of no more than three. Depth requirements can vary by site, and Google will use click depth as a rank factor.

With other SEO practices and techniques, you can potentially outperform the competition in SERPs and show web crawlers your site’s relevancy and ease of use. Yet, good SEO isn’t a rigid concept. Instead, it’s dynamic as determined by your site’s requirements.


4 Ways to Make Your Company Efficient

Managing a company requires ensuring that every operation is conducted effectively. Imagine how your company could use all the turnover lost due to inefficiencies. Making quality compromises and cutting down costs can drive your company into significant development and growth. Utilize the human resources and time available to produce the best results in the market.

Some managers try different activities to put companies on the global map, but all the efforts bear little to no fruits. Coordinating every company sector to yield the highest profits and penetrate different markets can be challenging. The following tips can help you turn around your company’s efficiency:

Work on the Infrastructure

The company facilities and buildings, utilities, communication services, and public transportations make up the infrastructure sector. Working on these sections may significantly improve your operations and make the workplace conducive for high profits. Building your business relies on how well you develop your basic structures and services. For instance, the functional offices and workshops utilized in the company have to be in perfect shape to accommodate every necessary activity.

Consider making your offices spacious to give enough room for employee operations, add Acoustic Wall Panels to your conference rooms to reduce reverberations, and build a strong communication network.  You can also improve illumination in offices to create a conducive work environment. These activities influence employee efficiency, strategy implementation, and general management efficiency.

IT infrastructure should also be at its best for your company to operate at high efficiency. Automation makes services quicker and increases employee output. It is crucial to invest in the best tools and software so that your company keeps training employees to evolve into an engaged workforce. Automation can also reduce the risk of errors occurring in business operations, production costs and increase returns.

It would also be best to focus on improving your operational efficiency. This way, your organization can utilize a few resources while delivering quality services. A single resource can be used for several projects and generate high returns. For instance, when you make your machine well-oiled, you can produce different products using the same input for a long time and make more profits.


Most companies grade resources according to necessity and outsource the less essential resources instead of hiring. For example, your company would operate at low efficiency by hiring a private company auditor instead of outsourcing auditors from auditing companies. Auditing services are some of the activities that are done annually or after a set period. Hiring private auditors for the company will increase the company expenses on salary payment. Therefore, it is not a critical company activity that requires constant attention.

Outsourcing can also apply to leasing activities to ensure that you gain access to experienced individuals for specific projects. It is a technique that enhances the company’s ability to reduce costs, transparency, and reduce risks.

Address and Pinpoint Inefficiency

Stakeholders, employees, and clients tend to act in ways that do not go with the company principles or goals once in a while; as a result, you may end up with low-quality products or customer services. It is your responsibility to figure out scenarios that derail the efficiency of operations in the company. Addressing such cases can be through implementing corrective measures, firing company members, or canceling mergers. Either way, it is vital to find the best solution for any bottleneck before the company is dug into a deeper pit.

Personnel shortages can also result in inefficiencies since the employees would be quickly overworked, and most operations would be bound to have errors. Challenges with supply chain management can also cause inadequate production and customer dissatisfaction. Time consumption can also cause inefficiencies if you allocate more time to traveling or other activities instead of profit maximization.

Timing is valuable in enhancing company efficiency. A manager has to understand the market well enough to predict future sales. This way, the company will always produce products that can lead to maximum returns. Know the right time for transporting resources and products.

Substitute Hiring With Training

Most companies focus on hiring new employees to fill job vacancies when they have other workers trained to work on these activities effectively. Your company should be focused on reducing expenses and increasing returns. Training can empower employees and still benefit the business; therefore, it is a mutually beneficial technique.


Company efficiency boils down to discipline and integrity. Integrity to ensure that the products are of the right quality to meet consumer demand. Since customers are the most crucial factors in company operations, considering everything the market needs is essential in enhancing company efficiency. A disciplined company can follow the regulations that guide market operations regarding customer services, production, and pricing. Therefore, control efficiency depends on the company itself.


Make Your Home Perfect for Remote Working

Working from home is something that many people have discovered they prefer. Some people are even choosing to stay working from home instead of going into the office because it works better for them. But if you want to work from home, it’s important to have the right environment to help you be productive. If your home isn’t set up for home working, you can find that it’s hard to concentrate, you get distracted easily or you have family or roommates disturbing you when you’re trying to work. You need to make your home the right place to get your work done.

Set Up a Home Working Space

If you don’t already have a home working space, you need to set one up. This doesn’t necessarily mean having your own home office, as this isn’t always possible. If you don’t have space for a dedicated room, you can still ensure you have a separate space for working with everything that you need. One of the most important things to do is to ensure your space is comfortable, especially if you need to sit at a desk all day. Think about ergonomics and how to make sure you’re comfortable all day.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Another way to think about comfort is the general comfort of your home. You can start with ensuring your home is at a comfortable temperature, especially if you’re expecting particularly cold or warm weather. If winter is coming, it might be time to look at domestic heating oil tanks to store the oil for your boiler. During the summer, you might also realise that you miss the air conditioning of the office. When this happens, you’ll have to think carefully about how to manage the heat at home. If it’s only going to be hot for a few weeks each year, is it worth investing in air conditioning?

Get Strict with Food

One of the problems that many people have when working from home is that it’s tempting to eat throughout the day. Snacking is easy when your kitchen is right there, and it’s where all of your snacks are kept. It can be especially easy to start munching if you have some downtime or just because you know that no one is watching you. If you want to make sure you don’t overindulge, you should organise your food and get strict with your eating habits. If that means preparing healthy meals in advance and keeping unhealthy snacks out of the house, it could be what you need to do.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Create a Busy/Available System

People can take a while to grasp the concept of working from home. They think that because you’re there, you should be available at all times. While remote working does allow you to be more flexible much of the time, you still have to work. It can help to create a system to let others know when you’re available and when you’re busy working.

If you’re getting ready to work at home, have your home set up to meet all of your needs first.