Improve Your Mental Health From Inside Your Home Office

Good mental health is an important part of our lives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Mental health is a state of well-being, in which each person understands his potential, and can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and productively, and is able to make a contribution to his community.” According to a scientific study, about 25% of all adults in the US suffer from a mental illness and typically, 50% of adults in the US will develop at least one mental illness during their lifetime. Many people are now working from home, which means that many will feel isolated. Covid-19 has really shaken up the way in which we work and operate.

Make time for yourself

Talking about your problems out loud can be very helpful. Just as you see a doctor for a physical illness, so too should a mental illness. If things put too much strain on you and you feel you can not cope, do not hesitate to seek professional help. People who receive proper care can recover and live a happy and fulfilling life. You should consider exercising more because exercising releases endorphins and it therefore improves your mental state. In addition to this, you should consider being part of a support group and even listening to podcasts and radios such as Radio Jingles

Get the treatment that you need

If your worries and thoughts are out of control, then immediate help is needed. The proportion of people who suffer (or will suffer) temporarily from a severe mental disorder, and many of those suffering from a serious illness are not adequately treated for their physical illnesses could become even worse. Suicidal thoughts are becoming even more prevalent during this current time and lots of things are incredibly triggering. Covid-19 has plagued our lives in every single way; and isolation is leading to severe consequences. 

The negative stigma exists in many, from the sufferers, their families, their immediate and distant surroundings to care teams, and is a barrier to seeking treatment. However – delay in identification, avoidance, postponement of application and fear of treatment endanger the sufferer of a mental disorder in aggravation of his condition, impaired function, effects on family members and neglect of physical health. In severe depression, there is suicide, which is responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide. 

Today it is possible to receive psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment for emotional and mental problems in public medicine, similar to other medical problems. Leumit has clinics, doctors and psychiatrists, psychotherapists, therapists and agreements with a variety of service providers. pay attention! When the queue is long in one place, check the national website, the customer service center and the medical centers about available alternatives. We are proud of the service that exists in mental health and it is important that you know about it.  On International Mental Health Day we will remember that the phenomenon is common in everyone, there is medicine for problems and there is treatment in the public system as part of the comprehensive medical treatment. So, it’s time to focus on your mental health, to get the assistance that you need and to feel happier and healthier once again. 


How to enhance your Presentation Skills on Video conferencing

With more and more of us working from home, it’s highly likely that you’ve participated in a video conference or two.

But what about when it’s our turn to take the lead at presenting? Presenting can be nerve wracking at the best of times, but somehow having to deliver an excellent presentation to colleagues and potential business partners can seem all the more daunting when you have to do it in your own private space. Not to mention the fact that several months into working solely from home, they can seem somewhat challenging to engage in now.

Here are some helpful hints and tricks to enhance your presentations to keep people engaged. 

  1. Prepare your setting 

In the same way you dress yourself, you should consider how you dress your environment and your background. That means carefully making sure that there’s no piles of laundry or an unmade bed does not give the impression you wish to give your audience. 

Make sure to play it safe with a neutral background avoiding busyness or distractions. 

Check the background once you’re seated, too. The last thing you want is a lampshade halo or a plant growing out of your head. 

If a neutral setting is unobtainable in your setting, you can use the pre-installed background settings on your video conferencing software. 

  1. Check your sound quality 

There’s nothing more distracting and disruptive than bad sound quality when you’re delivering a presentation to people. 

Most technology comes with an in-vuilt camera and microphone, but using external mics and headsets enhances the sound quality significantly. They also play a part in eliminating background noise. 

It’s incredibly important that attendees don’t get distracted (or distract) by the sounds of washing machines, dishwashers, animals, kids, phones etc. Make sure to mute any phones, time your washing cycles and put kids and pets in a different room if possible. 

As a meeting host, you have the power to mute all of your attendees to limit the potential of distractions. 

  1. Make it a little bit different 

Several months into working from home, the novelty of working from our homes is wearing thin–as are long meetings of talking and planning with the same people with the same background, with the occasional screen share of a chart that doesn’t 100% make sense to us as we lose focus.

Thankfully, companies such as Sentio Space exist and one of their services is to create instructional videos that can easily be shared in and after a presentation. Alternatively add something fun such as trivia to the end of your meeting to help maintain focus. This will be a welcome touch and will surely make your presentations much more interesting and memorable. 

  1. Don’t go on for longer than you need to 

Working from home has become tedious and tiring as the pandemic continues, so teams may find themselves less able to maintain focus and attention.
You may be able to say what you need to say in 25 minutes instead of the designated 40. In that case, invite people to stay and talk if they wish, but for those who don’t, let them leave when the important parts have been covered. 


Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Be High Impact

Marketing is all about getting your brand out there and noticed. It is one of the fundamental operations of a business. If people do not know that you exist, or know what products or services you can give them, you are not going to have a business. It really is as simple as that.

Because of that, you want to make sure that all of your marketing efforts are high-impact. There is little point in spending what is likely to be a significant part of your budget and a lot of time and effort on it if it is going to fall flat. It happens to all of us, often when we least expect it, but it is important to analyze where it went wrong so that you can build on it in the future.

Image via Unsplash CC0

What do we mean by high impact marketing?

High impact marketing is any form of marketing that has a significant impact on your bottom line. It does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be anything special – it just has to work.

It  might be creating a social media post that goes viral and reaches hundreds of thousands of people, and translates to 15% conversion rate. The post probably will not have cost you much, if anything, but has given you a great return on your investment. That is high impact marketing.

How you approach high impact marketing is very dependent on the outcome you want. For example, if you want to simply increase awareness of your brand, a post on Instagram or Facebook is the way forward. However, if you are hoping that the outcome is that you are established as an expert in your field, a media interview or a guest post on a high profile website may have the desired effect. If you are not sure where you need to focus your efforts, a professional marketing agency such as Congruent Marketing will be able to advise you and help you with your strategy.

How to maximise the impact of your marketing strategy

Make sure you are targeting the right people

You need to do your research before to ensure that you are targeting the right people and you are using the right marketing channel to reach them. For example, if you want 13 – 18 year olds to notice your streetwear clothing range, advertising it in a fishing magazine is not going to be a high-impact form of marketing. Similarly, if you want to target a very niche business audience, posting on Snapchat probably is not the right way forward for you. Find out where your demographic hangs out, and follow them there.

Build partnerships

A partner program or co-marketing campaign can enable you to reach relevant leads, show knowledge and experience in your industry, create high-quality material for leads and customers, and more. 

In addition, backlinks from other websites are immensely valuable for search engine optimization (SEO), which is great for impact and success in the longer-term, so it is a mutually beneficial strategy for everyone involved.