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5 Tips To Reduce Business Liability

Every entrepreneur and leader wants to keep their business running with focus to ensure they achieve their goals and take steps towards growth. However, many factors could hinder this growth. Aside from poor management and bad hires, liability and risk are two common issues that can negatively impact your business. By ignoring liability, you put yourself, employees, customers and the public at risk, so it’s vital to know how to reduce the chances of business liability. 

Identify Risky Areas 

Knowing the various examples of risk at your business is an excellent place to start. Here, you can locate and identify the most obvious (but also less obvious) factors that could lead to injury or accidents and take steps to remove or fix them. While there are some evident issues, such as heavy machinery on a construction site, less obvious problems like blind corners or errand cables can be more dangerous than you might expect. 

Get Ahead Of Issues 

You do not want to take steps to fix problems after they have caused injuries. Therefore, getting ahead of these issues will save you and your clients a lot of uncertainty. Analyse your workplace and consider what could be an issue before fixing the problems. For busy car parks, C JJ Services can provide clear outlines to prevent collisions or traffic hazards, while outlining safety policies will ensure everyone has protective equipment before they start work. 

Protect Your Business 

However, you can’t always prevent liability or accidents. Even if you think you have ticked all safety boxes, there is still the risk that something could go wrong and cause an injury or accident. While you can’t do anything about it after the fact, you can still protect your business by setting up liability and business insurance to ensure you are covered if an accident happens. 

Provide Employee Training

You cannot be everywhere at once, but you can trust your employees to ensure the workplace is as safe as possible via safety training programmes that give them the skills and tools to ensure your customers, clients or other visitors are safe. Still, you cannot assume this training is a one-and-done process. Regular training can keep them up to date with new policies and procedures and ensures the practices are fresh in their minds so they can implement them in emergencies. 

Keep Records 

Detailed records of all situations, accidents, and other events can help you protect your business and prevent the risk of any complaints becoming a They Said, You Said issue. Regardless of what happens, you need to write down every detail to make sure there is clear evidence of what occurred. Additionally, installing CCTV around the workplace can make your evidence more concrete and prevent customers (or even employees) from trying to scam you out of money through insurance claims. 

Safe Place 

Your company should be a safe place for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it is an office, retail store or construction site; everyone should feel safe whenever they use your business or are on the premises. These tips will help you mitigate any issues and ensure you are always prepared to overcome hazards. 


Should Your Business Use An Energy Broker?

Energy rates are currently at an all time high. If your business consumes a lot of energy, it could be vital to find the best energy deal. But just where do you look to find the best rates?

Using an energy broker can be one solution. These are professionals that can help shop around for the best deal for you. Many businesses find it convenient to use a broker – but is a broker always the best solution? This post takes a look as to whether you should use a broker or not.

Weigh up the benefits 

Finding the best energy plan can be a time-consuming process. While there are many comparison sites out there that can compare prices, you can often negotiate cheaper plans by ringing up energy providers and talking to a sales representative. Not everyone has the time to do this with multiple energy providers, which is why an energy broker can be useful.

There are many different energy providers to choose from in the UK, and each one offers a range of different plans. On top of regular mains gas and electricity, some companies can also offer renewable plans and even installation of solar panels for generating your own power – which could be useful if you want your business to meet low emissions targets. Energy brokers will know exactly where to look to help you find these deals.

If you’re willing to spend time shopping around and are willing to do your own private research into energy plans, you may not need a broker. However, if your company doesn’t have the time or the patience, it could make sense to rely on a broker.

Be wary of commission charges

Many brokers will charge you a commission fee for their service. It’s important that this fee is not too large – there’s no point in a broker finding you a super cheap deal if they’re going to add a hefty fee to it. 

The base rate is typically 0.05p per kilowatt-hour, however some brokers have been found to charge as much as 5p or even 10p per kilowatt-hour. In the latter cases, 50% or more of your total energy bill could be going to the broker, making it a complete rip-off.

Commission fees should always be disclosed in a contract before you agree to use a broker’s service. Some companies have been found guilty of charging hidden commission – which over several years can add up to hundreds or thousands of pounds. It’s possible to file energy claims to get back this money if you suspect a broker has not disclosed commission fees. Legal services can help you with these claims.

Use a trusted broker

It’s worth doing your homework in order to find a trusted commercial energy broker. By reading online reviews and looking out for negative press, you can avoid brokers that have a poor reputation and find the right services.

This guide compares 6 of the UK’s most trusted energy brokers. It could be a safe option to use one of these companies rather than looking further afield. 


How to Implement Effective Safety and Security Measures in…

We all know that safety and security are paramount in any workspace. Without proper measures in place, accidents can occur, and valuable resources – both material and human – can be lost. That’s why it’s important for business owners, managers and employees to take action to ensure the safety and security of their workplace. Here are a few tips on how to do this effectively.

Conduct Regular Safety Training:

Regular safety training with your staff is the first step towards creating a safe work environment. This should cover topics such as proper equipment handling, hazardous materials safety procedures, fire safety protocol. Additionally, keep track of any changes or updates to regulations or laws related to worksite safety. By staying informed and up to date on the latest information, you’ll be able to ensure that any new policies or regulations are being followed.

Create an Emergency Plan:

In the event of an emergency – such as a fire, natural disaster, or other unexpected incidents – businesses need to have a plan in place. An emergency plan should outline the procedures for dealing with specific situations, such as who to contact and what steps should be taken in order to minimize risk. It’s also important to ensure that all staff members are aware of the emergency plan and understand their role in responding to a crisis.

Inspect Equipment and Facilities Regularly:

Businesses should ensure that all equipment and facilities are kept up-to-date and in good working condition. This means regular inspections by trained professionals, as well as routine maintenance checks on machinery and other equipment used in the workplace. It’s also essential to stay informed about any new regulations or laws related to safety standards – this way, you can ensure you’re meeting all requirements.

Invest in Superior Security Technology:

Investing in security technology can help to protect both staff and customers. This could include access control systems, CCTV cameras, fire alarms or other monitoring systems designed to detect intruders or potential risks. It’s important to ensure that all security measures are regularly maintained and updated – this way, you can be sure that your property remains safe. If you’re looking for a way to make your business more secure, a video intercom system is the answer. So why not invest in one for your business today? 

Implement Security Policies:

Finally, businesses should consider implementing security policies that govern how staff members interact with customers and the public. This could include restricting access to certain areas, requiring employee background checks, or implementing strict policies regarding data protection. By taking the time to create and enforce security policies, you can ensure that your business is compliant with laws and regulations related to safety and security.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your workplace’s safety and security. In addition, it’s important to remember that all employees should be aware of the safety protocols and procedures in place – this way everyone can work together to create a safe and secure working environment. Ultimately, these measures can help to reduce the chances of an accident or incident occurring in the workplace, which is beneficial for everyone.