You Are Costing Your Team Its Productivity

In the business world of offices, productivity is the measure of the efficiency of an employee, which is achieved by comparing their output with the costs incurred and resources consumed during a specific person. A productive member of your team is a person who can make the most cost-effective use of their time to generate the highest amount of output, aka tackle the tasks in their workload, meet deadlines, and deliver results.

From a business owner’s perspective, productive employees deliver more value, while less productive employees can bring additional costs in comparison. However, it’s fair to say that you can expect natural fluctuations in the productivity levels of your teams. After all, people are no machines. Many factors can affect the day-to-day, from external events such as employees leaving early to watch a sports event – several companies recording a drop in productivity during the FIFA World Cup, for instance – to problems with your Internet provider. However, most entrepreneurs tend to forget the influence they have on their staff. You could be an obstacle to your team productivity.


They don’t feel appreciated

Do you congratulate your employees for their work? If you assume that good work should be a standard that doesn’t deserve mentioning, your attitude might affect your staff motivation. Indeed, when people work hard to meet deadlines and finish a stressful project, they expect their efforts to be noticed. As the office environment can be filled with pressures, thanking positive results is a way for you to let your employees know that you respect their work. The reserve attitude, however, criticising mistakes and only focusing on issues can be demotivating. If you don’t tell your team you’re happy with their job; people might start to feel taken for granted and not appreciated. Aside from the impact on the moral, the overall productivity can also decrease as a result.


The office is poorly set up

Open-space offices are a thing of the past. Your team need spaces where they can brainstorm, hold meetings, and establish project-based collaborative work. Therefore, more and more offices are transforming their layout to follow the requirements of the activity-based design. Segmenting your premises with partition walls can help configure office space that promotes productivity within the team. Indeed, as you give your employees the ability to create new rooms that meet their requirements, they’ll find the workload easier to manage. Partitions can also reduce interruptions and distractions when working on urgent projects.


You plan meetings all the time

Are you the kind of boss who loves meetings? From a daily stand-up meeting to know where everyone stands with their workload to project launch meeting, you could be causing more harm than good. Indeed, you might want to take action before your employees leave you or complain about your meeting obsession. On average, employees can waste up to 70% of their working hours in conference rooms and other communication-based activities without enjoying any benefit. Meetings become stressful as they force people to work longer hours to finish standing projects.  

In conclusion, there’s only one question left to ask: What are you going to do to improve your team productivity? With most business owners carrying some responsibility for their productive drop, it’s essential to start with yourself to develop the cost-effective work routine of your company.



Productivity Perfection: Boost Workflow In The Office

You might have snagged yourself incredible workers for your business, but at the end of the day these people are only human. They’re going to get ill, have their off days or suffer with a decrease in motivation at times. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to boost morale in the workplace, make it a pleasant place to work and ensure that everything is being done to naturally improve productivity. Here are some ideas!

Have an Office Refit

It makes sense that a dull and dingy office is going to lead to decreased mood, and in turn, lower productivity. Simply by sprucing up the space you can make a huge difference to your workflow. Repaint the walls and replace carpets, change around the layout and add plants which have been shown by psychologists to boost productivity in the workplace. Invest in ergonomically designed desks and chairs for comfort, and good storage systems. If you don’t want to tackle your next office refit yourself, could always enlist a specialist workspace project resourcing firm such as Formation Group. They will have the skills and experience to do the best job so you can rest easy that your office will be up to scratch. It’s a simple yet effective change you can make to your business.

Book Team Building Events

As well as each of your staff members working well individually, they need to be able to work together as a team too. Business is all about teamwork, it’s lots of different components all coming together to work as one- much like a complex machine. For this reason, team building activities can be really useful. They’re a fun and lighthearted way for people to get to know each other, and in turn this can lead to better communication and workflow in the office. Lots of companies up and down the country offer this, so it’s something you could look into. Even things like offering the occasional free lunch or dinner is a great way to get staff members together and can help them to feel valued in the company.

Be an Attentive Boss

If you’re an approachable boss, the kind of person that your employees feel comfortable speaking to then this can be extremely helpful. As the boss you’re running things from the top, you don’t necessarily see the day to day workings of the business and can be unaware of any problems. If your staff feel happy opening up to you, they could let you know about any problems, workplace bullying or other issues that would have otherwise slipped under your radar but reduced productivity. Of course, you will want to maintain professional boundaries, but being understanding instead of overly harsh or strict is the best way to go. Take any comments your staff make to you on board, you could even implement an anonymous system. Complaints and problems shouldn’t be overlooked, these are things that would be massively slowing business in the long run.



Taking A Business Into The Digital World

The word digital is often associated with the idea of modernisation, and when you discount a lot of the negative connotations that has about it, it’s actually a very efficient business move to make! Maybe you’ve just come into a new job heading up a team in a business where paper records are in the thousands, or maybe you’ve inherited something that’s in desperate need of even a single computer around the office.

Either way, making a business more accessible is one thing, but making it easier to use for everyone involved all round is another, and a lot of health and safety considerations simply fall into place afterwards. Here’s a couple of tips on moving more and more into the 21st century.


Look Around a Little First

Even if you know your way around a tower system and Microsoft Excel, it’s still going to be a good idea to do some research before settling on the solution for you. There’s a lot of competing softwares out there, and getting the best price for your business from the get go is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.



Take Customers into Consideration

If you know the shopping habits of the people you sell to, you’re going to make a lot better investment on your modernisation technique. Maybe most of your customers find you through the web; that means it’d be a great idea to set up an online retailer for them to shop through!

Similarly, if most people walk through your doors to find the products they need, make sure you’re servicing them as fast as you can. Remove queuing from the basket and take the cashpoint to them to make a sale on the spot.


You Don’t Have to Be an Expert!

This is a trick missed by a lot of people running their own company or in management positions, as the corporate world often demands expertise of us even in matters that are of no consequence at the end of the day.

To sort through your computer needs, make sure you look into having a support service on your side whenever you need one; calling an IT helpline is going to save your operations at the end of the day! Try out a company such as the Carden IT Group, as a lot of packages can be tailored to your needs, and paying for what you don’t need is something that can break a business in two.

Always remember that even though statistical analysis isn’t your thing, it doesn’t have to be! That’s why we can hire on others and allow our employees to specialise in certain areas with a bit of training. It’s a good career move for anyone to make, and it allows your employees to flourish under your care: the mark of a good business!

Taking a business further with a little bit of technology is always worth it, but make sure you know what you’re doing from the first.