Why Your Online Marketing Efforts Just Aren’t Working


Why Your Online Marketing Efforts Just Aren’t Working

There’s always going to be at least one area of running your business that is going to cause you problems. If you’re lucky, it will only be that one! But when it just so happens to be your marketing, you can feel frustrated. A huge part of running your own business is being able to promote what you do and ensure that you can generate more business on a regular basis. So when your marketing efforts just aren’t working, it can be a disaster. But don’t let it stay that way forever. Take a look as some of these common problems and how you can go about solving them.


Your Website Is Complicated

When one of your marketing problems lies with your website, you’re going to want to fix it right away. You should always see your website as the bread and butter of your marketing efforts. You need to be able to have a user-friendly website that your customers and prospects can browse or buy from or use to contact you. When your website is too hard to navigate or super clutter, it’s more likely that you will lose the custom.


Your Social Posts Are Sporadic

We all know that we have to be on social media. You can choose not to direct any marketing efforts at this medium, but you will be missing out on a direct chance to access your customers. So, it’s time to step it up. But, if you do, you have to be consistent. When your social posts are made here and there, you’re not going to be targeting your audience in the most effective way. Instead, stick to a posting schedule that will get you more interaction with your customers.


Your Email Content Is Boring

The second worse crime after not marketing at all is having marketing that’s boring. In fact, it’s beyond a crime, it’s embarrassing! This can definitely be the case when it comes to your email marketing. If you find that your customers just aren’t interacting with your newsletters, you need to up your game. Take a look at some cool email newsletter designs here and start planning your content. Combining a nice design with some killer content will sure turn your crime around.


Your Social Accounts Aren’t Unified

You may not see it as a big problem, but then that’s likely to be where you’re going wrong. If you have social media accounts that are all different, how are your customers meant to know that they are you? A huge part of building your brand on social media is to do with joining everything up. With unified branding, your customers will know to follow you on each platform.


You’re Impossible To Find

Finally, it’s a huge problem for your business and your marketing strategy if your customers just can’t find you. If your website doesn’t rank on search engines, or you never respond to your customers on social media, shame on you. You need to work on that SEO and response rate and fast. Your marketing can only ever work if you want it to!


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