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Small Things You Can Do To Attract An Audience

As a brand our top priority every single day is to gain as many followers and customers as we can. As a business we strive to reach as many people and have an impact on as many as we can during our careers. It is important for us to be able to reach a wide audience as a brand and this can be a challenge to say the least. Here are just some of the ways you can attract more people to your brand this year.


Have a website

If you were to think about searching for a business at some point this year, where would you look? Most of us look online when we want to research a business and this is why we should have a website of our own. A website can be the ideal way for anyone to find you and learn about you when they are looking for a new product or service and it will make a big difference to you overall. Think about building a great website this year with amazing design, using user testing software and ensure that you are front and centre on the search results with great keywords.



It is so important for us to think about the old fashioned methods of marketing now and again because they will make all the difference when we want to make an impression in the local area. If you are based in a particular city there is nothing stopping you from hanging a billboard or two with you branding on it. It is a passive way to make people recognise your business but it gives more people awareness and makes them more likely to come to you if they want something.


Social media

As we know social media is a big thing when it comes to gaining popularity as a business you can really benefit from sharing your story online. Any business can benefit from being on social media because you will get the chance to speak one on one with your audience and gain so many more people. Get on social media and start talking to your followers and this can make all the difference to you when you need it.



Email marketing remains a good tool to use for your business even now, and even when people don’t open an email from you it gives them the consistency which you need to make them remember you over other brands. Sending emails to your followers and beyond is great and it can really make all the difference to you and your ability to make a success out of your brand.


Hand out flyers

Why make everything so complicated when you can do the easiest thing in the whole world? Handing out flyers in the post or in person is a simple way of making a difference to your audience and you will allow more and more people to see who you are and become intrigued by your story.

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Go Big Or Go Home To Market Right

Getting your marketing right is so important. It’s the one thing that really drives your business aside from your services or products. It’s the one thing that helps your business to feel like it’s moving forward, because as soon as you start running a marketing campaign, you should instantly see a few sales coming in! But getting marketing right is hard, and businesses are doing so little to try and make sure they’re using a range of different techniques, from a range of different sources. Marketing is so vast, and it has so much potential to boost a businesses profits, you just have to make sure you’re using all of the different techniques in the right way. Which is why we’re going to help you to go big, or go home. When you start taking a few risks with it, it becomes so much easier to understand what the different techniques are doing for business!

The Most Ignored Marketing Technique

For smaller and for bigger businesses, we think there is one marketing technique that people might not even consider a marketing technique, purely because there’s not an actual campaign being ran. But the biggest marketing technique of them all is one that gets you out and about and facing the public, whilst marketing your products person to person. It’s easy enough to do it, you just have to find an event that’s going to suit your niche. We are of course, talking about a trade show event, or just a business conference. You have to think about how many potential customers and clients that you will be faced with, and how much potential there is to earn from something like this. There’s nothing better than you personally being able to talk about your products or services, selling them in the best light that you possibly can. A bespoke exhibition stand and a payment to secure your place in the event is all you need. Just make sure your stand stands out, so that you’re not the one hidden away in the corner that everyone walks past. Make sure you have your best sales technique on show as well. You only have a short window to connect with people, but it could be the window to success you’ve been looking for.


Big Marketing Campaigns

You might have only gone for the smaller marketing techniques at the minute, purely because you know how safe and easy they are to use. But now is the time to really spread your wings with it, and try techniques that you might not have used before. One that’s commonly ignored by smaller companies is SEO, and there’s so much you’re missing out on with this one if you have. SEO is going to get you the attention you need, in the place you need it the most, the internet. The internet is crowded at the minute, and SEO is amongst one of the few techniques that’s going to boost your ranking within search engines, and bring you that exposure you need. Exposure then leads to profit, which is exactly what you should be looking for!


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Brilliant Ways to Beat the Competition

Any business wants to beat its competitors. It is why sometimes consumers get special offers, as the business, whether online or offline wants the customers to choose them instead of someone else. If you are a business owner, have you ever wondered the best way to go about ensuring you are better than your rivals?


Look At Their Websites

You can learn a lot about a business by spending just a bit of time on their website. Look at it as though you were a customer and find the things you like and do not like. Then do the same with your own website and see whose fairs the best.  If their site comes out on top, ask yourself why and take a closer look to see what they are doing right and you are getting wrong.

You will always find things on competitor’s sites that you do not like, and you should learn from the mistakes they make.


Take A Survey

Take a survey among your customers and find out what they would like you to sell that is different, or how they would like you to change the way you do things. They are the ones that keep your business going, so their opinions are important. You will never be able to do everything they ask, but even implementing some minor changes suggested by them will help to build some customer loyalty.

Quality Service

Your business could be offering a service rather than selling a product. If this is the case, you should always make sure that any materials or products you use to provide the service are of the highest quality. Even something as simple as using higher quality linear motors in your production process, for example, can ensure your customers do not go elsewhere because they will enable you to met customer needs and ensure you offer a superior service. If you make sure every aspect of your business from production methods to quality of finish are the best they can be, then you will always be in demand.

There is also customer service to consider, no matter what line of business you are in. Consumers will often pay a little extra for goods if the service they get excels. When things are delivered on time, the goods are the quality your website suggested, and they perhaps get an email asking if everything is OK, they will remember that more than the fact that one of your rivals sells the same products for 50p less.


Use Innovation

Never be afraid to try something new. Innovations can make you stand out from everyone else and increase your sales because of that. You want your business to be different to everyone else’s and then it is more likely to get noticed.

Just think back over the last few years and recall some of the giant companies that have disappeared because of a lack of innovation. Nokia and BlackBerry are just two examples of names that are no longer in the mobile phone markets, and stores such as Woolworths have gone from our high streets because they remained stagnant and didn’t try anything new.