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How To Create Memorable Instagram Stories!

I love Instagram stories!

When I was working on some newer insta accounts, we usually had more views on our insta-stories than we did likes on our posts! it just goes to show that video is still the trending media for 2018, and with over 500 million Instagram users, that’s something you want to tap into! 

But with so many stories being released every minute, how can you make sure yours stands out?

Here’s my 4 tips! 

Behind the scenes – Instagram users use Instagram to connect and engage with PEOPLE first and foremost so make your insta stories personable! Are you attending a fashion show or an event?

Use Instagram stories to show your personal journey as a founder. People like to see the face behind the brand and it makes you more relatable. Just remember to ensure that the pictures reflect your brand tone! 


A Day In The Life – Do you have a guest speaker or a training day at work? Film the team and remember to tag in anyone that has more Instagram followers than you! Is it a co-workers birthday and you’re about to surprise her with flowers? Film it or take a snapshot!

Remember any hashtags you use will go into a special Instagram feed and anyone searching for that hashtag will see your picture!

New Blog Post – New blog post? Flaunt it! Post in your stories the URL using Canva’s FREE templates! Once you hit 10K of insta followers, Instagram will let you add an actual URL to link the post directly to the post on your website but until then this method will work!



Pet’s – This is no surprise here but pets are HUGELY popular in any type of content! In fact, one founder’s tweets on her dog ended up getting the most engagement at the end of the month when we went back and looked at our data. So walking the dog on a Saturday? Maybe you are allowed to bring pets into work? Take a snapshot and make them your ‘Mascot’!


So here are just a few ideas to get you started! Good luck!


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Home Business? Consider Outsourcing To Increase Productivity

Running a business from home can be flexible, as well as cost effective because you don’t have rent to pay for and you don’t have staffing costs. However working from home can be challenging, especially as a sole trader due to having to be a “Jack of all trades” in running the business on a day to day basis. There are many essential tasks that need to be undertaken when running a business and that is before you attempt to market your product, or service in order to generate sales. In fact your whole day can start to resemble a juggling act! Sometimes you can spend the whole day dashing around without actually making any progress.


Managing your time is an essential skill that you should learn to acquire early on, however the tasks that need to be done can become overwhelming and out of control. This is when action needs to be taken. Take a good hard look at your daily schedule and see if it is possible to delegate and outsource some tasks. By freeing up more time in the day you will be able to concentrate on generating sales and leads, as this is the activity which allows your business and profit margins to grow. In fact you should spend 80% of your time generating sales.

This article aims to highlight some of the business tasks that could be outsourced.


Social media

Social media is an excellent tool for generating sales, promoting your brand and engaging with potential customers, however it takes time to use it effectively. It would be worth hiring a social media manager on a freelance basis to keep your social media accounts current and active. It is worth having a number of platforms in order to reach a large number of potential customers.



Doing accounts is an essential, but tedious job for most business owners. If you don’t keep your accounts up to date you run the risk of having to catch up on months and months of paperwork, in order to meet deadlines. Thankfully you can outsource accounts fairly easily to bookkeepers. It is also possible to outsource tasks relating to payroll. If you are hiring staff or outsourcing certain tasks companies such as can ensure everyone is paid accurately and on time.


Information technology

In today’s market it is important to utilise IT in your business systems. Not everyone is IT literate so it may be a good idea to outsource web design, management and cyber security. This will ensure systems are safe and working effectively, it also means that should any problems occur, they can be rectified quickly.  


As a business owner you will be involved in sales on a daily basis, this could be via face to face, telephone or email marketing. Sometimes telesales can be a thankless task and can also be time wasting, it is possible to outsource telesales, to people who have been trained in the art of selling. You will see more return for the effort and free up more time to complete other sales methods.

Finally, choose your freelancers carefully and ensure you communicate effectively throughout the process of the tasks being undertaken.

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Why Building Your Own Offices Might Be the Best…

You might simply think that renting your office is the best idea for your consultancy or marketing firm, but you will have to pay money towards somebody else’s property for long years, without having real control over where you can afford to stay, and what you can do with the building. If you are thinking about ways of reducing your monthly outgoings and saving money long term, building your own offices might be something to consider. No matter if you are erecting a steel structure in your backyard or buy land and construct something that stands out, you can make a difference and secure your company’s future. Find out below why building your office might be the best investment you make in your business.


Added Security

When you own your business premises, you will not have to depend on your landlord, and only have to pay the property taxes. This way, you can have a better control over your future. The owner of the office building cannot put the prices up every few months, as you own the building. You can also add security features to your buildings, such as fire and smoke alarms, and connect it to your mobile phone, instead of relying on the company’s own security firm to protect your assets.


Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you are thinking about moving office because you don’t have enough space, or there is no parking for your employees, you might consider building instead of renting somewhere else. You can create an office building that represents your brand’s values, and offer additional services on site, such as a canteen or a gym. Whatever you and your employees need, you can implement in your building design. Further, when you move office, you can stay flexible, and don’t have to deal with rent overlap during the relocation process.


You Pick the Location

You might want to move to a more preferential area in the city, but cannot afford the land. However, if you can strike a deal with some of the local authorities and buy reclaimed land cheap, you can stay in the center, and save money long term. You can pick the right place for parking, public transport, and restaurants, so you can take your clients out for a working lunch or hold your office parties and meetings in a bar.


You Control the Contractors

The best part of building your own offices is that you are in full control of the project. This means you will have to approve the design and materials. If you want to build a greener company, you can choose reclaimed and eco-friendly materials. You will have a say in every aspect, including machinery and contractors. To find out what type of equipment is needed to erect an office building, check out Freo Group to learn about modern machinery.

Freedom to Customize

One of the main benefits of having your own offices custom-built is that you can customize it. Would you like green windows and a huge solar sign spinning on the top? Simply ask for permission from the building authority, and tailor your building to your needs. You will not need to seek your landlord’s permission any more, and you can use the building for branding and advertising. If you want the glass to have your logo on it, you can get this done.


Rent-free For Life

You will be financially better off long term as well, if you build your own office. While you will have to finance the project and the materials, as well as the furnishings, your credit repayments are likely to be lower than your rent. This means you can budget better, and don’t have to face with ever-increasing property maintenance costs and rent. You will simply make the repayments on your mortgage or business loan, and build the equity on your commercial portfolio gradually.


Building Long Term Assets

You can build your long term assets without depending on other companies. The longer you can stay in the same office, the more customers will know about you. Further, you will not have to move, so your expenses will be reduced. Finally, if you choose a prime location, your office building can increase its value over the years, which means you will build up financial assets and securities in your business. You can later use these assets and the equity on your business premises to secure finance for further investments.


Serving Your Employees Better

If you own your business premises, you can meet your employees’ needs better. You can feel free to build a game room, or offer flexible working hours for those who need it. As you will have full control over your opening times, security, and regulations, you can allow them to chill in the kitchen area during lunchtime, instead of having to spend a fortune on sandwiches at the local canteen. You can offer parking, bike racks, or choose a location with good public transport and bike routes.

Improved Possibilities for Branding

Whether you want to create stop signs on the highway to lead customers to your premises or use virtual tours to introduce your clients to your work environment, you can do it if you own the building. You can decorate your entrance, set up neon lights and advertising boards with your latest projects and success stories. If you share the building with dozens of other companies, this is impossible.

If you are ready to move office, you might consider building instead of entering another few years’ of lease agreement. If you are serious about building long term assets and want to make sure that you are able to keep customers and employees happy, getting your building project off the ground might be the best decision. You can benefit from owning your business premises in many ways; branding opportunities, better features, employee relations, stability, and financial security. You can also budget better if you simply have to pay off the investment finance and live rent-free forever.