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5 Simple & Effective Instagram Hacks!

I’ve had an Instagram account now for 2 years and it amazes me how many of these hacks I was not aware of!

Here are my top 4 that you can start to use today and hopefully it will speed up your insta management!

Hands – Free Instagram Stories!

  1. Swipe right from your home screen to go to the Instagram Stories camera
  2. Swipe through the options at the bottom of the screen until you get to Hands-Free.
  3. You can now also add an effect if you wish too whilst you record!


Save Hashtags For The Future!

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS forget the trending hashtags as I use SO many different ones depending on the niche! So this is a handy tip!

  1. Create a new note on your mobiles device 
  2. Add all your favs to a running list
  3. Next time you post simply go to your notes, copy and then paste them into Instagram!


Find NEW Trending hashtags!

This was such a simple tip yet super handy!

  1. Click on the magnifying symbol
  2. Type the hashtag that you already use in the search bar
  3. Pick one from the list which is similar
  4. At the top of the hashtag you choose, you will see alternatives that you can use too!
  5. You can also follow the hashtag if you like so you will see pics that feature this hashtag in your feed!



Adjust The Intensity of filters

I love this one as it means less editing! 

  1. Open the photo you’d like to edit & tap on the filter you wish to use
  2. Tap your chosen filter again to open its editing options
  3. Use the sliding scale to adjust the intensity of the filter and then tap done!


How to rearrange filters!

Such a time saver rather scrolling through for each pic!

  1. Choose a photo and then click on filters
  2. Scroll along until you get to ‘Manage’ and tap
  3. Choose the filters you most use and slide them to the top
  4. Tap the tick at the top and they are now saved!

Ok hope these help and if you have any questions about managing your Instagram feel free to drop me a message! 

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3 Effective Ways To Retain Top Clients

Well done, you! You’ve bootstrapped your business from out of nowhere. You took the seed of an idea and grew it into a mighty oak of enterprise. What was once simply a spark of inspiration has become a thriving business. You may well, look around some days at the thriving hub of commerce your business has become and wonder how you got here.

Sure, a huge part of it has been the raw power of your will and vision. A lot of it has been your ability to identify the areas of spending that facilitate growth while keeping wasteful spending down. Of course, your employees have also helped a great deal.

You’ve recruited the exact right combination of skills and personalities to make your business a juggernaut in your field. Your employees contribute ideas and strategies that you’d never have come up with on your own and they make your place a much more pleasant place to come to every morning.

Nonetheless, as important as these facets are, they amount to nothing without the clients who keep a steady stream of revenue coming into your business. The loyalty of your key clients is what enables your business to grow from strength to strength. You don’t want to lose them, so here are some effective strategies to help you keep them…


Give them something back

You rely on the capital your key clients bring to your business, so any expenditure in keeping that revenue coming in is worth the capital investment, even if you’re running a very fiscally tight ship. Giving something back to a top client is one of the most effective ways to engender loyalty and enhance your reputation as a business that truly values its clients.

You likely already know how effective discounts and promotions can be for customer retention, but your top tier clients deserve a little something extra. From Wimbledon hospitality tickets to gift baskets, there are literally hundreds of ways to give something back to a top client. Your relationship with these clients is important and worthy of investment.


Keep it personal

Social media posts and mass email shoots may be sufficient for infrequent or lapsed clients, but when you’re dealing with a regular anchor client this level of impersonal communication may be jarring or even insulting for potentially sensitive clients.

While they should absolutely receive regular communication alerting them to special promotions etc. your communication with them should always have the personal touch. This does not necessarily mean that you should always call or email them yourself, but their point of contact should be a trusted senior employee whom you trust.


Use your CRM solution to your advantage

You likely have a Customer Relationship Management tool at your disposal, but using it effectively is key to effective client retention. 68% of customers leave a business because they believe that it no longer cares about them, and your CRM can help to prove them wrong.

Use it to record the minutiae of information that you may not recall off the top of your head but will make a big impression when you next make contact. While previous purchases and packages are important you should also record key information like their spouse’s name, children’s names and any favourite activities or hobbies.

The more you can demonstrate your interest in a client beyond their relationship with your business, the more likely they are to feel valued.

Business Blog

Business: There’s No Need to Go It Alone!

When it comes to running a business, many of us attempt to go it alone. We believe that there are massive benefits to be had running our businesses this way. We think that it’s the only surefire way to maintain complete control over absolutely everything that goes on. We also don’t have to communicate with anyone else, which means less time relaying messages and more time focusing on what needs to be done. Anyone who tries this approach out will soon come to realise that it is massively draining on them as an individual. Their work hours multiply, and soon they have little time for personal ventures or even sufficient rest. But it’s all good for the business in the long run, right? Wrong! You may be surprised to know that taking everything on your own shoulders can be detrimental to your business too! If you’re exhausted and having to split your attention, time, and effort between multiple tasks, things may be ticked off the list, but nothing will be completed to a good quality and standard. Progressive work will often also be put on the backburner, with priority being given to mundane, administrative tasks. When it comes to business, there really is no need to go it alone. There’s no shame in sharing duties and reaching out for a little extra help. Here are some places where you will be able to find it!


Extra Personnel

The first stop for a weary businessperson whose work has got on top of them is extra personnel. Extra personnel are fully trained and competent individuals who you can call in to complete one day’s work at a time or to complete one extensive task. This means that you get the benefits that come hand in hand with staff without having to commit to contracts and the responsibilities that you would be endowed with when employing full or part-time permanent employees. As the jobs that you will be sending out will be relatively specific, you need to ensure that you find someone who can meet all of your needs in a new environment relatively quickly, as they only have limited time to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard. This can be difficult to determine when putting out general job advertisements, so instead, why not consider using a recruitment agency? They will have individuals already on their books and should be able to pair you up with the right fit first time around. Find the best individuals to suit your needs at


A Reliable PA

If you find that you need a helping hand on a more regular basis, it might be a good idea to look into hiring a PA (otherwise known as a “personal assistant”. Becoming familiar with someone and forging a strong working relationship will prove much more beneficial if you intend to call in help on a more regular basis.

When it comes to business, you really don’t need to go it completely alone. Analyse your needs to work out what kind of help you should be looking for and get searching!