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Is your small business struggling to receive any traffic? Does hashtagging and SEO make your head spin? Let’s not even think about the effort it takes to manage a Pinterest board or create highly engaging tweets on a daily basis! And you have neither the time NOR the budget for a full timer? Are you looking to;

  • Substantially increase your traffic?
  • Build a large social media following?
  • Create a marketing plan for your business with proven results?
  • Start a B2B blog which have been proven to increase leads by up to 63?
  • Define and engage with your target audience?
Then get in touch through my Linkedin profile! 
I have extensive experience in all forms of social media and marketing and have PROVEN results in doubling traffic and creating unique, engaging content for small business blogs. I have worked for global brands such as Cheapflights and British Standards and have extensive experience in affiliate marketing.
Testimonial-  Global Publisher Program Manager at Cheapflights 
‘ I can confirm that she was a colleague of great integrity, a professional who is always is extremely positive thinking and a hard worker. She is dedicated to her work even out of office hours, a fast learner who has tested every opportunity by using her recently learned social networking skills to improve and test different possibilities to recruit new affiliates.
‘She is someone you can rely on, someone who is willing to go out of the way to support her team members and improve the work she is doing by thinking outside the box. Furthermore, her support was greatly appreciated and valued, making her an important member of the team.’

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