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Travelling With Vertigo & Natural Remedies To Help!

So I’m still fighting to get over an inner ear infection I’ve had for 10 months now called Labyrinthitus. Like most chronic inner ear disorders, the common symptoms are;

  • 24/7 Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Vertigo
  • Exhaustion

I was determined not to let this stop me from travelling and recently managed to fly to Edinburgh. I was completely dreading it. Would I be in a lot of pain? Would I get really ill on the plane? Would it make the dizziness worse?

Here are a few things I used leading up to the flight which are mostly natural products that helped me. Although if there was any turbulence I must admit my eyes really played up, it was a pain free trip and I’m so pleased I pushed myself to go.

  • Ginger Root Tablets – Well known for curing sea sickness and has been used for centuries
  • Ashwagandha root – Proven to increase blood flow and vertigo
  • Magnesium tablets – Assists the¬†electrolyte balance within your body
  • Silver Colloid – More unusual but this was originally used by the Royal family and is a proven natural anti biotic to diminish viruses and Bacteria.