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Social Media Image Sizes For 2017! Cheat Sheet

I seem to pretty much live and breath Canva at the moment.

There is nothing more frustrating that trying to set up a Facebook business page, being given the correct dimensions for your graphic, DESIGNING it and then it STILL doesn’t fit!

So here are the most important social media image sizes for 2017!

Twitter Header – 1500 x 500


Thanks for the image Eagle Assistants! 

Twitter Post – 1024 x 512


Facebook Cover – 828 x 315


Facebook Post – 940 x 788

Social Media Packages£99 A Month (1)

Instagram Post – 1080 x 1080

Untitled design (3)

Pinterest Pin 735 x 1102

How To Create A Media Pack

Youtube Channel – 2560 x 1440


Google + 1240 x 700

Marketing Archetypes

Linkedin Banner 1400 x 425


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