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Norway Bucket List My Top 5!

1. To climb mount Ulriken. Mount Ulriken stands at a sumptuous 2,100 ft and is in actual fact a mountain …. albeit a small one. The mountain is only a short 15 minute bus ride from the centre of picturesque Bergen with an easier climbing route 45- 60 minutes or the harder route, 40 minutes clambering up a boulder strewn stream! On the plus there is a restaurant at the top with a glass of red as a way of treating yourself, beautiful views over several Fjords, not to mention the cable car to whisk you back down if you were like me by the end of it. Exhausted! You can read the climbing Ulriken post here.

mount ulriken climbing norway

2. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf -just one of the many protected UNESCO sites throughout Norway that is a testament to its beauty, both natural and man-made. The coloured wooden slatted buildings with a mountainous backdrop originated in 1702 and were traditional used for warehouses for merchants goods. Today you will find cafes, bakeries, artist studios and also jewellery inspired by traditional Viking designs. A perfect reminder of you holiday or just the perfect picture postcard : )

bergen harbour UNESCO

3. Bergen Fish Market – My obsession with seafood is well known and what better place to sample some of the best fishing waters in the world. Bergen has it in abundance. Literally straight off the boat. You may dine inside with 3 different restaurants to choose from or if the smell is a bit much there is also a heated outside seating area where you may feast on delectable sweet King Crab, Salty Oysters, Lobster and to this day, the freshest prawns I have ever had the luck to have eaten. Plump, firm, sweet and so fresh the produce, you can actually watch the fisherman offload their boats and walk into the fish market with their goods which will be arriving on your plate within the hour! Norway is notoriously expensive and the platters are no exception however just a few taster dishes and a bowl of Moules Mariniere is more than manageable.

Bergen Fish Market

4. Floibanen Funicular – Located in the centre of town, the funicular will take you to one of the several peaks surrounding Bergen and is well known for its stunning views looking down upon the UNESCO wharf and the surrounding Fjords. There is also a hotel which you may stop in for a light lunch and a multitude of woodland walks all starting from this point and leading onto the other mounts varying in 1 hour to 6. Seeing as Bergen itself has Europe’s highest rainfall, it’s worth coming prepared with good hiking boots and a warm waterproof jacket.

bergen look out

5. Slightly more off the beaten track, at least a 3 hour trip by train but who is complaining when you have scenery like Norway outside off your window? The Flam railway is the most beautiful railway in the world. Just a word of advice, we booked in for the Norway in a nutshell day trip that included the railway and the Fjord Gudvangen two hour Fjord cruise which to this day for me was the highlight of my trip. Sailing on a large cruiser with a backdrop of snow peaked mountains and cascading waterfalls. What more could you ask for whilst you sip on a latte and snuggle in blankets on the deck? Flam itself is quaint, of stunning natural beauty and an awe inspiring mountainous backdrop.

fjords norway in a nutshell tour

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Bergen – Norway

On discovering that the city of Bergen has the highest amount of rainfall in Europe ( 235 days of the year ) you might have thought my friends would of dissuaded me from going and if it wasn’t for google images showing captivating Fjords like a scene from Lord of the Rings, I think too I may of skipped it. But thank god I didn’t!

bergen harbour UNESCO

Bergen is a multi-cultural bustling hub and also a UNESCO heritage site. The locals here are warm and friendly and open to helping lost tourists ( Ahem ) but don’t go expecting to see too many tall blonde Vikings in this city… Bergen is a mix of multiple nationalities, just like London does not have the quintessential English Rose.

The food here is a mix of Thai, Sushi, Peruvian ( believe it or not, the second best restaurant in the city is Peruvian fusion – Munken Bistro ) and of course as to be expected, a multitude of fresh smoked Salmon options available in the fish market that also hosts 3 restaurants inside. Yes, the smell is just about bearable but for the quality of freshly caught fish, Mussels and King Crab, not to be missed!

Bergen houses