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spectre filming locations London

James Bond Spectre ~ London Filming Locations!

I have just watched Spectre and it was a pleasant surprise to see Londons foggy streets featured heavily again throughout most of the film.
Here are my top 5, easily accessible London locations right down to bonds apartment in the heart of Nottinghill.

1. James Bonds Apartment

James bond Apartment

The address of the apartment is 1 Stanley Gardens set in the beautiful, prestigious Nottinghill. The rather sparse apartment overlooks Stanley crescent park.
The area itself is famous for its provocative Carnival, affluent celebrities and the quaint book shop in the film Nottinghill.

2. The MI6 building

James Bond MI6

I’m astonished its still standing after all the abuse this building has taken over the past few films! The location of the Secret Intelligence service building is next to the murky waters of the River Thames. Vauxhall Bridge is the scenic highlight and a perfectly alluring spot for photo opportunities.

3. Lambeth Bridge

James Bond Lambeth Bridge

The high octane speed boat chase passes under the Lambeth Bridge. Opened in 1932, the bridge was painted daringly in red to match the leather benches in the nearby majestic House Of Lords.

4. Admiralty Arch

James Bond Car Chase

What is a bond film without the quintessential, exhilarating car chase?
Bonds Aston Martin is driven with wild abandonment through the streets of Westminster and then passes through this grandiose London landmark. The building was finalised in 1912 in memory of the great Queen Victoria and is the gateway to the pigeon infested, Lion clad Trafalgar Square.

5. Westminster Bridge

spectre filming locations

The grand finale finishes next to one of London’s most Iconic buildings, Big Ben of Westininster. The bridge was finished in 1862 and features a predominantly green colouring to match the leather benches in the noble House Of Commons.