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My top 3 Modern Day EXPLORERS!

I’m a survival addict. From Bear Grylls the Island to books such as Papillon and Alive (the incredible story of the Andes plane crash survivors) I haven’t been able to put my finger on this slightly morbid fascination other than could I do the same if I was put into that situation?

I’ve recently finished José Salvador Alvarenga book on his 13 month survival at sea…. YES…. 13 MONTHS!!! He survived by drinking turtles blood and capturing birds that settled on his boat to rest whilst he drifted through some of the most barren seas known to man,  the Dolrums…… but that’s another story!

Ok here we go……

Levison Wood

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Ok, I admit. I’m a complete Levison Wood novice until I recently started watching his Channel 4 programme walking the Himalayas. He’s refreshingly down to earth, open to his weaknesses and holds back on the arrogance and bravado. He’s just real. I still need to watch Walking the Nile so watch this rating change!


  • Former officer in the parachute regiment
  • Exploration in over 80 countries
  • Walking the length of the Nile… 4,250 miles to be exact
  • Walking the Himalayas 1,700 miles

Hardcore rating 9/10 

Bear Grylls

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Bear started it all for me. Before Bear we had Ray Mears but bear made survival look fun and dangerous! I don’t think I could ever get bored of him running endlessly with a shaky cameraman in tow whilst he launches himself over cliff faces and abseils using just a stick wedged into a snow hole. Were used to his one hour shows over a series of long explorations so lets look into his background. Rating is for his sheer willpower and mind over matter attitude alone….


  • Served with the 21 SAS regiment
  • Climbed Everest at 23 after surviving a parachute fall breaking 3 vertebrae
  • Circumnavigate the British Isles on jet skis in 2009
  • Crossed the north Atlantic Ocean, in an open inflatable boat.

Hardcore rating 10/10

Robyn Davidson

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Talk about girl power…. In 1977 at 27 years of age, Robyn walked 1,700 miles over sun scorched Western Australia to the Indian Ocean with her dog and 4 camels, trained by herself. Exploration is a harder feat for a woman in the obvious restrictions when it comes to travelling alone. Robyn was warned of hostile contact with the locals and encouraging trouble from men ( Which happened) but she was determined to reach her goal and shrugged it all off. Her epic journey has now been made into a film Tracks.


  • 130 degrees sweltering heat
  • Poisonous snakes and attacks from bull camels
  • A 9 months journey

Hardcore Rating 9/10