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Norways Best Seafood Restaurant – Cornelius

Norway is known for its high rainfall….and higher yet prices.
So we didn’t take lightly to booking at Norway’s best seafood restaurant Cornelius. But then again, how often do you get to visit a seafood restaurant that is surrounded by Fjordlands and only approachable by boat? Exactly.

Getting there

Just a 25 minute boat trip from the city of Bergen’s Wharf, shed number 8. We picked the evening time slot of 18.00 giving us at least 3 hours of dining experience before we are ushered out again for the 22.30 departure. Remember even in February, it doesn’t get dark until around 22.00 so the trip home feeling a bit tipsy, sailing under Bergen’s Sotra bridge was beautiful.

The Restaurant

You only need to check out the high reviews on trip advisor to realize this is a once in a lifetime dining experience. Situated in the heart of Fjord land on the Island of Bjoroy. Modern yet rustic in design, Cornelius can fit up to 300 diners in completely different dining rooms which seem to all blend in a mass of wooden white washed slats, boardwalks, giant tanks filled with Urchins and glass encased seating areas. The floor to ceiling glass panes give panoramic views over the fjord with its many islands and an outside decking area conceals pools where the shellfish are kept fresh in grey Fjord waters.

The Food

The menu is Meteorological meaning it is carefully planned pertaining the wind and weather which is said to effect the quality of the produce!
Lobster, Crab, Oysters, Sea Urchins, Langoustines and Mink Whale being some of the typical servings at Cornelius. Also Fiskesuppe, Norway’s traditional dish as its name suggest is fish soup.We were suprised by how many Norwegian words we could actually read phonetically and understand!


The menu itself is set depending on the season and hosts many aspects of traditional Norwegian delicacies including mink whale.
Norway has an allowed quota of 1,286 a year. You will need to be aware that on arrival you will be asked if there are any delicacies that you do not wish to eat or any allergies that they should be aware of. This is due to the taster menu which will only be known to you upon the plates arrival and your waiter/ waitress describing in detail where the produce has come from and the most fitting wine to drink with that dish. Whale never came to mind and I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. Make of that what you will.
Portions are on the smaller side but each dish comes out with bread freshly baked that day.

Shellfish’s legendary chef Alf Roalds can also be booked to give you a talk about how it all started and you will get to sample the freshest shellfish and the restaurants own cured smoke Salmon. Cornelius had a fine wine selection and even its own cavern built into the rock of the island and kept naturally cool.

Prices for the 5 course NOK 1245.


barbados bathsheba bucket list top 5 travel

Barbados Hitlist – My Top 5!

1. Dover Beach – Dover beach is situated in St Lawrence Gap. A well known area for its tourism, pushy beach sellers and sometimes reckless night life. Its surprised me how beautiful and untainted parts of this beach were considering the overflow of tourists invading the beaches from their freshly docked cruise ships.

It’s also the home of Barry’s surf school. Unknown to a lot of Island newbies, Barbados is also known for its great surf and also its windy weather. We booked a surf lesson and for 3 days it was so windy the lessons were carried out on the western side in beautiful salty aquamarine turtle infested waters. Who’s complaining right?

dover beach barbados

2.Bathsheba – We booked a Williams island tour with a guide called Rooster which included a meal on a sugar cane plantation. The western coast is starting to be overrun with high rises and 5 star hotels and gated residences for the very rich and Simon Cowell famous. The locals have been battling against offers to buy there humble wooden slatted beach side houses with the response, ‘you could pay me half a million, but where would I wake up to a view like this every day’

It was quiet sad to see high rise Louis Vuitton stores and not forgetting our friend Dolce towering up from the once banyan tree lined beach promenades so we escaped. We continued our drive through sugar cane fields until we came upon St Thomas, the home to Rhianna’s Grandmother no less and also the oldest woman in the world. Also the gateway to some of the most astoundingly beautiful, wildly rugged and seaweed laden beaches of Bathsheba.

Make a trip here before Burger King does.

Bathesheba Barbados

3.Aerial Trek Zip wiring – I’m scared of heights….. so it was highly amusing after being strapped in and helmeted up that my friend that had been ribbing me about it was too petrified at first to make the first run. And it was around 10 meters long : )
This starts you off slowly on very short runs with so much foliage and rain forest below you that you can’t actually see the ground for it to be petrifying.

The stand outs had to be hurtling over the gully concealing Harrison caves. Rainforest and monkeys below you and then just air and the most jaw dropping valley strewn with tropical flowers, lush green grasses tropical birds flying below. I actually shrieked… with delight! Also the stand out was the Indiana Jones run as I called it. A huge banyan tree with vines suffocating all other lifeforms, tentacles creeping and embedding themselves in the forest floor. US31 USD

zip wiring barbados

4.Rum bars – St Lawrence Gap – Ok, so the really really local places were a bit more rough and ready with metal bars covering the bar area. But this was where we had our BEST night. Playing pool, stereotypical Bob Marley playing in the background and drinking rum with the locals. This is the side the tourists DON’T see and it was so small, it was like walking into somebody’s home and we were welcomed like long lost family.

St Lawrence Gap

5.Harrisons cave. Discovered in the 1700s by Thomas Harrison ( Hence the name – Doh) Harrisons is in fact a massive cave system of 2.3 Kilometers and a very humid 27 degrees. The whole trip is taken through a Jurassic Parkesque guided tour bus so you only step out to see the most scenic areas and there are plenty of them …along with a lot of water dripping from the ceiling. For anyone claustrophobic, the route itself is big enough to drive a truck through so no crawling on your hands and knees through this one : ) The great hall is 15 meters high and some of the most beautiful jelly fish shaped stalagmites formations I have ever seen. Entry is US $25 for adults and US $12 for children.

Harrisons caves Barbados


WILD!!! Top 3 benefits of hiking solo!

I have been wrapped up in Cheryl Strayed’s book ‘wild’ since I read it 3 years ago. So does hiking alone with nothing else other then your own thoughts and the bare essentials help to clear your mind and resolve the issues in your life? Here are the top 3 benefits tempting me to try this out for 2 weeks : )

1. A sense of accomplishment


Relying purely on yourself. You will have no help when it comes to problem solving, the challenges you will meet on the way and the obstacles you will have to overcome, both mental and psychical. It will make you realize when you’re back at the office that the ‘big issue’with that project you are working on is laughable now.

2. Spiritual Healing


Solitude allows time for self-examination and to reevaluate your life. What are the positive forces and what are the negative? What do you need to let go? What do you need to work on? You will have no choice but to face your fears on the long lonely hikes.
But overcoming this and getting used to being alone and excepting your own company is probably one of the most valuable of all benefits.

3. Be at your physical peak

Walk for two weeks-see your blood pressure drop.
Walk another two weeks-cholesterol counts are lowered.
Walk for more than a month-heart and lungs become stronger and more efficient and resting pulse rate decreases.
Walk on a regular basis and have a better chance at maintaining weight due to a higher metabolic rate and the additional calories you burn.

I want to mention that no one should hike unprepared and especially know orienteering and basic survival skills before wilderness hiking and letting people know where you are. Even getting a GPS device.