how to heal labyrinthitus Healing

How to HEAL Labyrinthitus

I am currently in my 7th month of chronic labyrinthitus and I have used the below method with some really great results. I have written this as an instructional piece for the Labyrinthitus support group on Facebook.

Ok guys, I have attached a few links at the end too but even if you googled healing hands, using hands to heal you will find all sorts of information. Healing has been around for centuries, hey, Jesus was a healer and I’m not even religious but it does help if you believe in something greater than us out there as this is where you will be getting the healing energy from! I’m not too keen on saying god but I use the word source.

What you need to do is find a quiet room. You only need to do around 15 minutes a day, twice a day if possible. I use the morning and then the evening. Hey, I even watch TV and do it!

1. Rub your hands together to warm them up. Then place your palms together with an inch or two imbetween. If you keep them here for a minute or two you may already start to notice tingling like electricity or warmth. If you dont, no worries. Now place one of your hands on the ear that is most effected. You dont need to touch your ear, just let it hover a few inches above it. I fond this way also helps to really start to feel the energy pouring out of your plams and the heat and tingling. It helps me validate there IS something there!

2. Imagine a golden light coming from source/ god/ creator/ her ; ) coming down from above and through the top of your head. This energy is running through you and through your palms.

3. Once you can visualise this light coming down from above, just keep your hands in place for around 15 minutes. You should feel warmth, some will feel extreme heat, others will feel tingling like electricity, some may even feel cool air! I usually notice heat and tingling and I keep my hands there until they cool down. You almost sense that your ear has taken the healing energy it needs for that evening and you can stop now and let nature work its course. if not, just try for around 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT : It is important to visualise or at least be aware that the energy is coming from source or you can drain yourself.



5 CRAZY LAWS from around the world!

You may not be aware that in some countries, you have already broken the law. Take a look at some of the most idiotic rules known to man.

1. PARIS – Its Illegal for women to wear trousers

1799 didn’t seem like a lot of fun if you were a female Parisian. Unless special approval was given from the police, It was ILLEGAL to wear trousers! The law was only revoked in 2013!

Crazy laws of the world

2. LONDON – Its illegal to die in parliament!

The parliament buildings are considered as a ‘royal palace’ meaning anyone that meets an unfortunate demise within is entitled to a state funeral!

Crazy laws of the world

3. SINGAPORE – Its Illegal to chew gum!

Chewing gum has been banned since 1992.For all you smokers there is some good news…. nicotine gum is considered acceptable.

Crazy laws of the world

4. CANADA – Its Illegal to play more than 5 songs on the radio by non Canadians!

AMAZING if you like Justin Bieber…. Less so if you don’t like Nickelback

Crazy laws of the world

5. JAPAN – Its Illegal to be FAT!

Since 2009, the country that brought us Sumo wrestling, have enforced a ban on men over 40 having a waistline above 31 inches.

Crazy laws of the world

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