Meet Me

I’m a London-based digital marketing specialist with extensive experience in accelerating the growth of small businesses and startups, both B2B and B2C.

I currently work with multiple clients ranging in niches from London fashion designers, jewellery boutiques to London co-working spaces and have proven results.

I particularly enjoy looking for the little extras, such as business opportunities/ P.R and last year my clients saved thousands in Instagram promotion fees thanks to me working hard to connect directly with major influencers and avoid the middleman, saving on high agency fees!

I feel it’s important to look outside the box and give an all-encompassing review of a clients business rather than focusing on one particular thing. After all, my client’s success in increasing their organic sales dramatically last year and being able to rely less on Facebook ads came from multiple avenues of thought and included website changes, business development, sales and SEO.

My reputation is critical to my success, so I am completely honest with how much work will be needed and how long, realistically it will take to see results, I never over-promise. 

If your requirements are beyond my ability, then I will recommend other agencies you can connect with.

Previous Experience

My career in digital marketing started over 6 years ago working for major global brands such as British Standards and Cheapflights.

  • I’ve managed global affiliate programs as a publishing manager with BSI
  • Created lead generating content for Cheapflights & created new affiliate partnerships
  • Used business development to create partnerships with major global brands
  • Dramatically increased the traffic and leads of an award-winning London-based PA company as their marketing manager.

Within a 6 month period, I managed to double my last client’s traffic by 148%;

  • Organic traffic had risen by 96%
  • Social traffic by 3,000%
  • Increased our desired London audience by 111%
  • At least 70% of all inbound leads are coming from organic searches.

So if you are looking to expand your social media reach, create partnerships with global brands, learn how to engage with your audience and create content that generates leads and much more, get in touch