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How to use Linkedin like a Pro – My…

Linkedin has now amassed over 380 million followers and still takes the reigns when it comes to the top social media platform for professionals.

Add to this a 3 x higher lead conversion than Facebook and Twitter and a built in business blog, and we pretty much have surpassed all the alternative social media platforms when it comes to engagement and direct targeting.

But first of all we need to learn all the features and benefits to ensure we have the best chance of securing that sale and promoting our brand. So take a look at my 8 Linkedin secrets as used by the pros.

My 10 Linkedin Secrets

  • Keep Linkedin blog posts to under 700 words. Less is always more
  • The majority of Linkedin users check their profiles in the mornings 5 days a week with 1-3 PM and 5-6PM being the key times to post.
  • Posting 20 status updates a month will increase your engagement by up to 60%!
  • Including a link with your post increases engagement by 200%
  • Including an image in your post increase engagement by 98%
  • Adding a professional photo of you results in 14 x more profile views
  • COMPLETE you profile. The search engines will bring up profiles with 100% complete first of all. Make sure you’re above your competitors! Need assistance?
  •  Your profile is 5 x more likely to be viewed if you are part of a group or community
  • Use a background photo of your team/ product or service. Differentiate yourself from your competition and add personality!

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