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voss lake norway bergen Norway

Bergen – Norway

On discovering that the city of Bergen has the highest amount of rainfall in Europe ( 235 days of the year ) you might have thought my friends would of dissuaded me from going and if it wasn’t for google images showing captivating Fjords like a scene from Lord of the Rings, I think too I may of skipped it. But thank god I didn’t!

bergen harbour UNESCO

Bergen is a multi-cultural bustling hub and also a UNESCO heritage site. The locals here are warm and friendly and open to helping lost tourists ( Ahem ) but don’t go expecting to see too many tall blonde Vikings in this city… Bergen is a mix of multiple nationalities, just like London does not have the quintessential English Rose.

The food here is a mix of Thai, Sushi, Peruvian ( believe it or not, the second best restaurant in the city is Peruvian fusion – Munken Bistro ) and of course as to be expected, a multitude of fresh smoked Salmon options available in the fish market that also hosts 3 restaurants inside. Yes, the smell is just about bearable but for the quality of freshly caught fish, Mussels and King Crab, not to be missed!

Bergen houses