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How To Use Your Facebook Cover As A Call…

A call to action or CTA is used extensively in marketing and is used to prompt an immediate response or hopefully convert to a sale or a sign up.

Although this is fairly common practise on Twitter covers, I have recently noticed an increase in brands using calls to action on their Facebook covers and I can see why!

Your Facebook cover is PERFECT for this because it is the first image a potential customer will see when they click on your business page!c

So what kind of CTA’s can you include in your cover?

  • A special event you have coming up
  • A release of a new product
  • A special offer or sale
  • An ‘ As featured in ‘ section to build trust
  • The release of an E-book
  • A live chat event
  • A subscription to a business blog
  • Any awards you have received or brilliant reviews!
  • Promoting a hashtag

Here are just a few examples of how you could use Canva to do this but obviously not using every CTA at once! Switch is around so your fans always have something new to discover.

Just REMEMBER the graphic will show up differently on your mobile so ensure you check the layout first! 

Marketing blog

Essential Elements for a Bouncing Business Budget

When you first start your business, you might not put a lot of thought into budgeting. At most, perhaps you try to keep costs down as much as possible. But not every new business owner plans ahead to try and make the most of all their money. As your business grows, it’s essential to have a strict budget. You need to know where your money is going and if you’re using it in the best way. There might be some parts of your budget you delegate to other people to spend in the way they think is best. You first need to consider which items need to be taken into consideration for your budget.

Marketing and Sales

It’s essential to be able to market your business in some way so that you can bring in customers. Many small businesses don’t have much of a marketing budget to start off with. They either want to spend their money on other things, or the money just isn’t there. But as your company gets bigger, you should start thinking about dedicating more money to marketing. You need to test the waters with a few different marketing and sales methods, so don’t rush into spending a lot of money on anything. Find out what works before deciding on a budget.


You need to have a strong infrastructure behind the scenes if you want your business to work well. Setting up your computer systems is an essential part of running a productive office. IT can get expensive though, especially if you’re not entirely sure what you need and what you don’t need. You should think about using managed IT services if you want to get a good idea of what your budget should be. They can give you a clear budget so that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending. Getting someone else to take care of it all for you can keep your costs down and allow you to take care of other things.


You might start your business as a solo businessperson, but as it grows, you’ll usually need people to help out. You could start hiring people permanently, or you might want to start off using freelancers and services from various agencies. Both of these are essential costs to consider when you create a business budget. When you hire any staff, you need to think about their salaries, but also the other expenses. Taxes, employee training, and your workplace bills are all important to think about.

Business Premises

Many businesses start out in someone’s spare room or garage. Eventually, they need to move somewhere else as they expand and need to appear more legitimate. There are always a few different options, from a couple of desks in a coworking space to whole offices and buildings. Both the rent, or perhaps the mortgage, of your business premises and the associated expenses, such as energy bills, are essential to budget for.

These aren’t the only items you need to include in your business budget. However, they should get you thinking about the major expenses you need to consider.

Marketing blog

Get the Most out of Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Online marketing is the single most effective way to market in this day and age, simply because pretty much all customers and consumers are now online. And because this type of marketing is so important, it is something that your business should be practicing. What’s more, it’s something that your business should be getting the most out of. For advice on how to do just that, make sure to read on.


Keep a record of what you spend on online marketing campaigns and the results you get back

As you would with any other type of marketing campaign, you should perform a marketing audit at the end of any online marketing campaign your business releases. And when you do so, you should pay close attention to a number of things, including: your marketing assets and what areas of it were successful, and what areas were not. By doing so you will be able to see exactly where your money has gone, and where it should go next time in relation to the success it brought you. What this means is that your next online marketing campaign will always be better, and far more sensible, than the last one.

Make sure your business’s IT is always up and running

The only way your business can find any sort of success in the world of online marketing is if it’s IT is always up and working. Well, you can’t market in a place that you can’t access, can you? For this reason you should have an external IT partner provide your business with all the IT Support that it needs. This could include asking them to provide day to day monitoring of your network to ensure it doesn’t go down. It could mean offering unabridged technical support to fix a problem as well as an ongoing support once the problem is fixed. Or it could mean working closely with them to create a strong IT infrastructure for your business.

And to ensure that your business’s website — which, by the way, is it’s biggest weapon in it’s online marketing arsenal — is always up and running you should outsource the job of monitoring it at all times to a service such as UptimeRobot. What such a service will do is monitor your business’s website 24/7 — literally, 24/7 — and always be on the lookout for it crashing. And then, once it sees that your site has crashed, it will make you aware of what has happened by either emailing or texting you. And then, once you are in the know, you will then be able to act accordingly in bringing the site back to life before any potential customers see that it is down and your online marketing campaign is ruined.

Basically, just don’t be afraid to outsource all of the IT and online jobs that are stopping you from marketing online to external forces that are in the know when it comes to fixing them.

To find complete and utter success in your next online marketing campaign, then make sure to take heed of the advice above and check out the further advice that can be found here. Once you do so,  neither you nor your business will regret it.