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The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed

The world today is completely overcrowded with marketing messages and social media notifications to the point we are totally bombarded with distractions vying for our attention.  This has created a social phenomenon known as information overload, which is something you want to be particularly mindful of as a business owner in today’s landscape… the term has a number of applications, such as as

The point is, there’s a lot of marketing “noise” out there, and if you’re going to stand out you need to cut through the noise and get noticed for a good reason.  Imagine yourself as an exhibition stand contractor whose job it is to build exhibition stands that get the exhibitor noticed; it’s a tough gig because in a trade show context, there are so many other stands hungry for the attention of the crowd.

What is found, time and time again in a cross section of marketing reports is that relevance is the key differentiator.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to be relevant to the audience you are trying to attract.  That’s the secret sauce!  

The good new is that within social media, and particularly now with facebook’s hyper-personalised targeting it’s never been easier to connect with your specific target audience and send a niche message that is relevant to their interests.

Within the theme of relevancy, it’s advisable that you focus on a particular niche and become an expert within a narrow market rather than a generalist within a broad market.

To better understand this, think of a niche as a focused subset of a particular market group.  If you were to think about a personal training business, for example, there are many generic personal trainers that help anyone with their goal to lose weight.  Given the sheer number of personal training businesses out there, this generality makes the service feel somewhat of a commodity meaning consumers will look for the cheapest price.

If, however, we were to look at a personal trainer focusing exclusively on new mum’s, for example, there is huge relevancy and appeal to that specific audience… rather than a mild appeal to everyone interested in losing weight.  It means this personal trainer would be viewed as a specialist in their area of expertise and can build a business around a set of core competencies – where they will soon become known as the “go to expert” rather than a jack of all trades and master of none.

In summary, the most important thing is that you stand out from the competition, and there’s no better way to do this, than to focus on solving one particular and very specific problem – so that you are perceived as the “go to expert” in that area.  

When you stop focusing on the product you offer and start focusing on the solution you offer to a particular problem – you begin to stand out from the competition in a way that is much more sustainable than competing on price, special offers, or the fact you have a huge colourful banner outside your shop window.  The key tip is to start focusing on resolving a pain or struggle your customer faces and market your business in a way that marks you out as the solution provider that can solve their pain, and give them what they want, in very specific “end result” terms.

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3 Areas Of Your Business You Need To Focus…

It can be hard knowing the actual places within your business where you need to pay especially close attention. However with the right kind of understanding and approach, it is also easier than one might think. There are a few key areas where you might find it beneficial to look into closely if you have not already, and it is those which we are going to look at in this article. We will be looking at just three areas of any business which will be likely to require a lot of focus in order to ensure the company succeeds. So take a look at the following and ask yourself whether you could be paying more attention to these particular areas – and if so, in what way?

The Factory

If you produce anything as a physical product to sell to the customer, chances are you have a factory – unless you outsource your production, of course. But often the best businesses are those which keep all of the necessary production in-house, and if you have taken this bold step it is likely that you won’t regret it. But you do need to make sure you keep a close eye on this part of things, as this is where the actual product is made that the customer has in their hands. As such, you can consider it a vital part of the customer service process, even if it doesn’t seem it at first, and it is something which you will be bound to want to improve as best as possible. Make sure you treat your factory staff to the best CNC milling equipment, the finest safety equipment, and so on – and be sure to put someone in charge whom you can really trust.


The Office

For most businesses, this is where the magic happens, as it were. If that is true of your company, then you probably want to make sure that you are dealing with the workings in the office as best as you can. The truth is that the office needs your whole attention most of the time, as it is the hub where all of the major decisions happen and the bigger events in business take place. Make sure you are leading the teams well, that they have all the software they need, and that the office design is one which helps rather than hinders progress. With that sorted, you can expect a much stronger business in the future.

The Street

One of the most vital elements of all, however is focusing on how the customer views your business. As long as you are getting this right, it means that you will be able to foresee a much brighter future for your business, no matter what. Therefore, spend time focusing on the public opinion of your business, and trying your best to alter it so that it is as positive as possible. You will find that this really does make an enormous difference, and it is a process which you should not overlook.

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Setting Up A Clinical Business: A Checklist For Success

When it comes to any business setup, it is crucial to have an intensive business plan that covers any potential outcome and leaves no stone unturned. However, when it comes to a clinical business plan, you will also need to hoover under the stone, and may sure the stone is scrubbed down. In layman’s terms, your clinical business plan has to be spotless, completely foolproof, and should to cover all areas of your clinic. Here are a few checklist points to get you started on your set up of a successful clinical business.



For any business, the budget is going to need to be as accurate as possible whilst allowing for a few contingencies and overestimations here and there. For a clinical business, a budget needs to stretch even further. For most businesses you can outsource here and there, and buy average equipment in the hope you’ll be able to upgrade after your profit margins rise. This is not possible with a clinic. You are going to want to invest in the highest trained and respectable employees, and the highest level of equipment needed for the job – as it is a commonly known fact that with clinical practice, quality service is brought to you by quality equipment. An amazing employee is only going to be as good as the equipment you give them to use – so it is crucial not to skimp in this area. As well as equipment, the environment and feel of your clinic are of the utmost importance.


Setting The Mood

When you imagine your clinic reception design, do you want it to give off a clean, sterile looking vibe that is slightly intimidating, or a warm, welcoming and comfortable one? You are probably leaning more towards the latter. The design of your clinic may be just as important as your business plan, as it is the first impression the customers will get when they walk through the door – whether this is somewhere they want to return to, or they just want to walk out of the door and forget all about their appointment. The waiting room should set the mood and feel for the appointment rooms, so spending a little more time on making this particular room a delight to be in will help your customers turn up for their appointment relaxed and optimistic.



Another extremely important investment for your business – the highest level of medical practitioners insurance. Preparing for the unexpected is what makes a business great and sustainable. Remember, it can take a good 20 years to build a reputation, and only five minutes to destroy. Therefore, it is important to have the correct procedures and contingencies in place to be on the safe side. You will also need to invest in loss and damages insurance, as due to the expense of your equipment, it could be an extremely costly decision to not have it in place when one of your most expensive pieces of equipment unexpectedly gives up the ghost.

Though not an extensive list, this will give a solid foundation to start building upon to work towards your dream clinical practice. Rome was not built in a day, take your time in the planning stages so that you will spend less time sorting through mistakes that may have been missed in quick and rushed planning procedures.