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Richmond Park – Royal Ballet School

Of all the large parks in London, Richmond to me is the most beautiful. Created by Charles the 1st in the 17th century, Richmond is a national nature reserve.

The riverside walk alone through the picturesque town of Richmond leads to the most beautiful views in London.

The highlights are very becoming. Rare flowers and birds, herds of Fallow deer wander confidently by, and of course, the Royal Ballet School. The white lodge.

Like a scene from a Jane Austin Novel, I stumbled out of the undergrowth to see magnificent Oak trees lining the earthen pathway up to the most beautiful white, picturesque Georgian mansion.

Now hosting the Royal Ballet School, the lodge was once resided in by royalty, Prince Albert himself was born here. The lodge not only hosts ballet classes but is now also a museum which can be visited during term times and is free entry.

I couldn’t resist attempting my best jump outside it… seeing as my mum told me I was too tall to be a ballet dancer, it felt good to try and prove a point!!

Richmond park is just a 20 minute walk away from Richmond train station and only a further 40 minutes from central London.