The Dead Sea! Top 3 Fun Activities!

The Dead sea Map

The Dead Sea is around an hours drive from Jerusalem. It borders with Jordan, Israel to the South and the West Bank. When I visited in 2009, I was inundated with stories to avoid driving through the West bank, but I felt perfectly safe and I went on to spend a great deal of time there, particularly in Ramallah where my friends had an apartment.
Obviously like anywhere, use your common sense but I have a lot of great memories from my 18 months there and I’m pleased I didn’t let a few scare mongers put me off visiting.

1. Masdada National Park

Masada Israel

I remember growing up there was among many travel books, a large dusty with an image of a desert fortress high above a cliffs edge. It turns out I followed in the same path as my mum in my awe of Masada and the mass driven suicide by a brave, ancient tribe.

Over looking the dead sea from its mountainous cliff-top in the Judean desert, Masada is utterly majestic in all its ruined glory. In total 960 inhabitants, men, woman and children held out in a 3 month siege against the Roman army.
A large ramp was finally constructed to allow the Romans to break into the fortress. When they finally entered they were shocked to discover all inhabitants had committed a mass suicide rather than be taken into slavery. Built roughly in 37 BCE, 450 meters above the dead sea, this fortress contained gardens, storehouses, barracks, an armoury and beautiful baths complete with restored, intricate mosaics.

You can now ride a cable car to the top rather than handle the 40 degree heat and climb your way to the top. Water is a MUST here and bring bottles with you or expect to pay the tourists price for it at the top!

2. The Dead Sea

The dead sea mud

floating in the dead sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest, saltiest destination in the world. It also to date, has the most spectacular horizons where salt fields effortlessly blend into the sky over a Jordanian Red Ochre backdrop. The salty depths are well known for their healing properties and you will find generations of families have been coming here for years for minor ailment. Also of course, the mud.

Yes, the likely hood is where ever you travel in the world you have stumbled across a lotion, bath salts or Mud from the Dead sea. They REALLY know how to market this stuff!
I preferred to turn up and use it for free ; )

Again the heat can reach up to 40 degrees so come prepared. Luckily there is nothing quite so cooling as scooping up thick, cool mud from the crystal clear shallows and slavering it over your burnt body! As for floating in the dead sea its actually harder than it looks. It was almost impossible to turn your body after laying on your back and DO NOT I repeat do not get ANY water in your eyes. The heavy load of saline, (roughly 34% to be exact is agony!) Lucky most of the popular swimming spots along this stretch have showers too.

3. The Dead Sea Spas


If you REALLY want to treat yourself, there are a a few 4-5 star hotels and resorts all offering spa treatments using the local produce found on their doorsteps. The Movenpick Hotel resort in particular, is famous for its award winning spa. This is situated on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea.

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paris kong laduree Paris

Paris Bucket List My top 5! – Kong, Laduree

Although the Eiffel Tower is the heart of Paris, Ive been lucky enough to visit a few times and discovered new experiences so here is my top 5 bucketlist for Paris!

Arc Du Triomphe

arc du triomphe at night paris
Arc Du Triomphe

Built roughly in 1810,the Arc is situated at the centre of Place Charles De Gaulle.
The monument was built in honour of those who fought in particular, in the Napoleonic wars. Its well worth the 284 step climb to take in the spectacular bustle of the Parisian streets below and of course… the Eiffel Tower. Entry is roughly 10 Euros.

Kong Restaurant ( Sex & the city )

Kong Restaurant - Paris
Kong – Paris

Sitting at the same table as Carrie Bradshaw? Yes please!
Im a huge Sex and the city fan and seeing as I will not be making the New York tour anytime soon, this was the next best thing! Kong is situated on the 5th floor of the Haussmann building, this designer restaurant has lingering views of the Siene, and is a fusion of Japanese and Parisian culinary delights. The sweet king crab and avocado salad was delicious. As you can already tell, not for one on a budget so more of a special treat, birthday in my case!

Pont Des Arts Bridge

Pont des Arts
Pont des Arts love lock bridge

Tying a love lock and throwing the key into the river Siene in the hope of a true and lasting love has captured the imaginations of millions of visitors to Paris. It is the city of love after all…
As of June this year, the council are planning to remove the locks from the Pont Des Arts Bridge after concerns that the railings have started to collapse due to the weight of them all! 1 million padlocks weighing 45 tonnes to be precise! Not to worry, I give it a week before they start cropping up again.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame our fair lady paris
Notre Dame – Paris

Our Lady of Paris‘ is on Ile de la Cite surrounded by street artists, cheese and wine caverns and your typical tourist shops selling small Eiffel towers. Beautiful views of the adjoining bridges but better known for Notre Dame. Intricate gothic architecture had me rooted to the spot for at least a rare 5 minutes and this was just the arch over the doorway! Definitely recommend a wander around the island and to avoid the chain restaurants to hint down a small bistro instead.


Laduree - Paris Macaroons
Laduree – Paris Macaroons

Built in 1871 thanks to the Laduree family,this was a new way at the time for women to go out socially and acquaint with men in an approved elegant setting.
I have never been a what you could call a fan of macaroons until I dined here.
The hot chocolate was exquisite and I could still taste its rich flavour hours later!

mach pichu worlds beautiful hike travel

Top 3 most beautiful hikes in the World! Peru,…

A small glance at the top 3 most beautiful hikes in the world……

1. Inca Trail – Peru

Distance: 26 Miles
Time 4 days

One of the most popular hikes in the world takes you through a gruelling tour of ruins, jungle, stunning mountain scenery and to top it all off, the jaw dropping pinnacle of Mach Picchu to thank you for all your hard work : )


2. Kilimanjaro – Africa

Distance: 35 miles
Time 7 + days

The summit stands at 19,340 feet and it’s the highest free standing mountain on Earth.
Multiple climbing routes and tours make this easily accessible yet an arduous climb but you will be rewarded with views overlooking the Masai Mara plains on a clear day.


3. Kungsleden – Sweden

Distance: 65 Miles
Time 3-5 Days

The ‘Kings Trail’ will take you through a bleak and wild Arctic scenery through Glaciers, Tundra and bypasses Sweden’s highest Peak, Mount Kebnekaise.
An Abundance of carnivores (EEEKK!) Lynx, Bears, Wolverines, Golden Eagles and chance to meet the indigenous Sami people herding their Reindeer through the surrounding Isolation.

beautiful hike kingstrail sweden