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6 SEO Tips For Bloggers

Whether you have just started out as a blogger or have been managing a website for years, SEO is constantly evolving.
SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the process of getting traffic from the organic search results on search engines such as Google, Bing ect.

You do not have to be a computer whiz kid to implement the very basics of SEO and below are 6 of my top tips to help you on your way or simply refresh all those seasoned pros : )

1. Titles and posts should be keyword rich
Just look at the difference in the keywords. ‘ The Top 10 beaches in India’ changed to ‘The Top 10 family beaches in Goa’

Remember you will be competing with millions of others on the web using the same keywords in their posts so try to be as precise as possible.

2. URL optimization
Do your
URLS contain your Keywords and are they easily readable or do they contain a mish mash of numbers and exclamation marks?
If a person cannot comprehend your URL, then neither will a search engine!

3. URL Capitals and Underscores
URLS are case sensitive, you want to make them as simple and clear to your readers as possible so NO capital letters.
Underscores? A search engine like Google does not read underscores so use Hyphens instead

4. Renaming Your Images
Before uploading your images from sites such as Flickr, remember to rename them so that they will fit the content of your post.

Also remember any camera images will contain words such as IMG_234.jpg. Im sure nobody will type this in when they are on search engine but they would type in ‘Beach in Barbados!’

5. Image ALT tags
This is similar to using keywords in your titles. Your images should also contain a brief description or a handful of tags on your subject.

Taking in the ‘Top 10 Family Beaches In Goa’ for example, I would tag family beaches, Goa Holidays…. You get the idea : )

6. Meta Tags
Meta tags are snippets of texts that describe a person’s content. Once again if possible remember to use your keywords and try to keep your

Meta title under 70 characters. You will also want to write a brief description including your keywords so that your readers can see what your post is about.


30 days of gratitude Healing

30 Days Of Gratitude – Just 3 Things A…

With the abundance of literature on the Laws Of Attraction and the success of The Secret, its no surprise that the self help section has boomed in the last few years.

Just the immense collection of Gratitude books in Waterstones makes my head spin. But have you ever tested these concepts over a longer period of time?

Give Thanks For A Little And You Will Find A Lot

I must admit its hard to be positive and motivated when your career,love life and money situation is on a rapid decline.

And then there’s that confident friend. We all have one. The one who has an abundance of money, who has incredible parties to go to with interesting people, who has a list of intriguing people just waiting to date her.

Of course you’re happy for her, but maybe also a bit of envy added into the mix? Especially when things just seem to be such a hard slog?

My Life Is Not Perfect

Personally, after living a blissful 18 months surfing in Bondi and partying with some of the best friends I have been lucky enough to meet, I hit rock bottom when I had to return to London after a failed relationship and visa issues. I ended up living on a mattress on my friends floor for 4 months until I could secure a mundane office job in the concrete city called London.

Rock bottom was not the word.

I have used the laws of manifesting and gratitude to some effect before and life has been on the up since then but after a lengthy illness and a slightly morose attitude I, still need all the help I can get. So here is my challenge to myself.

I will print out the below picture and stick it on my bedroom wall.

30 days of gratitude

Every night I will think of 3 things I am grateful for.

. A warm winter coat
. Money for a coffee
. Bus fare to get to work

Just simple things and after 30 days Ill do a personality check : )
Feel free to print it out and join me : ) After all, surely 1000s of devotees cannot all be wrong!

Waterfall World Beauty

The Worlds Most Magnificent Waterfalls – Top 6

Nothing encapsulates the power and raw beauty of nature quiet like a Waterfall. Here are my top 6, some visited many more to go!

1. Plitvice Falls, Croatia

Plitvice Falls

Plitvice National Park in Croatia is one of the oldest parks in Eastern Europe.
This ancient woodland surrounds 16 turquoise, hued lakes that cascade into one another. Rustic wooden pathways lead you around the falls entranced, whilst shoals of black fish swim in the shallows. Plitvices allure has led to this area being protected as a UNESCO heritage site.

2.Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

Sutherland Falls

sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls in the South Island of N.Z are located near ethereal, mist shrouded Milford sounds. I have ventured here myself and to this day, it has to be some of the most jaw dropping scenery I have ever witnessed. Standing at 1,904 ft tall with snow laden peaks, a large glacier pool cascades over the cliffs edge. This powerful waterfall is just another testimonial to New Zealands captivating beauty.

3.Yosemite Falls, USA

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite falls resides in the arid sunshine state of California. The most famous park in the US, Yosemite falls is a jaw dropping 2,242 feet tall. This ample jewel is actually made up of 3 waterfalls cascading down the cliffs edge. Once all the snow on the peaks has melted in spring, this fall becomes little more than a trickle in the blazing month of August.

4.Hawaii, West Coast

Hawaii Waterfalls

Situated on Hawaii’s torrid west coast, these tropical keyhole waterfalls will take you right back to a scene from Jurassic Park. We took a helicopter tour and hurtled through a long, narrow lush gulley until we came across 4 magnificent waterfalls over 2000ft tall. The power and crescendo was quite deafening and a fine layer of mist swirled all around us.

5. Iguazu Falls – Argentina

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is situated on the border of Argentina and Brazils oppressive rainforest. Capsuling 275 waterfalls in all with the longest drop at 269 ft, this tropical jungle paradise has it all. 450,000 cubic feet of water pour over these ledges every second and Indiana Jones and the crystal skulls rafting scenes were filmed here.

6. Dudhsagar falls, India

India Waterfall

The ‘Niagra Of India’set the bar very high and it did not disappoint. After a long and sticky jungle trek, we all bathed in the falls rejuvenating plunge pools. Every hour or so, a train would rudely announce its arrival and circle us high above, teetering perilously close to the edge of the tracks.
Monkeys cheekily harass you for your lunch as you take in the thriving scenery.
The best time to visit is at the peak of the monsoon.