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Signs that you are Ready to Start Your Own…

If you want to start your own business but you are not quite sure if you’re ready or not, then there are few things that you need to take into account. Some of which can be found below.

Solid Team

Behind every successful business is a solid team. Solo-founders take up to 4 times as long to become successful when compared to founders of two or more. If you are starting a business with another founder, then you have to make sure that your skills and even your expertise complement one another. If you have spent 10 years in marketing, then find someone who is experienced in operations or even accounting. If you’re set on starting solo, then you need to find freelancers or even contractors who can help you out with various tasks. You can also seek advice from mentors as well, as they can help you to achieve the level of success you are looking for. If you want to start a franchise then you can discover more here.

Financial Shape

Believe it or not, the most common source of start-up financing is actually personal savings. If you don’t have enough to start the business that you want, then you need to scale back your plans. You might also want to look into outside financing too. Running out of cash is one of the top reasons why a lot of small businesses fail, so making sure that you are in good financial shape is crucial. You also have to make sure that you have a good credit score and that you are debt-free too. By doing this, you can then help yourself to really take things to that next level.


Business Plan

Think about it, what business model do you have? How are you going to make money by using your business idea? Your business plan essentially details who is going to buy your product, what you are going to sell and even how you are going to make it. It also details who is going to help you and how much money you are going to make. If you are absolutely serious about starting your own business, then you need to have a solid plan in place. If you don’t then you will only make things harder for yourself in the future.


If your new business happens to involve completely changing your career, then it is so important that you gain some experience. You might also want to get a part-time job working nights or even weekends. This will help you to gain access to the industry that you want to enter, and it will also help you with your sales and general operation too.



If you are not dedicated enough then you can’t hope to get anywhere with your idea. Before you start your business, you have to make sure that you believe in yourself and that you are persistent too. This will help you to stay focused and it will also help you to push through those tough times.


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Four Flexible Business Ideas

If you want to start your own business but don’t feel you have the time or don’t know what you want to do, then there are a few very flexible ideas. You can start a company that doesn’t require you to be chained to a desk and work that you can do in the evenings and weekends if you want to work around other life commitments.


Cleaning Service

If you enjoy cleaning or don’t mind doing it then running your cleaning service could give you the flexibility you want. You could choose your hours and your clients, and with people so busy now many people are willing to pay for a cleaner and they will pay a fair bit. If you wanted it to grow, there is the chance that your business could develop into a larger company, however, if you’re going to keep it on a small scale, then you can do that too.


Personal Trainer

For this one, you do need some qualifications, but if you’re into your health and fitness, then this might be something you enjoy and make money from. Any costs from your training you will make back as you can charge a lot by the hour for being a personal trainer. You need to get yourself a few case studies at first so that you can show people the transformations you have helped and show them your reviews, but it won’t take too long to build it up. As a personal trainer, you can make house calls, visit a gym, or let clients come to you (if you have the right equipment). You need to be very knowledgeable about everything from proper exercises for different body types to how to motivate people who want to get healthy. And you should feel comfortable getting close to your clients to learn what works best for them.


Towing and Recovery Business

A towing and recovery business can become very profitable, but you do need some knowledge and equipment to be successful. You need to draft and then follow your business plan and make sure you promote your business. You’ll need to have a look at recovery trucks for sale and look into buying other supplies such as traffic cones, floodlights, and strobe lights and you’re away!



Are you a great cook and do you enjoy doing it? Then maybe you should start charging for your services and your talent and start a catering business! While you won’t necessarily be able to do all of your catering work from home, it’s an excellent place to start. Then you might need to use a commercial kitchen and will probably have to hire some part-time employees to help during events—much of the organisation, planning, marketing, and actual business work can be done wherever you like. Check the local food regulations to find out what you would need to be running a business from home, but even if not catering for big parties, delivery meal services are very popular today with people requesting all sorts of dietary requirements. It’s a money maker.




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Small Things You Can Do To Attract An Audience

As a brand our top priority every single day is to gain as many followers and customers as we can. As a business we strive to reach as many people and have an impact on as many as we can during our careers. It is important for us to be able to reach a wide audience as a brand and this can be a challenge to say the least. Here are just some of the ways you can attract more people to your brand this year.


Have a website

If you were to think about searching for a business at some point this year, where would you look? Most of us look online when we want to research a business and this is why we should have a website of our own. A website can be the ideal way for anyone to find you and learn about you when they are looking for a new product or service and it will make a big difference to you overall. Think about building a great website this year with amazing design, using user testing software and ensure that you are front and centre on the search results with great keywords.



It is so important for us to think about the old fashioned methods of marketing now and again because they will make all the difference when we want to make an impression in the local area. If you are based in a particular city there is nothing stopping you from hanging a billboard or two with you branding on it. It is a passive way to make people recognise your business but it gives more people awareness and makes them more likely to come to you if they want something.


Social media

As we know social media is a big thing when it comes to gaining popularity as a business you can really benefit from sharing your story online. Any business can benefit from being on social media because you will get the chance to speak one on one with your audience and gain so many more people. Get on social media and start talking to your followers and this can make all the difference to you when you need it.



Email marketing remains a good tool to use for your business even now, and even when people don’t open an email from you it gives them the consistency which you need to make them remember you over other brands. Sending emails to your followers and beyond is great and it can really make all the difference to you and your ability to make a success out of your brand.


Hand out flyers

Why make everything so complicated when you can do the easiest thing in the whole world? Handing out flyers in the post or in person is a simple way of making a difference to your audience and you will allow more and more people to see who you are and become intrigued by your story.