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Top 3 most beautiful hikes in the World! Peru,…

A small glance at the top 3 most beautiful hikes in the world……

1. Inca Trail – Peru

Distance: 26 Miles
Time 4 days

One of the most popular hikes in the world takes you through a gruelling tour of ruins, jungle, stunning mountain scenery and to top it all off, the jaw dropping pinnacle of Mach Picchu to thank you for all your hard work : )


2. Kilimanjaro – Africa

Distance: 35 miles
Time 7 + days

The summit stands at 19,340 feet and it’s the highest free standing mountain on Earth.
Multiple climbing routes and tours make this easily accessible yet an arduous climb but you will be rewarded with views overlooking the Masai Mara plains on a clear day.


3. Kungsleden – Sweden

Distance: 65 Miles
Time 3-5 Days

The ‘Kings Trail’ will take you through a bleak and wild Arctic scenery through Glaciers, Tundra and bypasses Sweden’s highest Peak, Mount Kebnekaise.
An Abundance of carnivores (EEEKK!) Lynx, Bears, Wolverines, Golden Eagles and chance to meet the indigenous Sami people herding their Reindeer through the surrounding Isolation.

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