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How Blogging Can Increase Your Leads by 126%!

I recently found some incredible statistics regarding blogging for businesses.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to anything to do with blogging.

I’ve spent hours, weeks, months trying to source the best blogging templates, the best marketing bloggers, HOW to add calls to action in a blog post, you name it! and last year, a business blog I created literally blew up and we doubled our traffic within 6 months without any paid ads!

Might I mention as a freelancer. I’m a fan of Facebook advertising as there is such a minimal cost involved to keep an ad running, but there lies the issue.

The moment you stop the paid ad, is the moment you lose your warm leads and potential clients!

That’s why I prefer to churn out at least 2 blog posts a week, as in the long term, it doubles your organic traffic and warm leads WITHOUT spending a small fortune on Ad words for example!

Click here to see my top 3 tips to double your traffic through blogging from my tried and tested methods!

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How Blogging Increases Your Leads

Marketing blog

Marketing Consultancy for Startups!

I have just launched my own marketing consultancy plans aimed at Startups and small businesses after years working for major global brands. I realised how much I enjoyed Startup support when I worked with a London based Startup and award winning virtual assistant company. I created a popular blog offering marketing tips for small businesses and the growth really took off.

In fact we doubled organic traffic within 6 months!

I find the majority of London agencies do not always cater for the smaller businesses and startups when it comes to budget.

The plans include;

  • Where To Find Your Audience
  • Your Competitors
  • Your Current Social Media Status
  • Twitter User Map
  • How To Improve Your Website
  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Your Domain Authority
  • Where To Find Your Audience
  • Your Klout Score
  • Which Hashtags To Use For Your Business
  • Suggestions For Content Topics And Titles
  • When To Post On Social Media
  • Skype/Meeting Follow Up

For more information, please visit my site www.vikingwanderer.com.