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Labyrinthitus – A day in the life- Any cure?

Labyrinthitus – A day in the life- Any cure?

It all started around 6 months ago.

A short walk to the park to meet a friend for lunch suddenly sent my head in a spin.
Putting it down to low blood sugar I went back to work only to have a near fainting dizzy spell 2 days later on the train.
I stumbled off and did everything I could to stop the nausea and the spinning but the cold sweats sent me home to bed.

The next 10 days was a mixture of nausea and unable to focus on anything at all without it moving. My legs felt like they would disappear into a marshmallow floor. I finally hauled myself over to the doctors to be diagnosed with viral Labyrinthitus. What??

6 of us had been struck down with this illness in the office, very odd, one has been off work for at least 3 months last year and STILL has the effects.


I powered through for months and was lucky enough to be able to work from home and only go in a few days a week AND only work 5 hours a day. But even that got too much. The words would jump out at the screen and flash. Even now Im having real difficulties in focusing and feeling a bit sick so this will be a short post.

I am now currently signed off for a month after a horrific episode where I was bed ridden for 5 days, barely able to move my arms. Now when I turn my head it feels like it takes a few minutes for my eyes to catch up. I have found that the anxiety worsens the condition greatly and as a born worrier its been a nightmare.

labyrinthitus cure

Massage to aid it

Massaging the back of my neck helps slightly as I believe it aids the restricted blood flow to my brain and makes me feel slightly more alert but currently I cannot walk for more than a few minutes and as for an 8 hour day on a laptop? No chance.
I found it greatly added to the dizziness, migraines and headaches.

Also I fnd it hard to remember things, even to string a sentence together. Its really frustrating.
Considering English was my best subject at school, my christmas cards were littered with spelling mistakes.Thank god for Spell checks!

I will be writing up a month in the life of a sufferer in the current months ahead in the hope that I can find how to get back to some sort of life. I havnt been able to properly socialize in months and as I write this Im home alone on Christmas day as at the last minute I didnt feel well enough to manage the 90 minute train ride back to my amazingly supportive BFs house.

Ok, the flashing has started so also check out Labyrinthitus support groups on Facebook.

A lifesaver.

A Happy Dizzy Christmas….

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30 Days Of Gratitude – Just 3 Things A…

With the abundance of literature on the Laws Of Attraction and the success of The Secret, its no surprise that the self help section has boomed in the last few years.

Just the immense collection of Gratitude books in Waterstones makes my head spin. But have you ever tested these concepts over a longer period of time?

Give Thanks For A Little And You Will Find A Lot

I must admit its hard to be positive and motivated when your career,love life and money situation is on a rapid decline.

And then there’s that confident friend. We all have one. The one who has an abundance of money, who has incredible parties to go to with interesting people, who has a list of intriguing people just waiting to date her.

Of course you’re happy for her, but maybe also a bit of envy added into the mix? Especially when things just seem to be such a hard slog?

My Life Is Not Perfect

Personally, after living a blissful 18 months surfing in Bondi and partying with some of the best friends I have been lucky enough to meet, I hit rock bottom when I had to return to London after a failed relationship and visa issues. I ended up living on a mattress on my friends floor for 4 months until I could secure a mundane office job in the concrete city called London.

Rock bottom was not the word.

I have used the laws of manifesting and gratitude to some effect before and life has been on the up since then but after a lengthy illness and a slightly morose attitude I, still need all the help I can get. So here is my challenge to myself.

I will print out the below picture and stick it on my bedroom wall.

30 days of gratitude

Every night I will think of 3 things I am grateful for.

. A warm winter coat
. Money for a coffee
. Bus fare to get to work

Just simple things and after 30 days Ill do a personality check : )
Feel free to print it out and join me : ) After all, surely 1000s of devotees cannot all be wrong!

Healing Salt Lamps Healing

The Healing Benefits Of Salt Lamps

Healing Salt Lamps
The Healing Benefits Of Salt Lamps

I have ALWAYS lusted after a salt lamp since I stumbled upon them in the plains of the Dead Sea. Other than the delicate, comforting Orange hued glow, are there any other added benefits?

The lamps are crafted from Pink Himalayan salt and deeply nestled within the Khewra mines in Pakistan.

salt mines pakistan

salt mine pakistan

I am currently surrounded by 3 phones, 2 laptops, and watching a large HD TV.
In today’s world, this is nothing out of the ordinary but most people are not aware of the impact it can have on our health.
Ever heard or read that you shouldn’t use your Mobile before bed as it can effect your sleep? Well there is some truth in that.
Electrical appliances are a source of positive Ions which can be detrimental to our health. The worst sources of harmful positive Ions come from;

The Worst Culprits

. Computer Monitors
. Electrical Heaters
. Vacuum Cleaners
. Cigarette Smoke

Salt Lamps
Healing Benefits

Here is the beauty of salt lamps. The salt produces healthy negative Ions that improve the quality of the air and counteract the positive ones. Below is a list of some of the known benefits.

Health Benefits

. Insomnia
. Respiratory Conditions
. Headaches and Migraines
. Allergies
. Blood System Disorders


Prices start from as little as £4.99 from Ebay. Happy Hunting!