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The Worlds Most Magnificent Waterfalls – Top 6

Nothing encapsulates the power and raw beauty of nature quiet like a Waterfall. Here are my top 6, some visited many more to go!

1. Plitvice Falls, Croatia

Plitvice Falls

Plitvice National Park in Croatia is one of the oldest parks in Eastern Europe.
This ancient woodland surrounds 16 turquoise, hued lakes that cascade into one another. Rustic wooden pathways lead you around the falls entranced, whilst shoals of black fish swim in the shallows. Plitvices allure has led to this area being protected as a UNESCO heritage site.

2.Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

Sutherland Falls

sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls in the South Island of N.Z are located near ethereal, mist shrouded Milford sounds. I have ventured here myself and to this day, it has to be some of the most jaw dropping scenery I have ever witnessed. Standing at 1,904 ft tall with snow laden peaks, a large glacier pool cascades over the cliffs edge. This powerful waterfall is just another testimonial to New Zealands captivating beauty.

3.Yosemite Falls, USA

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite falls resides in the arid sunshine state of California. The most famous park in the US, Yosemite falls is a jaw dropping 2,242 feet tall. This ample jewel is actually made up of 3 waterfalls cascading down the cliffs edge. Once all the snow on the peaks has melted in spring, this fall becomes little more than a trickle in the blazing month of August.

4.Hawaii, West Coast

Hawaii Waterfalls

Situated on Hawaii’s torrid west coast, these tropical keyhole waterfalls will take you right back to a scene from Jurassic Park. We took a helicopter tour and hurtled through a long, narrow lush gulley until we came across 4 magnificent waterfalls over 2000ft tall. The power and crescendo was quite deafening and a fine layer of mist swirled all around us.

5. Iguazu Falls – Argentina

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is situated on the border of Argentina and Brazils oppressive rainforest. Capsuling 275 waterfalls in all with the longest drop at 269 ft, this tropical jungle paradise has it all. 450,000 cubic feet of water pour over these ledges every second and Indiana Jones and the crystal skulls rafting scenes were filmed here.

6. Dudhsagar falls, India

India Waterfall

The ‘Niagra Of India’set the bar very high and it did not disappoint. After a long and sticky jungle trek, we all bathed in the falls rejuvenating plunge pools. Every hour or so, a train would rudely announce its arrival and circle us high above, teetering perilously close to the edge of the tracks.
Monkeys cheekily harass you for your lunch as you take in the thriving scenery.
The best time to visit is at the peak of the monsoon.