Social Media Packages


Social Media management is MORE than just a tweet. Sourcing engaging content, creating business opportunities and following & engaging with the RIGHT audience base requires skill and dedication.

And that’s where I step in.

Because having an online presence is a necessity, and an opportunity to tell your brand’s story and shout about its success – and who wants to be left behind their competitors?

That’s why I have created social media packs to encompass all aspects of your business in highly affordable packages.

Because Social Media is MORE than just a tweet!

Click here for my BRONZE Package!

Click here for my SILVER Package!

Click here for my GOLD Package!

  • Each Tweet is HANDPICKED to suit your audience base. No content suggestion bots or mass content planners are used like in larger digital marketing agencies.
  • I do NOT use a mass like or follower tools, each like and follow is selected with your niche in mind
  • You will be NOTIFIED by email EVERY week if a potential customer or business development chance arises.
  • Engagement is manual and is NOT done by a mass auto liker or the same mass comment being sent out.
  • The blog post will be 500 words plus and will also come with a custom made branded graphic. It will be marketed through your chosen social media platforms AND at least posted over 10 times on Google +, Facebook groups and Linkedin groups relevant to your niche
  • The business development/ PR will focus on partnerships if it is a service, potential distributors if it is a product and overall PR by contacting relevant websites and magazines in your niche for a guest post and a backlink leading to your site.
  • There is NO contracts to sign or minimum time you have to sign up for