How I COMPLETELY fell head over heels with Tenerife!

Ok, so it wouldn’t have been my first choice. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent plenty of time partying my way around Bondi beach, years in fact. But at 35, I wasn’t really looking to be in the midst of 20 year olds drunkenly staggering around black volcanic beaches and falling out of bars. But just like Ibiza has its other less hedonistic yoga spiritual side, so does Tenerfie.

I couldn’t have been more wrong about this place! We were located in the stunning Coste Adeje. Palm fringed beaches and lush floral gardens surrounded by 5 star hotels more frequented by the Beckhams than the TOWIE cast!

Just take a look at a few of my latest photos from this area and prepare to change your mind!

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Marketing Tips

How I RADICALLY Increased My Twitter Reach With Triberr

Oh the joys of Twitter. A continuous need to engage and post unique content at least 3 times a day! Is there an easier way to build up followers rather than selling our souls to purchase them? Let’s have a quick look at one bloggers experience with a sharing platform called Triberr.

Obviously, its easy enough to follow hundreds so they follow you back, but what about your followers actually mentioning you in their posts or re tweeting you? As a start out blogger, I knew how vital social media was to increase my brand name and traffic but where to start with my 196 followers?

This is where Triberr came in.


Triberr is a social community where you can join tribes in your chosen sector, and then share tribe members posts through each others Twitter platforms.

For example, I joined 3 travel blogger tribes with a reach of over 2 million followers.
With my measly 196 followers, it would have taken me years to reach that amount of followers with the limited time I had for my blog!

I created a profile and simply added my RSS feed so that other triberr members could share my posts to their followers and within 2 weeks, the results speak for themselves. Some tribes have a HUGE reach of  50 million plus but to join you need to have at least 3,000 followers yourself. Which is what I’m working up to!

Remember the more posts you share of your tribe mates, the more return you tend to get.

Would you like assistance in setting up your Triberr account and one of our experts managing it for you for just a couple of hours a week? Then get in touch with one of our Designated Pas and let us get you on the Triberr map!

Marketing Tips

How to use Linkedin like a Pro – My…

Linkedin has now amassed over 380 million followers and still takes the reigns when it comes to the top social media platform for professionals.

Add to this a 3 x higher lead conversion than Facebook and Twitter and a built in business blog, and we pretty much have surpassed all the alternative social media platforms when it comes to engagement and direct targeting.

But first of all we need to learn all the features and benefits to ensure we have the best chance of securing that sale and promoting our brand. So take a look at my 8 Linkedin secrets as used by the pros.

My 10 Linkedin Secrets

  • Keep Linkedin blog posts to under 700 words. Less is always more
  • The majority of Linkedin users check their profiles in the mornings 5 days a week with 1-3 PM and 5-6PM being the key times to post.
  • Posting 20 status updates a month will increase your engagement by up to 60%!
  • Including a link with your post increases engagement by 200%
  • Including an image in your post increase engagement by 98%
  • Adding a professional photo of you results in 14 x more profile views
  • COMPLETE you profile. The search engines will bring up profiles with 100% complete first of all. Make sure you’re above your competitors! Need assistance?
  •  Your profile is 5 x more likely to be viewed if you are part of a group or community
  • Use a background photo of your team/ product or service. Differentiate yourself from your competition and add personality!

Would you like an expert to complete your Linkedin profile and update your CV for you? Are you using Linkedin to the best of it’s ability? Contact us at DesignatedPA and let us create a winning profile for you!