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You Could Own a Business in Just a Few…

You would think that starting a business takes a huge amount of effort. And it is true that if you want your business to be successful, you need to put in plenty of work. However, the actual act of setting up the bare bones of your business might not take you long at all. In fact, you can have it all done in just a few hours. More specifically, an online business is very easy to get started in a short amount of time. Whether you’re selling a product or service, you can soon have a website up and running or even use third-party services instead. Here’s how you can get started in no time.

Do The Legal Stuff

Before you do anything else, get the legal matters sorted and out of the way. You can easily start your business by registering for self assessment tax returns, making you a sole trader. If you want to create your business as a separate entity, so you’re not attached to any business debts, you can create a limited company. And if you want to create a business with someone else, you can set up a partnership. All of this is simple to do online through HMRC or Companies House. If you set up a separate company, you’ll also need to register for Corporation Tax. Once you’re earning over a certain amount, you’ll need to register for VAT too.

Get Graphics Quickly

Once thing you might want to start doing quickly is creating a brand image. Assuming you’ve chosen a business name, you will want a logo you can use on marketing materials, product packaging, and more. It’s easier than you might think to create a simple logo using a logo generator, so you don’t have to spend ages working with a graphic designer. You can also find free tools that make it easy to create graphics, like Canva, as well as stock photos, which can come in handy too. Think about how you want to brand your business and the colours you want to use.

Choose Website Building Tools

Getting your website set up will mean you can start promoting your business online. You might start off using third-party sites such as Etsy for selling products or Upwork for selling services. However, your own website will allow you to be more independent. You can quickly and easily build a site using the right tools. Two of the most popular are WordPress and Squarespace. As well as looking at the tools they have on offer, pay attention to those you can integrate with your site. For example, Shopify will help you get an online store set up.

Get Organised

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, you need to make sure you’re organised. Start with your finances by opening a business bank account and setting up a spreadsheet to track your money. Eventually, you might want something more sophisticated, like QuickBooks. Start thinking about how you’re going to market your business, and how you’re going to structure your time.

You could have a business up and running in no time at all. However, bringing in customers and clients is going to take a bit more work.

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Every Entrepreneurs Dream: A Business That Runs ItselfEvery Entrepreneurs…

A business that ‘runs itself’ while turning a healthy profit is pretty much the dream for most start-ups. And yes, it is possible! Of course, you will still need to be a competent leader by overseeing everything. But it is possible to create a business that eventually runs without a massive workload on your desk each day. Instead, you can be responsible for quality control, seeing where improvements need to be made and even expanding further. Here are some of the ways you can go about doing this.

Hire The Right Employees

Finding the right employees that are good at their job is important for any business, but if you eventually want it to run without your input then your workforce is vital. You need people that are highly motivated and know their job inside out, who can work on their own initiative and can get things done without having you there to guide them through it. Make your company an attractive place to work in order to secure the best workers who are skilled and experienced. Offer good rates of pay and provide employee benefits such as disability, dental and medical plans. Provide them with good equipment that allows them to do their job well, and arrange team building events so that your workforce communicates and understands each other well to boost productivity. If you take on apprentices or junior staff members, these can be trained up and you have people ready to go to slot into position if older staff members retire or people leave.

Find The Right Software

The right staff is important, but they need access to good business software to be able to tackle certain tasks as quickly and easily as possible. Accounting software, customer relationship management software, legal software and more all might light work of what would otherwise be tedious and time consuming tasks. This allows your employees to be getting on with other things, putting them to their best use and allowing your business to stay as productive as possible. Plus, when you’re not paying a worker to sit tackling manual jobs all day, you save money. As once you’ve invested in the software it will continue to work for you then saving on cash as well as time and hassle.

Embrace Social Media

Understanding social media as using it to the best of it’s abilities is one way your business can grow with little effort from you. As long as you provide an excellent service, customers will leave reviews on your pages which can massively influence others to purchase from you too. If you get a social media expert on your team they will know what kinds of competitions, offers, discounts and other marketing materials things to share to get the best response from followers. Getting your name out there on social media means less money needs to be spent on advertising elsewhere, and is something that will essentially take care of itself. You reach a huge number of people which is great news for your business.


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Learning With Your Business

As your business grows, you’ll notice yourself grow with it. Your attitude to the business world will change, as well as your attitude on how to run a business. In the beginning you will go through so many highs and lows, that’ll shape you into the boss you are today. Owning a business will bring you so much happiness and sense of achievement, it’s important to recognise how you’ve changed, and make sure it’s for the better to help aid your business.

Patience is one thing you may have liked to think you had a lot of in the beginning. But in reality, there would have been a lot of short tempered phone calls, not only to customers, but possibly family members as well. As your business grows you’ll have noticed you’ve learnt to deal with any stressful situations for the best possible outcome. Most of the time, having a short temper can leading to unwanted decisions being made, business being lossed, or if it’s at home it can damage relationships with your partner.

Although you’ll most likely have an accountant doing your bookkeeping for you, it’ll be up to you to monitor your profits and losses, to see where you’re going wrong in terms of sales and marketing. In the beginning this will all seem like jargon to you. But as you grow you’ll come to learn exactly what makes your business tick. You’ll learn what it takes to give your employees a boost of moral to up those sales. You will also grow to learn staying humble when you are making losses is key. Some people may want to give up when things begin to go pear shaped, but it’s important to find the source of the problem, address it, and come out on top.

One huge thing you’ll have come to understand is the legalities of running a business. Whether it be issues with customers and the lawsuits that can be put against you if you’re unethical towards them. But also with employee’s. There are so many things to consider such as safety, fair pay, fair treatment and fair working conditions that needs to be considered before hiring a team of people. This also applies if you’re hiring freelancers, some form of contract needs to be given to cover you back if injury occurs, or any legal employment disputes. In some cases, you would have also had to learn what’s required when sorting a contract between you and a customer. This is especially evident in the world of construction. Nothing can be completed with assessments and contracts being pulled up, which is normally left to construction dispute solicitors. But a lot of people do like to draw up the contracts themselves so a few people as possible are involved with their business.

As you can, you have to learn so many new skills, and learn from so many mistakes to get to the stage of being a successful business owner. It’s never easy, and it’s not always a happy experience, but the skills you learn will stay with you for life.