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4 Easy Ways Everyone Can Make Their Website Better

In this day and age, there are so many millions of websites that it can be hard for people to find yours. Whether you have a website selling furniture or offer editing services, the more people who visit your site, the better it is for business. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can improve your website and get that sought-after traffic.

Linked With Social Media Accounts

You should already have all the main social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you don’t then start by creating an account on each. You can set your website to automatically post a social media message whenever something new happens on your website. This way you don’t miss out on posting important news to your followers. It is also a good idea to feature your social media accounts on your website. This can be done through having individual icons for people to click on so they can follow you, or you can have things like your Twitter timeline featured on your website. This will give people a feel for the kinds of things you use your social media for and makes them more likely to follow you. Using social media smartly on your website goes a long way to making it better.


Professionally Designed

A well-designed website will almost always beat a shabby, poorly constructed one. If you think your site needs improving, then consider seeking out a professional, like Mango Design, to make one designed specifically for your needs. If you choose to do this rather than using a premade them, then you will find that your site works a lot better and that customers find it easier to maneuver around. The easier and more accommodating your site is the more likely people are to spend time there, and in turn, this is more likely to make your business money.


Post Regularly

This one cannot be understated. If you have a blog (and you really should have one), then you need to be posting regularly. While you don’t need to post several times per day, posting at least once per week gives customers a new reason to visit your website. As you start to build up more articles, then the likelihood of you coming up in search engines also increases. Your blog posts should be about the industry or product that your website relates to, and they should be interesting and engaging to read. You don’t want to have clickbait that upsets potential customers.


Focus on SEO and Keywords

When you are crafting your blog posts, you will want to try and make them as SEO rich as possible. You will want to start to weave in specific keywords that will help them come up in search engine results. If your company is about biscuits, then trying to get something to do with that in most articles will help you to climb the search engine ranks. It needs to be natural though, so if you can’t figure out a way to get your keyword in, then you might need to go with a different one.


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Be Your Own Boss: Business Ideas For Newbies

When you want to get into business for yourself, it’s not always easy to know how to get started. Sometimes, you know what you want to be an entrepreneur, or you’ve always dreamt of owning your own business, but you just don’t know what you want to do – or even how to get started. But don’t let that be the obstacle that holds you back. Instead, you just need to be able to know what options you have, and go from there. Maybe you need something to inspire you, to get your brain going and to help you to decide where you want to start. So if you want to be your own boss but you just don’t know how to get there, maybe one of these ideas will help you.


Go Freelance

This isn’t going to be something that will be the right fit for everyone, but it could be your ticket to entrepreneurship if you’re in the right industry. Depending on what you do know, or what you’re skilled or experienced in, you might want to go freelance. And this doesn’t just apply to writers. You could be a marketer, an accountant, or even an interior designer. All of those jobs can be done on a freelance basis as a kind of consultancy. Because being your own boss doesn’t mean you have to set up something completely new. You could take your own skills and experience and just go it alone.


Open A Franchise

If you dislike your current job and you’re keen to get a business up and running fast, then you could think about starting a franchise. With a franchise business, a lot of the leg work is done for you. You already have a successful brand to work with and you’ve pretty much got some guaranteed custom. You just need to do your research and find the right franchise brand for you.

Buy A Business

If you like the idea of said business already being established, then you could think about taking one over. Because you can actually buy a business online from someone looking to sell. Of course, you will need the capital for this – or at least a way to raise it. But sometimes buying something that’s already successful can be a great way to get set up.


Go Into A Partnership

Or maybe you are starting to get a few business ideas? Or, you have a set skill or passion that you could create a business idea from? When that’s the case, why not consider going into business with someone else? Because sometimes, being in business can be stressful and lonely. But in a partnership, there are two of you to share the stress, the workload, and contribute ideas too.


Follow Your Dreams

Finally, you could always follow your dreams too. If you’ve always had a big business idea, but you’ve never really thought it was possible to make it happen. Now could be the time. Find yourself an investor and do it big. It might seem scary, but when you’re your own boss, it will all feel worth it.


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Could You Save A Lot of Money on PCs…

As a startup company, built on nothing but enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, you just have to cut some corner whenever you can. It might sound bad, but to be frank, you just don’t have all that much of a budget to splash about when just starting out. You have to make do with the bare minimum while remaining actually functional and efficient, which may be a tough balance to strike. No matter what kind of business you will be running, chances are you will have to purchase quite a few PCs, either to perform the main purpose of your service, for example, web design and anything slightly demanding, or just office PCs for your employees to do typical work office work on. Dependant on that, you might be able to get your work PCs on the cheap, or you will have to allocate some of your budget towards them after all.

Can you save a lot of money on PCs?

If your business is one which strongly depends on the performance of your PC, you might not be able to cheap out all that much. Say you need to do a lot of 3D rendering, or maybe video rendering, a pretty damn decent PC at least will be needed to save you time, and your employee’s sanity. If you want to just get some generic office PCs with no ridiculous specs to do your generic office things like writing the odd word document, handling emails, browsing the web and maybe the occasional spreadsheet and presentation, then you are in luck.

Refurbished PCs?

When looking for office computers, the best thing you can check out straight away, are refurbished PCs. You can find several websites online which sell refurbished computers, for a lot less money than you would probably expect. Refurbished PCs are obviously not brand new, as the name suggests, they are fixed up from whatever issue they had previously and put back together to be sold again. They will never be as good as a brand new PC right out of the store, but they basically are the next best thing and for a more than accessible price.


Other than the PCs themselves, you have to worry about all the peripherals needed, the most important ones being the mouse and keyboard. While there are all very nice and fancy mechanical keyboards available on the market nowadays, they do often fetch quite the hefty price which is why you should (at least for now) stick with the good ‘ol tested membrane keyboards with the now-classical switches made by companies which have been involved in Membrane Switch Manufacture for years on end. Mechanical keyboards are indeed making a comeback, but one should not discredit the fact that the large majority of businesses around the world still use membrane keys for much more than just keyboards. Calculators monitors, remote controls and air conditioners to name a few mostly still use them. So do not feel like you are providing your employees with something of terrible quality and you’re being cheap, not at all, you just are not going all out yet.

Finally, Mice

Computer mice should not be an issue to find for extremely cheap in the slightest, especially when buying in bulk. While roller mice were the original standard and are probably the cheapest to get if you even manage to find some, that technology is most definitely showing its age. Instead, just stick with normal optical mice for everyday office use